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Yuvani, a unique story, part 30

Yuvani was all set to expose Saxena. With the help of Soumya and Krishna, they found out bout his misdeeds. It was Yuvraj and Krishna convinced the driver to come to Birla house and he told about them about the theft Saxena does. Yuvraj was losing his control and but Krishna managed the situation.

Suhani had given salary to Ramesh via and envelop which she kept on the kitchen. He got emotional and returned the money to Pratima, he is so sweet, Suhani too.

Saurab informs Pratima about Yuvani’s plan and they somehow convinced Dadi to come down. And finally Saxena was exposed! Dadi was so angry and she slapped him.

Yuvraj gave Suhani the credit and she said it was not she alone, but they together brought the truth out.

Suhani was all set to go back as she thought her work was done but Pratima stopped her, because they are having financial problems.

Punkaj came with a solution, he kept his job and house as guarantee for Birlas’ and hence the bank gave them 15 days time. Everyone was very grateful and Dadi’s ego was badly hurt. Because the person whom she trusted blindly betrayed them and Punkaj helped them. She was not ready to take this.

Suhani went to the brothers with a different sharbat and they talked about going to office. Four of them agreed.

At night, Suhani was checking the accounts from the hall and Snoopy troubled her, she saw Yuvraj’s room open and empty and went in. Yuvraj came all of a sudden and switched on the fan. The documents she was referring flew here and there and some covered her face.

Yuvraj came near her and took them off, it was a nice scene. (12 May 2015)

Next day Suhani wanted for the brothers to go to office but no one was ready. It was like they forgot about going to office, she was shocked. Pratima then tells her that none of them have ever been to office as Dadi never let them. All they do is to enjoy. She was stunned; Pratima didn’t tell her anything earlier as she wants Suhani to see the things by herself.

Punkaj comes and informs them that the bank closed their accounts again because the money spent on a single day was huge. Suhani was not ready to give up and was all set to make the boys realise the value of money. She with Pratima’s help collected the checks they all had. (13 May 2015)

She discussed the situation with Soumya was determined to change them.

But Dadi, I really don’t know what she is, I mean is she so dump or is it her ego which made her do all these stupid idiotic things? The things were out of hand already and Suhani was trying hard to make it normal and she, she was increasing her problems, she provided them with money again?? This lady!!

She even appointed a new manager, instead of making the boys work.  It was really too much!

But it was Suhani, on the other side, she was not going to sit idle, to stop Dadi from giving them money, she along with Pratima stole the safe. It was tough for both of them to hide the truth when Dadi found out about the stolen safe, still they managed it somehow. But Yuvraj sensed something wrong and he decided to ask Pratima as he was sure that Suhani won’t tell him. He questioned Pratima and she hides the truth well. Dadi wanted to search Pratima’s room but they didn’t find the safe there.

Suhani tells Soumya that is was she who hid it and also told her that some way or other she will make the manager leave.

And for that, she and Ramesh did and act in front the manager, and Ramesh told the manager that Birla’s won’t give tem salary. And the lady was affected by it. (14 May 2015)


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