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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Simmi spoils the puja

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna saying we have to perform a puja for Ishita’s well being. Mihika says you will need few puja items right, you can do it at home, family isn’t here. Bhavna agrees. Aaliya says I will come along. Adi says no, we are going for some work, I will tell everything later. He leaves with Roshni. Shagun comes to Aaliya and says you must be getting bored right, come with me to church, its gorgeous, Ishita will also feel good. Aaliya agrees.

Simmi comes home and sees the puja happening. Mihika says we are doing puja for Ishita. Simmi says I don’t care Ishita lives or dies, no puja will happen here. She throws the things. Bhavna asks Mihika to save the diya flame. Ruhi comes. Simmi says I won’t leave this. Ruhi says I don’t know what’s happening. Mihika asks

her to save the diya. Ruhi says I can do anything for Ishita. She takes the diya. Simmi asks them to do anything they want. Mihika says Ruhi, I will tell you everything. Ishita gets shocked seeing the church. Raman asks her to come, she will feel good. Ishita says I won’t go there. Raman insists her. Ishita gets scared. Shagun asks are you okay, come with me. Ishita says no, I won’t go inside. Raman asks her to calm down. She hurts Shagun and runs away. Raman, Shagun and Aaliya look for her. They see Ishita lying near the graves. They get shocked. Raman goes to Ishita and says lets go home. She doesn’t respond. Shagun says lets go, come. Ishita says I have come home, I won’t go anywhere. Raman asks her to come. Ishita says this is my home. They get shocked. Shagun says Raman, I m getting scared. Raman asks what happened, come on. Shagun says lets go to the castle. Raman lifts Ishita. She falls down. Raman and Shagun take her.

Bhavna says you did good to save diya. Ruhi says I don’t believe this, if Mihika feels Ishita is in danger, maybe its true, tell us what to do. Bhavna says you have to distribute black lentils to poor, think of it as social cause. Ruhi says fine, I will do this. Neelu says I will call people. She goes. Bhavna says we will finish the puja till they come. Simmi hears them and thinks I won’t let this happen.
Adi says I m sure we left the bag here, that bottle has to be here, if we don’t get diamonds, how will we save Romi. Roshni says I m sure we will find some solution, what if we lie to them, we will say we found the diamonds. He says no, we can’t lie to them. She says we will give them glass pieces and run away with Romi. He says its not easy. She says we will say maybe the diamond dealer cheated them. He asks will this idea work. She says we can try, call them to meet. Adi calls the man and asks him to meet in market. Raman asks Ishita to get up. Shagun says I m scared for Ishita, Sonakshi’s spirit. Raman asks her to stop it. Ishita wakes up.

Shagun asks are you okay. Ishita asks why am I here, what happened. Raman says we wanted to go shopping, you fell asleep so we were waiting. Ishita says you should have awakened me, I will freshen up and come. Raman says we just have to divert her mind. Mihika donates the lentils. Simmi says sorry, this girl gave you something else instead lentils. Mihika asks what nonsense. Simmi says why are you making fun of poor people. The people check the packets and get angry finding black stones. Ruhi and Mihika get shocked and see Simmi. The man scolds Mihika for insulting them. Mihika says we will change it, please don’t do this. The people leave. Ruhi says you have done this right. Simmi says yes, I swapped the packets when you were busy doing this, how will you save Ishita now, you can’t do anything.

Ishita, Raman, Shagun and Aaliya visit River Thames. Raman stops Ishita from looking down the bridge. She says I wasn’t jumping down, shall we click selfies, its perfect location. They go. Adi says instead of meeting in market, why did he call us here, I feel scared. Roshni says we have to be alert, I also feel something is fishy. Adi thanks her for being with him. She says its my duty as a friend, come. Ishita sees an icecream van and says lets have it. Shagun says no, you were stone cold, don’t have it. Raman says nothing like that. Aaliya says Shagun means you will get cold. Ishita asks what, when did you check me, come on, you all will enjoy. She asks for icecream. The strange woman passes her the icecream and adds something in it. She looks out. The vendor is seen lying unconscious outside. Ishita thanks her and goes. She eats the icecream.

Ishita clicks selfies and gets shocked seeing the woman behind. She screams. Shagun and Raman ask her to calm down. Ishita shouts when will I go home and holds Raman’s hand. They get shocked. A priest comes there. Ishita stares at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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