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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: All gods go to mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Jalandhar saying to the gods, I am your new god. Suryadev says have you gone crazy? You are a fool, you are not our god. Indra dev says you idiot, did you think we will take you as our god just because you said so? Mahadev is our god, do you even know who he is? He is the destroyer and the creator of this universe, everything is because of him and he can destroy everything too, you were just born yesterday and are acting like a god today, your end is near. Jalandhar says don’t be too smart devraj, I am Jalandhar, my power can defeat mahadev too and I will only be the new shiv and my wife the new devi Shakti from now, you will pray to us. Indra dev says don’t you understand? No one will accept you as a god, you are just some stupid thinking of becoming a god. Jalandhar

says enough indra dev, I am the god now and I will forgive all sins that any gods from you have committed, Jalandhar then takes a human skull in his hand and turns it into bhasma powder, he then puts the powder into some Prasad and tells a demoness that give these gods my Prasad. Jalandhar and vrinda go inside. the demoness offers gods Prasad, indra dev scolds her angrily and says get lost from here, indra dev says what is this happening? We have to go to mahadev and tell him.
All gods come in front of mahadev, brahma dev and lord Vishnu are present and ganesh, kartikeya and parvati are there. Gods say mahadev, Jalandhar has arisen and he wants to be the new god, he says he is stronger than you mahadev and his wife vrinda, she calls herself the new devi Shakti. Parvati thinks how can someone be so evil? They built a copy of Kailash and have insulted mahadev now. Kartikeya says yes father, we can already see that Kailash from here, it is made of all gold and maya. Parvati says they insulted our home Kailash, there is no place for maya in Kailash and rivers of bhakti flow in Kailash. Ganesh says father, Jalandhar is rising and has declared himself god, he will soon start destruction, you have to kill him. Mahadev says let it be then, let him call himself god, there are many people who think they are god, doesn’t mean they should be killed. Ganesh and kartikeya say but father we have the solution now, killing him will stop any further destruction and loss of life. Mahadev says but ganesh no one can be killed on the basis of what they may do in the future, I cannot kill Jalandhar until he commits sins for which he has to die for sure. Ganesh says I will tell you all one story, there was a man with his camel and he stopped at night in the desert for rest, it was very cold and the man laid a tent as he slept inside but the camel made noises as it wanted to stay inside the tent protected from cold, the man was kind so he let the camel inside but the camel took the entire tent for himself and put the man outside lying in cold. Ganesh says from this we know that even if we are kind enough, our kindness is not repaid back and Jalandhar has already establishes himself a copy of Kailash, he will soon try to create destruction to get everything else. Mahadev says ganesh I understand what you said but I still cannot kill Jalandhar, Jalandhar has not yet done any great crime and killing him will put everyone at the sins of killing a person who hadn’t committed grave crimes. All gods say then we trust you mahadev, if Jalandhar isn’t a threat now we shall continue as it is, all gods go. Brahma dev and lord Vishnu go too. Ganesh says father I believe you have a plan for Jalandhar if he is to be killed, so I trust you.
There all gods continue doing their normal work, suryadev goes to his palace and meets his wife and then takes his chariot to go for his daily work. As suryadev goes from above Kailash, a trishul comes flying towards him and suryadev stops, he says mahadev’s trishul here? Why? Jalandhar comes and says it is not mahadev’s trishul, it is mine. Suryadev gets angry.

Precap: Jalandhar attacks suryadev. Mahadev and Jalandhar fight with their trishuls.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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