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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera apologizes to Kanak

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera slaps Aditya and quietly asks him to take all blame on him, it will be good for him. He does. Meera then tells media that she made mistake by keeping Aditya her assistant and that she will personally apologize to Kanak. Kanak comes and says her insult was done in front of everyone, so apologies should be in front of everyone as well. Meera says sorry. Kanak says she couldn’t hear and both her and Uma deserve her apology. Meera apologizes to both Uma and Kanak. Kanak then asks Meera whether her and her husband are still comfortable working with her after this incident? or is she insecure about her husband? Meera says she has no insecurity, they will definitely work together. Media ask Kanak whether she would like to say anything about today’s incident. Kanak gives speech

on women empowerment that girls should not fear, if they fear, they will lose. They should face their fear, make their own path to success. A neighbor tells Bhabho that Kanak is coming on TV. Kanak further gives a message to families that take girls as weakness. They should try raising girls like boys, support them. Girls should stop getting emotionally blackmail. Everyone claps for her including Uma and then Meera and Aditya. Bhabho’s neighbor tells her daughter to study as much as she wants and if anyone troubles her, then fight back. Bhabho feels proud.

Kanak is in car. Her driver asks where she wants to go. She recalls Bhabho asking her to leave. Suddenly Bhabho appears in front of her and feels guilty for her mistake. She tells Kanak that she will live with her only. Sandhya taught her a lot, but today Kanak taught her not to take girls as weakness. Kanak is happy.

Uma is doing arti. Meera tries to join him, but he avoids her. After his prayer, he asks her to stay away. Meera says she only did that to remove Kanak from their lives. Uma tells her, she wants him to have feelings for her, right? Today she finally succeeded in that. Meera gets happy. Uma says, love is too far, he now has hatred feelings for her. He reminds her that their marriage was a deal and she should not forget that.

Suman is in market. A thief grabs her purse and runs. She was running behind him and then gets flashbacks of similar incident when she threw a rock at thief and then felt he died because of that. Kanak runs after thief and beats him up. She brings him to Suman and asks to apologize. Suman is shocked seeing the thief and says she didn’t kill him. She runs to her house. Kanak comes behind her and asks what she was saying. Meera gets worried that Suman will tell 2 years old incident to Kanak. Before Suman tells everything to Kanak, Uma stops her and asks her to go to her room. He didn’t want Kanak to find out about Meera blackmailing him to marry her to save Suman. Kanak says Suman is mentally disturbed and they need to talk to her. Uma says she is fine and asks Kanak not to interfere in their personal matters. Kanak says his relationship may have ended with her, but she still has relationship with Suman, Shiv and Masa. Uma says her relationship with them was because of them and when that relationship has ended, she has no relationship with them either. Why she doesn’t forget the past and keeps coming to his house with excuse of Suman and Shiv. He brings Meera there and says she is their Bhabhisa now. He has forgotten his past, but she is still in past. He asks her to go far away, there is no place of her in his life or his house. Kanak is hurt, but still stands there. Uma then grabs her hand and throws her out of the house and closes door on her face. Meera is happy.

Both Kanak and Uma are sad. Uma says he’s stuck with deal he made for his life, but he won’t let Kanak’s life get destroyed because of him. That is why he had to take this step. He purposely behaved such a way so that Kanak hates him, hates her past and move on in her life.

Precap: Uma tells Meera that she will stay out of this. Kanak won’t be in their lives anymore. She will cry, get hurt, get angry, but she will surely do something that will surprise everyone. Other hand, Kanak tells Bhabho that she is ready for marriage in front of everyone.

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