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The magic of love, part 24

Yuvani broke the hug and Yuvraj kissed her forehead.

They smile.

Yuv: Let us go for a night drive?

She nodes happily, and they leave, she had her memory book with her. Shavna, who were searching them, so them leaving and smiled.

Yuvraj took Suhani to the stream once they went. But before getting out from the car, he closed her eyes. Suhani was impatient and kept asking him questions, and he didn’t say a thing. He led her to a place and then slowly opened her eyes.

The scene was magical; they were surrounded by fire flies. They were all around them, and it was magical, to stand in the middle of a bunch of fire flies, because they alone were the source of light. It feels like you are in the middle of stars.

Suhani screamed out of happiness and hugged Yuvraj. They spent quality of time with the fire flies, catching them first and them leaving them. It was a nice feeling to let them go, because it feels like they are coming from inside out hand.  They enjoyed it.

And then they sat on a rock near the stream. It was very cold there, as water was near and they held each other. Suhani rested her head on Yuvraj’s chest.

Suh: During our first meeting we came here na?

He smiles.

Yuv: Well, we came here, but it was not on our first day together.

She was confused and looked at him, breaking their hold.

Yuv: We met say, two three days before that.

Suh: What? No.

Yuv: yes, I met you at that restaurant where you and Bhavna usually go.

Suhani looked on shocked.

He narrates everything about their first date, how, to fool Soumya they spent a day together and how that dqy turned out to be his first date in real.

Suh: Really, we, we REALLY spent a day together?

Yuv: Yes, and it was the best day of my life.

Suh: But…. Then why didn’t I write anything about that day in my book?

Yuv: I don’t know, in fact I am myself curious to know it.

Suh: But I haven’t got any clue.

Yuv: I know. Then we met the next day and you failed to recognise me, and then I came to know about your memory issue.

Suh: So you knew all about it before I telling you?

He nodes.

Yuv: I thought of telling you about all these that day, but then I thought why you didn’t write anything about it in your book, so I decided against it.

She nodes.

Suh: Still it is sad, we had such a wonderful day and I remember nothing about it.

Yuv: It is fine, we will such thousand days.

She smiles.

Suh: You are right, my mother used to say that whatever happens happens for the good.

He smiles.

Suh: And I believe that everything that happens happens for a reason.

She was right, it happened for a reason, for that day she was testing the power, the magic of love and today, even though she don’t remember anything, God had given her answer, that the magic will always happen, come what may!

They sat there for a long time in silence, it was nice, to be with your love, all alone, in the lap of nature. They enjoyed it and then, after sometime got up.

Suhani demanded for tea and they went to a tea vendor.

Suhani then wrote about the day in her book and they decided to go back and got into the car.

She leaned her head on to his shoulder. He smiled.

Yuv: (passionately) Suhani, can you, can you ever forget this day, this night?

She thought of the beautiful night they spent, them confessing their feeling to each other, all the fun they had and smiled widely.

Suh: (holding his shoulder, passionately) No, I can never forget this day.

They smile; she then sleeps on his shoulder. He liked the feel of having her on his shoulder and smiled.

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