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Stuck With Her (SwaSan Short Story) Chapter 3 Surprise by Marsuu

Stuck With Her (SwaSan Short Story)
Chapter 3: Surprise

After 9 months:
Sanskar is sitting in his cabin staring at his phone’s screen. His hairs are messy and scattered on his forehead and eyes are puffy red, may be due to lack of sleep. The screen has swara’s photo. His eyes are filled with guilt and regret. Today he has his job and he is leading the life he wants to live. He wanted swara out of his life and she is no where but still he is not satisfied. He has lost all his charms. He got lost in his thoughts about his last encounter with shekar gododia, seven months ago.

After that night when sanskar shouted at swara and humiliated her, she left the house and his life. No one know where she went not even shekar. With the passage of time, sanskar started feeling bad and unknowingly miss swara. He felt like he should talk to her so he went to gododia house to meet her. To his bad luck, he came across angry shekar and swara was no where.
” where is swara??” He asked hesitately because after what he did, he don’t have any right to go to her again.
“Get lost right now” shekar roared as soon as he saw her.
” but i want to talk to swara” he was adamant to meet her.
” she is not here, because of you i lost my daughter! Don’t know where she went. If something happen to her i will kill you” shekar cursed and warned sanskar. Even he was tensed listening to shekar’s words that where swara went.
” where is she??” He asked worriedly.
” i don’t know even if i knew then also i won’t tell you” shekar sharply replied.
” but she also did wrong by blackmailing me” sanskar kept his point. He was also not wrong totally, he belives.
” no she didn’t did anything, it was me who blackmailed you, swara don’t even know about it” shekar’s words took sanskar to his last encounter with swara where she was claiming that she don’t know anything but he was so hard to listen to her. Sanskar close his eyes regretting for not talking to swara.
” now if you are done with your enquiry then get lost” shekar angrily said.
” if you get to know about swara please tell me i want to clear few things with her” sanskar requested. Sanskar left when shekar didn’t reacted.
Flashback ends.

Sanskar is still at the same position. Even sujata, his mother is not talking to him after he told her about what all he did to swara. His trance of thoughts broke due to some commotion outside his cabin. He forced to get up and went out.
” Hey!! What happened??” He asked one of the staff member who was passing by. Sanskar wandered his eyes around to see all are busy in their work and trying their best to do with perfection.
” actually shekar gododia’s daughter is admitted just now” the man of sanskar’s age told him. It took few seconds for sanskar to know that he is talking about swara.
” why??” For a second he was happy as swara is here but got worried as he remember that she is admitted.
” it’s her delivery, she is pregnant in her last month” the man said going away leaving sanskar numb. Swara is pregnant and it’s her delivery. Without thinking anything he rushed towards operation theater. Swara was already taken inside. Sanskar came in the corridor outside the OT where he saw shekar and one other man of probably his age.
” uncle how is swara??” He asked stabling his breathe as he came running all the way. Shekar give him glare and turn his face. Shekar left the place before sanskar could ask anything else. Sanskar stare at the closed door of OT helplessly. Swara is pregnant and the first thing came in sanskar’s mind is their marriage night when they consummated. Sanskar felt current passing through his body with the thought that swara is going to give birth to their baby. His guilt enhances with each passing second.
” umm..Hello” a deep manly voice caught sanskar’s attention. Sanskar lifted his head to look in brown eyes.
” hi” he dryly replied. ” you wants to know about swara??” He asked further.
” yeah but how you know her??” Sanskar asked getting perplexed. ” she is my school friend and I’m ranveer” he take out his hand and sanskar shake hand with him muttering
” I’m sanskar” sanskar noticed the change of ranveer’s expressions.
” so you are sanskar who betrayed swara” he said angrily.
” please i know i did wrong but I’m badly regretting it, if you know about swara then tell me how is she now??” Sanskar joined his hands pleading him.
” i don’t want tell you because swara won’t like it..” ranveer’s words made sanskar hopeless.
” but i can see guilt in your eyes” he further said and sanskar’s eyes shine.
” to be honest, she has suffered alot and the day you asked her to get lost from your life, she left mumbai. She even didn’t talked to shekar uncle as she got to know he did wrong by forcing you. Swara called me and i booked her tickets and taking first flight she came to delhi. I have my business in Delhi. I took swara to my house and she told me everything and cried alot. I seriously felt bad for her. My mother live with me and she is very fond of swara so she asked her to live with us. Everything was going normal and swara was recovering but after one week….” ranveer took deep breath while continuing where sanskar’s guilt and curiosity is increasing as he attentively listented to him.
” after a week she got to know that she is pregnant and the situation became more critical for her, i just can’t explain her pain she has no one beside her. I kept her with me and tried my best to take care of her as a friend but i was never successful in fulfilling the void of a husband” ranveer further told. Sanskar didn’t realized when tears started flowing down his cheeks. Now he just want to see swara and apologise though he know his single sorry won’t heal her wounds but he won’t leave any chance in healing them.
” when she came back??” Sanskar managed to ask gulping his tears.
” a month ago, when she entered her ninth month shekar uncle wants to take care of her so she agreed to come back” ranveer told while sanskar nodded in response. There was silence for couple of minutes.
” but it was really tough time for her means she just turned 21 and to handle pregnancy at such a small age is not easy above that her complications ” ranveer told.
” what complications??” Sanskar instantly asked as ranveer ended.
” she was very weak infact now also she is and doctors clearly stated that there are chances of miscarriage so swara is very possessive for the baby ” ranveer explained. Sanskar got lost thinking she herself was not mature and he can imagine her situation. Sometimes, we never know the mistake we do in anger can have worst consequences.
After few minutes, the door opened and nurse came out with a tiny baby wrapped in pure white cloth.
” congratulations sir ” she wished and hand the baby to ranveer as he was the one who used to come with swara for check up. No one in the hospital know that sanskar is swara’s husband as they never revealed publicly moreover their marriage was stable for few days and no one founded out. They just know swara’s husband don’t wanted to be with her so they separated. Swara came twice for check up but she never confronted sanskar.
” Thank you ” ranveer said taking the baby. Sanskar admire his little creation with wet eyes. She is a girl and small version of swara. Her eyes are half opened and hands are fisted at the chest. An instant smile crept on his lips. She is his daughter, indeed!!!!!. He never imagined that this day will come in his life all of a sudden. He was shock to know swara’s pregnancy and surprise to get swara back here with a tender gift. Baby open her eyes and look at ranveer then at sanskar who is standing infront of her. She give her baby smile to sanskar which overwhelmed him.
” see she is smiling at you ignoring me which proof she is your daughter” ranveer said jokingly. Sanskar chuckle wiping his tears.
” may i..” sanskar hesitately extended his hands to take her. Ranveer was about to give the baby to sanskar but shekar came in between and took the baby.
” he has no rights to hold her” shekar rudely said. Sanskar signed sadly at his fortune but to some extend he himself is responsible for this.
Shekar sit on the chair and he started playing with the baby. Till now doctor has told that swara is fine and they can meet her. Ranveer enter inside followed by sanskar. Shekar was with the baby so he didn’t got the chance to stop him.

Ranveer went near swara’s bed while sanskar stood at the door. He don’t have guts to face her.
” how are you??” Ranveer asked helping her to half lean on the bed.
” fine” she whisper. Swara still didn’t noticed sanskar. He keep on staring her. She is week and fragile. Her charm is no more and shine in her eyes is also fading. Swara lifted her head to look at the door as she felt someone’s constant gaze. Sanskar noticed the instant fear that developed in her hazel doe eyes seeing him. Is she scared of him?
” where is my baby??” The first question she asked hurriedly looking at ranveer. Sanskar felt hurt knowing that she has fear that he will take away her baby.
” baby girl is fine and is with shekar uncle” ranveer said relaxing swara. She didn’t dared to look at sanskar for the second time. Sanskar slightly smile seeing the way she is nervously playing with her fingers looking down. She is still childish.
Shekar enter inside, he glares sanskar but then went to swara.
” see your baby is same like you swara” shekar said giving baby to swara.
Swara admire the baby and her hands are shivering. She hugged her clutching the baby close to her chest. She is bitterly crying as she got this beautiful gift after lots of struggle. Sanskar rush out of the room not able to see swara like his. He want to console her and embrace her but with which right?? He is happy to be a father but then he badly failed as a husband. Swara has seeked her happiness and he don’t deserve it.
To be continued….

Sorry, was not able to end it, next will be an epilogue.
So, what do you think sanskar should be given a chance or not?
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