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Siddhi Vinayak 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin-Siddhi get kidnapped

Siddhi Vinayak 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin working out. Servant sprays something over his face and says sorry. Vin faints there. Rajbeer comes and checks him. He says he is gone. Vin’s bottle falls there. The men roll Vin inside the carpet. Karan calls Siddhi and asks for Vin. Siddhi says I will look for Vin. Prachi tries to stop her and says Vin will get angry. Siddhi says its imp to talk to Vin. She knocks the door. The men lift Vin. Siddhi looks for Vin. She sees the men and think what are they doing here now, why is Vin’s protein bottle fallen. She goes to see. Prachi says she will spoil our work. Mannu collides with the men and says sorry, what were you doing in garden area. The man lies. Siddhi finds chloroform bottle. She says something is wrong. She calls Vin and hears his phone ringing. She worries and

looks for him. She sees Vin inside the carpet and shouts stop. The men leave. She gets inside the van and as

ks them to stop. Siddhi says they are kidnapping Vin. She calls Pratima and says Vin got kidnapped, listen to me carefully, we are in a van. Pratima gets shocked. Goon faints Siddhi as well. The goons think what to do of them. They switch off the phones. Pratima shouts to Shankar and Manjiri. She says Vin got kidnapped. They get shocked. Gauri thinks how did Pratima know this. Pratima says Riddhi called me, she said the men took Vin hiding him in some carpet. Rajbeer thinks how did Riddhi come in between. Manjiri cries. Rajbeer and Prachi argue. Gauri asks them to think of something. She says Vin isn’t here. Manjiri cries for Vin. They all look for Vin.

Shankar and Pratima check garden area. Pratima gets chloroform bottle. She says it means they fainted Vin and took him. Shankar says who dared to kidnap my son. Vin gets conscious and sees the place. He gets shocked seeing Siddhi. He calls her out and goes to wake her up. She gets up. He struggles and removes the cloth from his mouth. He asks her what is she doing here. He asks her to answer. He helps her to remove the cloth tied to her mouth. They come close. She looks at him. Rajbeer asks why did you kidnap that girl, its fine, kill both of them and burn them. Goon asks why are you joking, you just said about kidnapping. Rajbeer laughs and asks him to just do it, he will get double money. Vin asks how did we reach here. Siddhi says you got kidnapped. She tells everything. He gets shocked. He asks who did this and why. She says the one who planned this can tell us.

Siddhi tries to open the ropes. Goons come there to kill them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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