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Shakti 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen discovers Suomya’s reality

Shakti 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jasleen questions Harman and then Harak Singh why he is silent over injustice to their daughter in law. She questions the women about being silent for the whole drama. Jasleen asks Harman how he can behave so rudely to his wife. On one side, he hides a friend’s anklet for the sake of his love for friendship; his friendship must also be as fake. Harman was irritated and says she isn’t his wife, she is a kinner. Jasleen was shocked to hear this, so was everyone in the family. Preeto says he brought this kinnar as his wife against everyone’s wish, as his Gulabo. He realized it very soon that she is a kinnar. Harman accepts loving her and standing against the world for her, he turned her into a wife; but how she returned it. She went to the kinnars and finished everything of his marriage, sindoor, mangal

sooter and bangles. She turned herself into his widow, if she has to live among those kinnars then its better she goes there. Suomya joins her hands to Harman in apology and cries as she only wanted to be his wife for seven of lives, and did the pooja only for that purpose. She holds his feet. She asks Shanno to tell him the truth, she is aware of everything. Shanno saves herself and blames Suomya for not being able to win even trust in her relation. Suomya continues to cry while Harman walks upstairs.
Harman, Suomya and Jasleen were thinking about each other in separate rooms.
Preeta comes to Jasleen’s room. She says it must be disturbing for Jasleen, she hated Suomya a lot and never wanted her for her son. She left no stone unturned, but Harman didn’t leave her hand and fought against his mother. This is true love, which never realizes the difference between a girl and a kinnar. She won their love with all her efforts. Suomya was even unaware about her true identity, it was hidden by her mother. She requests Jasleen to handle the matters between them.
Outside in the hall, Harak Singh was also tensed what if Jasleen gets to unite Harman and Suomya.
There in the room, Jasleen tells Preeto she can’t turn Suomya into a girl. And she realizes Harman has a problem only because Suomya is a kinnar.
At night, Harak Singh asks everyone for food. He was irritated by everyone’s silence, it’s the truth that she is a kinnar. Preeto comes to say they wanted everyone to know the truth. She was ready to prepare kheer as she was happy that Harman would himself tell the truth to everyone.
Jasleen comes to Harman to hear his side of story. Harman says she would also blame him for being wrong, like everyone else does. Jasleen says she wasn’t there when he needed this childhood friend, but now she is here.
Varun was walking down the streets drunk. He hear people gossip about his uselessness, and his wife being an intelligent lady. Varun takes them by collar, then walks away holding his own head.
Harman tells Hasleen he loved her dearly, but she wants to be who she is. He is tired, and wants to spend his life according to his wish. He has realized she can never be his wife. He never found himself as lonely as he feels now. She can also walk away considering him wrong, he won’t stop her. Jasleen instead hugs Harman. She says she returned only because she is his friend, she was sure he behaved so because there was a huge reason. She convinces him to have meal together, they can’t think about anything with an empty stomach. She tells Harman not to think much about anyone and anything. Harak Singh heard this from outside and thinks this is the right time to speak about their relation.

PRECAP: Promo about mixed episode of Savitri Devi and Shakti.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Muthu, Jolly & friends

    This is not fair. How many times Soumya asked for forgiveness for his foolish mistake. From where this Jasleen came in. The whole family never remembered her in the past. The bechpan/children friendship Love became True Love and the matured man’s Love became false. What nonsense. When Soumya said about that Evil Shanno, nobody noticed it and cared about. That wicked old man also at the back. Nobody wanted to find out the truth. When it will come out. The whole family is evil minded. Preeto now changed for her repentance. We thought Jasleen will unite Harman and Soumya. But, we think now, Jasleen wanted Harman. We all hate stupid Jasleen and now Harman also. One thing is sure that the show makers are very much interested in so many marriages and they like Soutans. So many marriages, Soutans and kidnapping only are there in the whole show. Jasleen is from Canada and there will be treatment for Kinner to become Woman.

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