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RagLak os: my crush

So hello friends.. how r u guys.. hope everyone is doing good.. so now as my exams r finished..I’m free a thought of writing this os..

RagLak os: my crush..

So now. Few instructions.

  1. The dialogues will be in  bold letters.

2.The narration will be in normal text.

3. Mind voice will be within double quotes ”

I pressed the bell asking the next patient to come in. And a couple entered. I didn’t looked at them as I was busy with the reports of the other patient. I forwarded my hand asking for the patient’s name sheet. “Mrs. SWARA MAHESHWARI” . I smiled looking at the surname which remained me of him.

so Mrs. Maheshwari. I began only to get stopped by THE MOST shock of life. It was him. He is sitting here  in front of me with his wife. “what.. he is this can’t happen.. how can he.. ” I complained to myself.. ” well it’s his life Ragini . you have nothing to do in that. He is just your crush. You can’t expect him to remain as a bachelor for the whole life.” My mind snapped me. Well that’s true. He is just my crush and I haven’t even confessed it to him . ” Just my crush” that’s actually a clause I’m using to hide the true feelings for him.”nope I can’t see him with someone else” I thought as a tear dropped from the corner of my eyes. ” Yep that’s true.. I love him. I love him a lot. He is my first and last crush. I thought that was just infactuation. But no.. it was not just any attraction but that was love. But when I came to know my bestie Anu was interested in him . I promised myself that I’ll never think about him. But I failed miserably. ” I was lost in my thought when

doctor. Said my patient looking at me confused. I wiped the tears without their notice.” No Ragini . Your personal problems are things apart. You are a doctor now. And your profession is your priority.” I remainded myself.

yes Mrs. Maheshwari. I asked with a formal appeal.

doctor.. this is my first appointment.. I want to confirm it . She replied smiling widely. It pierced my heart. I feel really happy when I used to confirm my patients their pregnancy. But at this moment I feel really restless.

come Mrs. Maheshwari. I guided her to checking room suppressing my tears.

After an hour

I was sitting with the reports in front of him and his wife. Her eyes told how nervous she was. And his eyes.. no I can’t look at them. Because I’ll lose myself again in his eyes.

congratulations Mrs. Maheshwari… You are soon going to become a mother I replied with a formal smile plastered in my lips. Her eyes eyes shone due to tear drops at the corner of her eyes. She is happy. ” Yeah she should be” I thought.

thanks.. thanks a lot doctor.. thank you so much she said holding my hands. I smiled slightly.

ok I’ll give you the dates for appointments.. I tried to keep my voice normal which was cracking due to the lump formed.

They got up and began to leave. I bit my lips controlling the tears from falling down when he turned.

hey Ragini.. you are Ragini right?? I’m Laksh.. Laksh maheshwari.. we were class mates from 8th grade.. remember me?? He asked sounding excited. ” Oh.. he remembers me.. great… Good ..very good.. ” I thought and smiled back.

yeah Mr. Maheshwari… I still remember you. I tried to sound formal. Because I don’t want this conversation to extend . The more I talk with him the more I’ll fall for him.

how are you Ragini..?? I’m really glad that you became a doctor..  he asked with a wide smile.

” I’m very bad right now ..” I thought and looked on. While he waited for my reply.

I’m .. I’m good.. yep.. I’m good..and thanks for asking..  I replied looking at one of the files and pressed the bell.

it’s good to see you Ragini..  he said and left .

I called shrija ,my pa.  hello shrija.. cancel all my appointments… I’m leaving right now.  I said holding myself from breaking down.  but doctor…  She asked.  please shrija .. understand.. do as I say.. I replied and ended the call without waiting for her reply. I grabbed my bag and left the hospital.

” He has moved on.. Ragini… He is someone’s else.. he is husband of some one..and he is going to become a father soon..” I thought as  I  cried hiding my face in the pillow. ” This heart… This stupid heart.. why does it hurt that much..” I thought crying out loud. ” No Ragini … It would be senseless if you still think about him..he is married … Register that in your mind” I said to myself and wiped my tears.

My phone beeped. I opened and saw a message from my mother . A boy’s picture was there.. ” my mother.. she’ll never change.” I smiled. This is the 10th picture of the week. She is pestering me to get married from the past one month. But how can say her that I can’t give Laksh’s place to anyone else. laksh’s place.. ?? I asked myself with a painful smile.

Dr. Ragini Gadodia… You are the famous gynaecologist.. that’s your identity..  from now my profession is my only priority in my life.. I know that I can’t give his place to someone else.. but I’ll try to forget him.. he has moved on.. and now it’s time for me..  I took oath standing in front of the mirror.

Days passed. He continued to come to my hospital with his wife for check ups. He is such a caring husband. “I wish I was in swara’s place.” I thought. ” No Ragini ..did you forget your oath” I remainded myself. Well honestly speaking it was really hard for me  it’s really difficult to control the pain. Which idiot said that even the pain of love will be sweet !!??  That’s the worst thing to happen in one’s life.

very good Mrs. Swara.. the baby is really healthy.. you are really taking good care of your baby.. I said . She smiled widely. She placed her hands on her little baby bump all credits goes to your father bachha..  she said looking at baby bump.

Suddenly the door open with a thud. “Sahil?” I thought.  Ragini … This is not fair.. do you remember what day is Today..?? he complained.

14th February… I replied crossing my arms. “14th February” ..?? My foot… Ragini … Today is VALENTINE’S DAY…!! Did u forget your promise..  ?? How can you be so irresponsible..?? Come with me right now..  He replied throwing his hands in air..

“Dramebazz!!” I thought and smiled at his antics.  so Mrs. Swara ..where I was??  I asked her ignoring him. “He is annoyed” I thought as I looked at him through the corner of my eyes and suppressed my laughter.

attitude Haan?? Come with me right..!   he said grabbing my hand.

hey… Wait.. !! I’m sorry Mr. And Mrs. Maheshwari.. I have leave now.  I apologized and left with sahil.

“Sahil.. he is my best friend cum by brother…He is such a sweet heart. I promised him to do arrangements for his proposal. Today he is going to propose his girlfriend Riya. And I guess he would have proposed her by now.” I thought as I swallowed the food sitting in the restaurant. And then I choked the food. Guess it entered the wrong pipe.

Then a felt someone patting me and helped with the glass of water. you ok??  Asked the person. I turned back to look at the person who helped..

MrMaheshwari..?? You here..?? I asked shocked.  well I attended a meeting .. right now and came here to have food he said and settled himself in the seat opposite to me.

well Ragini.. what are you doing alone here  ..where is your boyfriend?? He asked me.

boyfriend ..??  I asked confused.

yep.. that one in the morning..  he asked sipping his juice. ” Oh… I understand now… Mr.laksh has thought that I have a boyfriend..!” I thought . But ” boyfriend and sahil..nahh… Never..” hmm let me consider ” hey sahil.. I love…”   I couldn’t even imagine it.. and ended up laughing. He looked at me confused and asked ” what” raising his left eyebrow. “Oh my goodness..!!! .. I just love” I always loved the way he lifts his eyebrows with that cool attitude. ” Hayee… I love to drown in this eyes… In his hazelnut eyes..” I found myself admiring him again.

He snapped his fingers in front of me bringing me back. ” My profession is my only priority in my life” that scene flashed in my mind.

I cleared my throat and replied well he is not my boyfriend Mr.Maheshwari … He is going to propose his girlfriend Riya.. and I promised to help him in it.. 

oh.. ok.. and can you please call me ” Laksh”.. not Mr.Maheshwari. he asked with a wide smile.

yeah.. Mr. Mahe.. sorry..sorry..I mean Laksh.. of course Laksh.. I replied.

And then we spoke random things like our school days we enjoyed it.. our school tours.. the names we gave to our teachers.. everything. Reminiscing all those memories made me fall for him again. All those memories which I tried to bury down ,exhumed and began to shoot daggers straight at my heart. “No.. I can’t let this happen ” my mind warned. ” Ragini… May be this is the last time you are going to talk with him freely.. so just feel it..” my heart adviced . And in the battle of heart and mind. Heart won defeating mind.

laksh.. please come to my hospital with Swara… I didn’t get chance to talk to properly this morning.. there are few things which I have to tell her..  I said and left the restaurant.

hello Ragini ..!! he said as he entered my cabin.  hello Laksh .. I replied smiling widely. I found Swara looking at us questioningly. I felt embarrassed a little. She would have thought I’m trying to woe her Husband. “Oh..shit Ragini.. what you have down..!!” My minded questioned.

please take your seats…I’ll be back within few minutes.. I excused myself and stormed to the rest room.

Why..why.. this has to happen..?? what wrong I did..?? Why it’s always me ..?? The first time I saw him during our 8th grade I fell for him. I never knew it was love then. I gave excuses to myself that it was just attraction, infactuation..or something else. But I never realized that  they were what they are..”EXCUSES!!” . I loved him then and even now. When I was going to confess my feelings for him , I got the utter shock that my bestie Anu was interested in him. I cursed myself for loving him. I didn’t what him to interfere our friendship..and thus I decided to sacrifice my love. But then later Anu admitted that it was just attraction. After 6 years, I met him again. Not just him but also his wife who is soon going to become mother. Hmm..!! I promised myself that I’ll forget him. But yesterday… He broke all the walls which I had built around my heart.. to stop him from capturing it. I fell for him again. And today.. I’m damn sure that Swara would have misunderstood me.. no !! No more troubles.. I’ll leave this city..and have a break.. for few weeks.. I splashed water on the face and tried to smile.

well sorry for the delay.. I apologized and settled in my seat.

well Mrs. Swara.. the baby is really healthy..but there are few things which you have to take care.. like your I’m giving you this schedule and you have to follow this… I said and handed over the diet chart

thank you so much doctor… I’m really happy that I got a good doctor like you..she replied smiling.

well Mrs. Swara.. from now.. Dr.Priya will be your doctor … You can consult her whenever you want..I said crossing my fingers.

but doctor…!! Please I really want you to give me advices…you are best gynaecologist.  she asked pressing my hands.

I’m really sorry Mrs. Swara… I’m leaving this city..I replied.

but why Ragini..why suddenly..?? He interrupted.

er..that’s my personal issues Mr. Maheshwari…!! I sounded a bit rude..

He was hurt. Yeah I can see it in his eyes. That would be obvious for any one. I spoke with him a lot yesterday and today my this behavior would have hurted him a lot. ” I’m sorry Laksh..” I said to myself..

After few minutes of silence and our eyelock..he broke it.

lets go Swara..he said and left . I broke down completely and cried covering my mouth with my hands.. then I felt a soft touch in my shoulder. I turned back and found him. ” Laksh..??  ” I thought. He had tears in his eyes. I was getting confused and then suddenly he hugged me. I couldn’t control it more and cried my heart out in his embrace. He broke the hug and cupped my face. He wiped the tears with his thumb. My vision was blurred Because of the tears. Then what happened shocked me the most. He kissed me.i didn’t responded but… I was not able to stop him.. actually I didn’t want to stop him. His touch made me feel heaven, I felt secured. ” He is married Ragini…!!” Reality strikes me. I pushed him with all my strength.

chi … How cheap.. you are… How can you cheat your wife..  I shouted and rushed out.

ragini please hear… You have misunderstood me..!!  I heard him shouting.

I rushed into the elevator and pressed the ” ground floor” botton. But he was quick and got into the elevator before ur closed.

stay away from me.. I know martial arts..  I said doing some moves.

Ragini please listen to me.. he asked pleadingly.

what you want me to listen you cheater.. don’t you feel shame..?? You are going to become a father..and you..chi..I blurted out.

woo.woo… who told you that I’m going to become a father uh..?? he asked. He is confusing me. I looked on as he continued.

swara is not my wife.. she is my babhi. Just think.. did I have said that she is wife..?? He asked me. I went through all our memories . Yeah he was right..he never told me that Swara is his wife. I nodded my head in a no.

He continued.  she is married to my brother Sanskar. At the first appointment .. my brother was busy and that’s why I accompained her. And after that when I came to know that you are her doctor.. I begged my brother each time to come to hospital,. Just to see you… Because… Because ..I love Ragini.. I really love you.. you know how much insecure I felt whenever you called as Mr. Maheshwari and not as l làksh… I really love you Ragini. .. I want to spend my entire life with you.. he confessed.

Tears made their way down my cheeks..

I hugged him back saying i love you Laksh,. .. 

The elevater door opened and I found shrija , Swara , Sanskar, my ma., Baba . and Laksh whole family

They all clapped their hands in joy Because of our Union.

The end..

So friends done with this os .. hope u liked it.. please share your comments.. tomatos and chappals are also welcomed.

Sorry for any errors.. haven’t proof read.

Bye ..


With love ,


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