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Raglak : One heart two souls – part 2


Ragini(dreamingly) : his eyes they are so attractive I think so he kept magnet inside his eyes.he is very handsome and cute after all he is my prince charming .

She pats her shoulder taking pride.

She gets call from her friend

Tejasswi : hey ragu , where are you?

Ragini : I am in the college only.

Teju : yaar today the handsome boy about whom meghana said didn’t come.

Ragini : what? Ok leave it.

Teju : Is this ragini ? Or any other.

Ragini : have you gone mad? I am ragini only.

Teju : it’s you who have gone mad. You use to prove that every boy in our college is not fit for love on their first day itself now it’s his third day , I thought you’ll be angry but you are simply saying it’s ok leave it.

Ragini : it’s his luck as now I’m busy with my love I don’t want to care about that so called handsome boy.ok leave it . Now where are you?

Teju : where else in college.

Ragini : in college only in namish ‘ s lap or on bench.

Teju : shameless!

Ragini chuckles.

Teju : ok, bye meet you in the evening.

Ragini : oh I understood ,enjoy with namish.bye.

Teju rolls her eyes.

Ragini leaves to home.

# Gadodia house

Ragini reaches there and rushes in .

Bala : hey laddo come here.

Ragini :what bala.

Bala : check this message

She gives her phone to ragini.

(Bala don’t know english she know to read but she don’t know the meaning of the words)

Ragini : it’s from Sravan(their neighbour) bala.he thanked you for keeping mehendi to chinni (his sister )

Ragini gives back the phone to bala

Bala : ok, what to reply him.

Ragini : get lost.

Bala : G,E,T,L,O,S,T spelling is correct. only know.

Ragini : haa bala.

Bala : what it means ?

Ragini : it means no problem.

Bala : oh,ok

Ragini smirks.

Ragini & sravan are enemies from
childhood.sravan always irritate’s her.

Bala : ragini what about your prince charming

Ragini (blushes ): chi,po bala.(chi ,go bala)

Bala smiles and leaves from there.

Pari comes there.

Pari : but you said you are fire , u will not fall for anyone.

Ragini : he is water di.

Pari rolls her eyes.

Pari : idiot

Ragini : di don’t call me that.

Pari : what you will do if I call you like that.

Ragini : uh! Leave it.

Pari : no problem tell.

Ragini : I will break you into two.but..

Pari : but?

Ragini : the thing that is stopping me is I dont want two of you around.

Pari gets shocked.

Ragini opens her face book in her phone.

Pari : I hate u

Ragini : dear haters I can’t help u but remember awesome ends with me and ugly starts with u.

Pari glares her.

Ragini : wow nice quote na di ,now only I saw in f.b.ha, what are you saying di?

Bala comes shouting there.

Ragini : aah bala stop why are you shouting?

Bala : why I am shouting? You are the one who made every thing. What u messaged sravan?

Ragini : bala , I’m not the one , you know what? Atoms are the one who make up everything.

Pari : idiot use ur brain in exams not here. U failed your b.tecb one time already.

Ragini : di,if you want to scold,scold the proffesor  he is the who didn’t give me marks . What happens if he’ll give me atleast pass marks? He is mad.

Pari rolls her eyes.

Pari : atleast will you pass this time.

Ragini : if trend changes also friend will not change I trust my friend.

Pari : you and your friends. Exam me dosto ke bharose mat jao.. kya pata tumhare dost tumhare bharose aa rahe hai.

Ragini : no problem di,I will keep chits.

Pari : don’t do that stupid things.

Ragini : ok, then expect me to get passed.

Pari : but you will not change right.

Ragini : exactly 😉

Pari : ya, forgot to inform you, the college which you went today is not your college , your college is xyz excellent college .

Ragini : what? No my prince charming is in that college .

Pari : Thank god , now you can’t do anything.

Ragini : are you my di?with out helping me u are teasing me.

Bala : leave it laddo, she is jealous.  Now think what to do.

Ragini gives a sign to bala (😉)

Bala understood it.

Bala keeps her hand on her heart and acts like she got heart attack.

Ragini calls shekhar.

Shekhar comes there worriedly.

Bala :  I am getting heart pain.

Shekhar :  we’ll go to hospital

He was about to lift her but she stops him.

Bala : no shekhar, I don’t know I will be alive or not but please do me one flavour.

Shekhar : maa, don’t say like that nothing will happen to u, ok say what you want .

Bala : some one is ragging ragini very badly in her college.

Shekhar : don’t worry maa, I will kill those rascals.

Bala :  no shekhar, I don’t want problems change her college.

Pari understood there plan and gives them disgusting look.

Shekhar : ok maa.

Bala : send her xyz college, I know some people there.

Shekhar : ok maa, come we’ll go to hospital now.

Bala : 1 min.

Bala stands and walks here and there.

Bala : I thought it’s heart attack but it is nothing . I am fine now you go shekhar.

Shekhar : sure?

Bala : haa.

Shekhar leaves from there.

Ragini hugs bala .

Ragini : wow bala you are the best character artist and a broker (the one who finds matches for marriage,  I hope u all know that) who joined me  with my prince charming.

Screen freeze’s on ragini’s smiling face, Pari’s chuckling face and bala ‘ s shocked face

Thank you everyone for all your support . Hope u’ll like this part.please share your views through comments . Ignore grammatical mistakes.

Note : I am sorry, I can’t post next part soon, it may take some days . Hope u’ll forgive me for this

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