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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 7)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and Preeti.

Episode 7:

Rohit lifts preeti in his arms and takes to her in hospital along Ritik. Doc takes her into ICU.

Rohit: God…plz save her.

Ritik: She ‘ll be fine. don ‘t worry.

Doc comes. Rohit asks about her.

Doc: don’t worry she is alright. she is sleeping now. She gets panic but we control her situation. whe she wakes up she can go. ok take care of her.

Rohit: Thank you doc.

He goes to preeti

Phone rings.

Ritik: yes Ayesha! Don’t worry we find her.

Ayesha: Thank God. is she fine?

Ritik: yes she is fine. she got panic so we took her to hospital for check up. we ‘ll come for an hour.

Ayesha: ok i m waiting.

preeti wakes up and She sees Rohit.

Rohit: Preeti…r u ok?

Preeti: yes! i m.

Ritik: Thank God you r safe. Ayesha is worried about you. we should go home now.

Rohit: Take a car. I’ ll get her down.

Ritik leaves. Rohit helps her to get up. but she slips. He holds her.

Rohit: ohhh… r u ok?

preeti: yes…actually i feels low so…

Rohit: its ok. i m with you. give me your hand and trust me.

She gives her hand. “Dil diyan gallan” song plays in background. He lifts her in his arms and get her home.

Ayesha: Thank God you r safe.

Preeti: yes. nothing happens to me.

phone bell rings.

Ayesha: yes tell me. what is actually happened…..What!😡

She hangs up the phone and walks towards Rohit and slaps him.

Every one shocked.

Preeti: Ayesha (shouting) what are doing?

Ayesha: He is the man who cut the wire of your lift in which you r in mall.

Preeti: What!😩

Bade papa: is this right Rohit?

Rohit: yes grand paa.

Kuku is about to slap him when preeti interrupts.

Preeti: just a min. please. I think it just a prank. if he knows that what is happening to me after this i m sure he never did it to me. Right Rohit?

Rohit: Right… i m sorry. i will never do it again with anyone.

Preeti: Ayesha…say sorry to him.

Ayesha: no… He deserve it.

She leaves.

Preeti: i m sorry guys. she did wrong. i ‘ll talk to her later. i think i should go home its late night.

Rohit: let me help you.

preeti: its ok Rohit. i m feeling good. gud night.

Everyone: Good night.

In room:

Rohit is thinking about her. He thinks that she is so lovely. i had a wrong thinking abot her that she has so much attitude. she manage all the situation very calmly. Then he gets out her phone and sees her pictures. He transfers this to his phone.

In morning

preeti and Ayesha stair down with thier bags.

Preeti: Mr. Hooda (bade papa) my work is finished now and we are leaving now.

Badi mummy: but beta its too early. we want some to spend with you.

Rohit: no…no…plz i know you are going bcz of me. plz i m sorry. i never do it again plz.

Ritik: plz don ‘t go.

kavya: plz we will have a great time with you. but now plz stay here.

Ayesha: (shouting) Dad.

Preeti sees a man standing in main door. she becomes happy.

who is the man? to know plz stay to read next article.

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