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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev brings floods over vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with kanha taking all people towards the govardhan parvat for safety. The rains increase and flooding starts in vrindavan as well as the rivers start flooding. All people start screaming in fear, the people go in water by half their body as they go towards govardhan. Kanha says hold hands everyone, people start falling inside the water as other people help each other. Kanha looks at mata kamdhenu who stands at base of govardhan mountain as all people are still in the water. Kanha sees and thinks mata we need your help, you need to save everyone. Mata kamdhenu starts shining and she slowly starts drinking the water as it recedes. Suddenlu in devlok, devraj indra tells varun dev to use his powers. Varun dev uses his powers and brings huge and great floods over govardhan and

vrindavan as people go in neck deep water. Suddenly nand is split away from the group and he drowns in the water. Yashoda says nand ji where are you? Everyone call for nand, kanha says father I will save you don’t worry.
There kansa says to the guards, I will kill you both. Guards say it is true kansa, we all 3 are the same and in last life you were the guard here too. The guard vijay tells the story and says in the last lifetime, the 5 sons of a great rishi came to vaikunth, these 5 children were known as manikarni, they came and asked for our permission to meet lord Vishnu, in flashback, the children say we want to meet lord Vishnu. Kansa as the guard thinks these are just children and it is not right to waste lord Vishnu’s time, he says no he cannot meet you now, he is busy. The manikarni then say you are wrong, you have failed as a guard, a god is never busy for his disciples and he always meets them, you did not allows us inside because of your ego, we curse you, in the next life you will be of evil demonic birth and thoughts and you will die in the hands of prabhu Vishnu only. Vijay then says this way kansa you were born a demon in this life. Kansa says enough of it, now I shall get in and kill Vishnu and you both too.
There varun dev increases the water flood over the people. Kanha says Yamuna river save my father please, balram goes and saves damodar who also drifts away from the group. Yamuna devi listens kanha calling her and she goes, as nand drowns inside the water, Yamuna lifts him up using a huge lotus and puts him out of the water giving him his breath back. Kanha and yashoda huge nand as he is safe and kanha thinks mata Yamuna, I am grateful for your help as you saved my father. Kanha then says mata kamdhenu, your work shall start. Mata kamdhenu becomes huge in size and she starts drinking the flood water, as it recedes.
Indra dev says this kanha thinks he is very smart, but I will kill each one of them in such a way that even their souls will burn, they wont have any place to hide themselves from me. Indra dev laughs.

Precap: kanha becomes huge and he picks up the govardhan mountain to protect everyone from the flood and rains. Indra dev is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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