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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rains start on vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people going and hiding in the cow sheds as the huge storm continues. Indra dev says I will punish these people, they have made my work even more easy by going in cow sheds, I will kill everyone together now. People in the cow sheds say who will save us now? Devraj indra is angry. Brij bhanu says kanha says god will help us, don’t worry. Nand says don’t worry, pray to god, if you be scared even children will be scared. All children start praying to govardhan mountain. Yashoda says we should also pray to god when all children are also praying to god. All people pray. As indra dev is about to attack, agni dev stops him and says no devraj. Indra dev says you dare stop me devraj? Agni dev says forgive me devraj, in your sight all people must be the sinners but

what have these cows done? Don’t attack these animals, their kids and they will die and you will never be freed from that sin. Indra dev stops and says this kid is smart, he saved everyone but he doesn’t know I am devraj and in front of me his maya wont work. Devrishi says amazing, kanha showed devraj indra that he cannot cross all limits. Lord Vishnu says a cow is the purest animal in this universe and she is our mother, if anyone hurts or kills her, then the sin of killing them wont go in the next life too. Laxmi says yes that is true.
There kansa is in vaikunth dham and he sees the 2 guards jay and vijay and he says these both look same like me, it must be some trick of that Vishnu, he has put same looking people in front of me. Kansa says you foolish copies, what has that Vishnu sent? The guard say foolish kansa, we are not copies, we are same but not you. Kansa laughs. Guards say you are kansa, but we are the guards of this door, jay and vijay. Kansa says he has put my same forms as guards? Bhagwan kansa as guard? You have insulted me Vishnu, I will not go from here scared, I will use my powers now and fight them. The guards say lord Vishnu says right, a foolish having powers is useless, so go away from here if you want your life. Kansa says I will kill you and he attacks them, kansa himself gets hurt and says what is this? Guard says it is true kansa, we 3 are the same, in last life you were a guard and in this life you will die when bhagwan Vishnu will kill you himself. Kansa is shocked and laughs, guard says it is the truth, in last life you asked for your death from lord vishnu’s hand to lord Vishnu. Kansa says why will I ask that? He is my enemy, guard says we will tell you the truth of your last life.
There all people pray and suddenly the cows make noise and they run away from the sheds. Nand says why did the animals go? Kanha thinks these cows must be scared from someone, I have to find out. Kanha sees the sheds start moving and begin to fall down, all people hold the pillars. Kanha smiles and goes. Indra dev says see this gwala, he ran away like a coward, see how he is running, he thought in midst of cows he would save everyone but I am devraj indra, I took the mother of cows, kamdhenu cow at my side and I will now kill all the people and no one will be able to protect them. Kanha sees a cow with golden horns in vrindavan village, kanha goes to that cow and he says mother you will go without meeting me? As kanha walks, he stops and lord vishnu’s huge form is seen behind him. The mother of cows comes outside of her form and does pranam to kanha. Varun dev says to indra dev that see devraj, even kamdhenu cow bent before kanha, he is more powerful. Vayu dev says but what is the secret of his power?
There kamdhenu says prabhu forgive me, devraj indra told me to go from here. Kanha says but you are a mother and you should protect your sons. Kamdhenu says prabhu I realize now that what devraj is doing is wrong. Kanha says mother you should come with me, lets go. Kanha plays flute and kamdhenu and all cows follow kanha.
Indra dev says I will attack everyone and kill them, this kanha and kamdhenu too.
Laxmi says prabhu has devraj forgotten he cannot cheat kamdhenu? She is the mother of all cows. Lord Vishnu says he has forgotten in his ego that mata kamdhenu can punish anyone even devraj indra.
There yashoda says where is kanha? Everyone say kanha where are you? Yashoda cries. Indra dev is attacking when vayu dev says wait prabhu, see there. There kanha plays flute and brings all cows with him into the cow sheds again. Indra dev says this mayavi kanha has brought the cows here, but he doesn’t know me, I will kill everyone and vrindavan village too, I will bring the govardhan down.
Indra dev screams in anger and now commands the rains, he says rains, I command you, go down so fiercely on these people and this village that they drown and no particle of their existence remains. Suddenly the clouds thunder and lightning happens. Kanha and all people see the clouds, it starts raining very heavily. All people get scared and say what do we do? Why is god testing us? Please save us. The rains are very heavy and kanha looks at the clouds.

Precap: kanha tells all people that going near the govardhan mountain will be safe. All people go behind kanha with all cows too. The village starts flooding slowly with increasing rains.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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