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Nimki Mukhiya 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Tettar invited for honor

Nimki Mukhiya 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi tries to eat from knife and fork. Nimki says let me tell you how to eat this. Nimki demonstrates it for her. Amma says what is happening here. Go back to your room. Amma is angry. sweeti calms her down.

Nimki calls Mauha and tells her everything. Ram comes in. He says did she do something? Mono tells her everything. Ram says don’t do all this there. This will create problems for you. Don’t be mad at your mother in law. Tune says do you like her mother in law?
Nimki sees babbu beatign Jhariay. She says one call it was so much fun I made Babbu eat. She says I will talk to you later. Babbu levaes.

Amma says she is plotting all this but no one can see it. She says to Tettar that girl is making everyone dance on her fingers. Jhariya says babbu is one of them. Ritu says there is a good news. Our party has invited Tettar for honor. This will be so great. He is the next minister. Babu says it will be so good to see him in power. Tettar hugs Babbu and says its all because of you. Now is the time to cash Nimki.

DAdi is watching serial. Nimki says dadi lets watch movie. Dadi says what are you doing here. Nimki says that movie is so good. Salman and Kareena’s romance is like mine and babbu’s. She says get out Nimki. Nimki says please turn on the movie. Dadi syas i have remote i have the power. Nimki says I am mukhiya. Dadi says what.. sHe says nothing and goes to her room.

Nimki downloads remote on her phone and changes the channel.

Babbu guides all his boys to prepare for Tettar’s honor. He drinks with his friends.

Next morning, Tettar is leaving. Nimki syas this is such a good news for all of us. This is huge. Amma does his arti. Nimki syas you look so good. But there is something missing your dupattar doesn’t match your kurta. SHe gives him a new one.

Precap-Nehar says only I deserve this honor. His thugs come there and beat everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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