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Mohabbat never remains incomplete (One shot )

In night🌃🌃🌃
A street is seen in which a boy is running and he is badly injured.His face is not clearly visible because there is not a single streetlight present there.Only because of moonlight he can be seen with his injuries.But the quesrion arises that why is he running???Oh god!! some goons r following him with weapons in their hands….😱😱😱One of them shots on boy’s leg nd the boy fell down.

Goon1:U r responsible for ur death…u make us tired..so now,it’s paying time.

Goon2:I think government should honoured us with some awards for reducing population.

All of them starts laughing.😁😁😁

Goon1:Now…brother’s it’s action time.
He cruely shots on his chest.

She opens her eyes nd finds that it was just a bad dream.She drinks water nd takes her mobile phone to call Abir but his phone is unreachable.She looks at clock nd it’s 5’o clock of morning.

Radhika:Bhagwanji!!I have heard that morning’s dream come true but plz yeh waala nahi.

In morning,
Radhika is getting ready for her college.She wear a pink churidaar salwar-kammej with light earrings.She is looking like a princess👸👸👸.She comes across the hall where her politician father MR.PRITHVIRAJ KASHYAP CHAUHAN is reading newspaper.

Father:Radhika bitiya!!I hope u will never let down ur father.

Radhika(nervously):Ji papa ji!!
She exits from the mansion nd sits in her car.

Radhika’s pov:
I know papa ji..u luv ur rputation more than me.But if u get to know the truth that i love a musalman boy Abir..u will kill him.

She reaches the college and starts finding Abir suddenly Sehbaaj comes there nd informs her that on college road Abir met with an accident…
Without thinking anything she reaches there and finds that Abir is lying on the ground nd his head is bleeding.😥😥Many students gather around the area.Radhika is screaming for help.Some staff members comes there nd call ambulance. They order students to give their exam.Radhika’s friend suggests her to giveexam.
Aditi:I think we should return to classroom.He will be alright…
Radhika(teary eyed):No…I can’t leave him alone.

Aditi:Don’t become selfish.Do u remember ur mother’s words when she was taking her last breath “Radhika beta i want u to become a succesful doctor because ur father never respected me because he thought that we ladies r only capable for household work.So,will u plz come ur maa’s dream come true”

Radhika:I don’t know what to do??Why always this kind of things happens with me.

She decides to give exam.But while giving exams…her hand are shivering but with a faith in god that everything will be alright she gives the exam.

After her exam,she goes to hospital with her friend but a bad news welcome her that Abir is no more.

She becomes freeze nd her whole world stops.She starts crying.😭😭😭
Radhika:Abir u can’t leave me like this.


After 1yr
Radhika become a succesful doctor.But somewhere she was deeply affected by absence of Abir in her life.But there is a person in Radhika’s life whom she shares her every sorrow…and that guy is not her father…but is her chlidhood friend Ayushman.They r besties.

One day in sleeping the same dreams appears .But in this dream the boy is Ayushman.Radhika is now more tense because she can’t afford to loose a friend like him.

She decides to meet him in a restro.When Ayushman is crossing the road a truck is coming towards him with high speed.Ayushman doesn’t notice it as he is buy in a call.

Radhika watches it run towards him to save him.She save Ayushman from the accident but loses her own life.

When her father get to know about her daughter’s death he feels guilty becoz he was responsible was Abir’s nd Radhika’s death.He didn’t want Abir as his son in law bcoz he was a musalman.

He thought that at any moment Radhika’s friendship with Ayushman can turn into love.He don’t want any orphan to be his son in law.

I think that Radhika nd Abir’s mohabbat will surely complete in heaven.

“Love and death are 2 un-invited guests
When will they come nobody knows
But both have similar effects
One takes the heart & other takes its beats”

Thank u guys for reading this.It was my first attempt to write a humour.Sorry for grammatical mistakes😊😊😊.Crirics nd suggstions r most welcome here.Don’t forget to give ur valuable comments.
Take care nd stay safe🤗🤗🤗

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