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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 20


Sanskar hugged her soon everyone left to give privacy to them. Swara felt her shoulder getting wet. She instantly broke the hug and cupped his face.

SWA: Sanskar I’m fine! Don’t cry. She said rubbed his tears off.

San: I know, is it paining?

SWA: not much!

San: I’m missed u so much!

SWA: I too missed u! K ragini….she said and looked no one was there.

San: When did they leave?

SWA: who knows! K call them. Sanskar went and called them. They entered inside. Ragini came a bit fast and hugged swara.

SWA: Ragini first u sit don’t u know u should not run at this time? She said soon all started to talk……….. After 2 days swara got discharged but still bandages we’re not removed. All used to pamper her like a kid and feed her as she can’t eat by her own due to bandages. Days passed her bandages were removed but still was asked her to continue the medicines.


San: Swara come have these tablets.

SWA: no sanskar I’m fed up of eating these(started to run)

San(chased her): Swara stop!

Suddenly sanskar sat on the bed and winced OUCH. Hearing this swara came and sat beside sanskar

SWA: Sanskar what happened (worriedly). Sanskar immediately dropped the tablets in her mouth and gave her water. Swara made faces and drank the water.

SWA: Go sanskar I will not talk with. She said and stood up and was about to leave but sanskar immediately pulled her towards him. Both were standing facing each other very close. Sanskars hands were on her waist. Swara was struggling to get out but she couldn’t. Sanskar smiled seeing her.

San: Aww Mrs. Sanskar got defeated so sad!

Swara immediately circled her hands around his neck.

SWA: Ah…I don’t think so!. Before sanskar could answer swara kissed his cheek. His hands on her waist got loose due to sudden kiss. She ran inside the restroom. After sometime both slept hugging each other.


Both Gadodias and Maheshwaries were present except swasan. They discussing something very important.


San:(in mind): Not any more today I’m going to propose her. Already arrangements are done. So let’s see.

Swara came out from the washroom wearing a skin color saree. She took a last glance of herself in the mirror and both came down. Seeing swasan they immediately changed the topic which went unnoticed by swasan. After having there break fast all settled in the couch.

San: Moms and dads if u don’t mind can I take swara out? (Referring swara’s mom and dad too).

Suju: Sure sanskar y r u asking permission and all but when will both return?

San: By 8:00 will be here mom!

Suju: k then.

Swasan left the mansion.


PRECAP: Swasan together, their marriage secret reveals…..

So I know once again it’s short. So guess who is the person who is behind swasan’s marriage. I’m sure u won’t be able to guess correctly 😜. And long wait is here next 2 chapters it will be swasan’s propose.So next chapter will be long and I promise. Do comment and hit the like button if u like.


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