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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 19

                          A MIRACLE!….

Sanskar got up after sometime and is standing outside looking at the swara through the glass door, swara was wearing a oxygen mask and many wires are connected to her. He whispers : I love you my dear wifey come back soon without you I’m nothing….. He says wid tears in his eyes. He went back and sat beside his mom because he had no guts see her in such a state. He looked at his mom who was sleeping and even her face looked pale and tired. Doctor came.

Doc: Mr. Maheshwari! Sanskar got up went towards him.

San: Yes doctor!

Doc: look sanskar swara is still unconscious. So anyone of u stay here and keep on talking with her, she can hear u! And make sure it doesn’t stress her too!

San nodded and the doctor left. He went towards his mom and slowly waked her up.

San: Mom doctor asked abyoan one of us to stay here so I’ll stay because u must be tried u go home.

Suju: No sanskar, I’m fine u go.

San: Mom (fake anger).

Suju: ok beta (stood up) I’m going don’t get angry inform me about swara’s health (hugged him) and don’t worry swara will be fine.

Sanskar hummed and soon sujata left. Sanskar went inside the ICU room. He took a stool and sat beside swara. He took swara’s hand in his.

San: Swara look at me ur sanskar is with u now. Talk with me, give me that smile of yours. How much times u proposed me look I’ll surrender I LOVE YOU TOO! Won’t u answer me back(sobs) I’m missing you badly. He said and he took her hand close to his heart and was crying. Soon he slept without leaving her hand. A tear drop fell from swara’s eyes.


Sanskar was telling all their lovely movements to her yet there was no reaction time was flying very fast. Raglak and sujata came. Seeing ragini sanskar got up and gave his seat to her.

Rag: (teary eyes): Shona get up, see I will not scold u, I’ll take u out wherever you want and make ur favorite dishes but please open your eyes swara.

Ragini started crying badly and laksh was consoling her.

Lak: Swara bestie y r u doing this? Please get up!….

Doc: Sorry swara has slipped into coma! He said. Ragini and sujata started crying. Sanlak looked at swara with teary eyes. Suddenly sanskar noticed her fingers moving.

San: Doctor swara’s fingers moved now!

Doc: Really? He started to check and yes swara has started to gain consiousness. She slowly rolled her eyes and opened them slowly. The first person she saw was Sanskar. She remembered how he too accepted that he loved her and smiled at him. She gave smile and assuring that she is fine.

Doc: She is perfectly alright! U can discharge her after 2 days. He said and left. Once the doctor left sanskar immediately hugged swara.


PRECAP: Discharge of swara!

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