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Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 85

Episode 85🍾💑

started continued part..
twinkle and Kunj living in each other’s. Busy in their making session.Whole room filled with love. Later they get tired after 4 hours later kunj lay down beside twinkle.
Twinkle covers herself with blanket.Kunj pulled her closer to him locked her under in his embrace. Kunj holding her from her waist.
Twinkle: kya hai chodo ab.. Kunj look at her.
Kunj: acha ji. Now chodu.. Tell me what happened to you so suddenly aaj tu mujpe itni meharbaan keshe.Twinkle resting her head on his chest.
Twinkle: aeshe hi.. after all you make my day so special and throw party for me. So I have to give you return gifts so give it to you. In my way.
Kunj: so yeh matter hai. Nahi tu aur ready Ho jaye never. After so much pleasing to you than you get ready for it..
twinkle: Hooo sham on you kunj.. Kunj cupped her face..
Kunj: at last you wear it😝😝. For a second I was shocked to see you in that. Bichari pe tere ko tarsh aagaya 😝😝..
twinkle: Hoo.Baba if I don’t wear than also you have problems now too. You only the one who behind me that to wear it. Next time I’ll not wear anything. Kunj raise his eyebrows.
Kunj: I’m toh loving it😝😝.If you not wear anything 😂😂what’s else I wanted 😝. Twinkle realized what she actually say it.
Twinkle: I didn’t mean this let me complete. Mera matlab ta I’ll not wear you’ll bring something for me.. Stop your dirty mind. Kunj hands traveling on her cheeks.
Kunj: whatever. Jo maza utar ne me woh phane me nahi😂😂😝😝.Twinkle started hitting on his bare chest.
Twinkle: you know what kunj you are the top shameless man..
Kunj: same to you 😂😂.. Whatever you did it’s not me after how can you expected that I’ll control on myself normally I can lost I’m self after seeing you. Now toh it’s beyond limits 😝😝😝.. Control karna crime hota 😂you wear it I helped you to remove😂😝.. twinkle pulled his cheeks.
Twinkle: you will you teach your son this.
Kunj: why I’ll teach him this.He can learn itself if he will have wife like me😂.. , but he can’t you are unique piece and that I have it..
twinkle: and my Sadu too single piece. Twinkle kiss on his cheeks.
Kunj: bday is yours but treating like it’s my😂😝. Well I wish your all wishes comes true babaji bless you. You always live like this.
Twinkle:I just wanted you and my kids bas not more.Today you really make me feel like a queen thanks kunj. I don’t have words for you. You know what Kunj my all friends like you how much you loved me.. And you give me so many gifts 😍😍.. my all favourite things.
Kunj: now I’m kangaal 😝😝😂😂 are very expensive twinkle 😝😝..Twinkle make puppy faces on him.
Twinkle: huhu😫😫..
Kunj: Arey I was joking. Between I love it first time I did something for you.I feel so good. Now I’m thinking why I didn’t do it before.
Twinkle: aww bas bday is over 😂..
Kunj I wanted to give gifts Ansh and Aayat they asked me to give them something.
Kunj: give them and what they give you😝. ??
Twinkle: nothing but they wish me first. That time I don’t know about you All so.

Kunj: okay whatever you want to give them you can I never say no to you.
Twinkle: yeah you never say.Between Kunj what you wanted your gift on your bday I didn’t give you anything.
Kunj: see you are so bad..
twinkle: I’m huhu we all throw party for you and papaji but you were not come in party why? Everyone is waiting for you. You spoil your bday too itself.
Kunj: because I don’t like this bday and all’s. You people doing party and I was laying in icu. Huhu😰😰..
twinkle: haa sorry 😐.But from next time I’ll rock in your bday too.
Kunj: acha ji. 😛 do same what you did just some hours before I’m happy 😝.
Twinkle:’okay.. now sleep.
Kunj: hmm okay goodnight. Kiss my..
twinkle:’what goodnight kiss??You already had many. Now let me sleep.I’m hell tired.
Kunj:first give me my kiss than sleep. Twinkle closed her eyes.Kunj look at her. Itself he grab her lips.Twinkle had no other option so she to kiss him back. They both share a long liplock. After both cuddles each other and sleep..

next [email protected] Sm..
Everyone was wakeup maya and Sheetal went in kitchen to prepare breakfast. They was just waiting for twinkle she didn’t come down till now.
Sheetal: see Maya Bhabhi twinkle sleep so late. And where she went last night.
Maya:I don’t know about her.If she come or not I don’t care.
Sheetal: right I’ll make my kids lunch box.
Maya: okay make. I’ll see breakfast.
Sheetal: what about Aayat lunch box.
Maya:I can’t do all work. Twinkle will make it itself if she thinks it’s needed for her kids. Sheetal smirked.
Sheetal: (think) so this going on in Maya Bhabhi mind so Sheetal rani.Loha garam hai maar do hathoda bas.
Back to in twinj room. Kunj and twinkle still sleeping in each other embrace. Just then sunlight coming on twinkle face she rubbed her eyes and wake up. See kunj face give him smile.
Twinkle:look at him looking so cute while in sleeping. Kunj vanish my all pains so soon.Thanks kunj I love you. Just than Kunj speak.
Kunj: don’t stare me too much siyappa queen I know I m hot.. 😛😛.Twinkle shocked he was wakeup. Kunj open his eyes and give her naughty smile.Good morning.
Twinkle: good morning.Twinkle see the time and get tense.o babaji I m late today.
Kunj:calm down baby.We sleep late in night so it’s quite normal.Twinkle pulling blanket.
Twinkle: Kunj please let me go and give me blanket.
Kunj: why?? I needed to.
Twinkle:even me too kunj you know still doing this.
Kunj:go like this why you so shy I already see you so no problems wifey..
twinkle: offo kunj stop. Na..
Kunj: let’s go today we’ll save water. 😝.
Twinkle: means..

Kunj: I’ll show what I mean.Kunj get up he already wears his pj.. twinkle looking at him in confusion what he try to do.. Kunj went towards twinkle side he bends down and take her in his arms while with blanket.
Twinkle: Kunj what is this what you try to do.. Leave me.
Kunj: Arey lets Take bath together 😝.
Twinkle: what??😱. No put me down.
Kunj: aaj teri nahi chalegi Meri bas samji.
Kunj moved towards washroom.Twinkle looking at him at the same time she blush as well too.They went in washroom Kunj lock the washroom door.
Twinkle:Kunj everyone must be waiting for us do this later.
Kunj: no😡..Kunj make her stand under shower and water started coming making their body wet. Blanket fall down itself. Kunj look twinkle from head to toe.Twinkle see him and blush hard.
Kunj:don’t be shy than I can’t control on myself than don’t blame me😛.Kunj side twinkle hairs kiss on her nape twinkle moan his name.Kunj pulled her near himself.He looks at into her eyes twinkle closed her eyes give him positive response.Kunj place his lips on her. Kiss become long and deep. Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck. Give her love bite twinkle nails give him marks on his back. But he didn’t care at all. Their love to clean like this water so pure. Soon bathroom fill with love. Later Twinkle and Kunj come out of the room.Kunj caring twinkle in his arms in bridal style. Twinkle hands lock around kunj neck..

Twinkle: now leave me now you are happy.
Kunj: very much.. 😜😛.. Kunj make her stand.Twinkle give him slap playfully.
Kunj Laugh and ruffled his hairs twinkle take out her and his clothes.Twinkle wear her clothes she went towards dressing table drying her hairs Kunj still shirt less. He to stand beside twinkle.All red nails scratched marks seeing on kunj back all given by twinkle most of in night now too .
Kunj: what have you done siyappa queen see.
Twinkle: what I did? Kunj show her his back twinkle see and bite her lips..
Kunj: how wild you are jungly cat..😝.:
Twinkle: huhu you were desperate so it’s happened 😂😂.
Kunj: so you give me this scratches haa.
Twinkle: what about you even I can to shows you.. you give me so many love bites I didn’t say anything haa.How I’ll cover them if anyone saw this.
Kunj: so what everyone understood how much I love you.
Twinkle: wait I’ll apply cream okay.. twinkle applied cream on kunj scratches . Later they both get ready. And went downstairs.
At dinning table:everyone was sitting for breakfast.While other were asked about kunj and twinkle.Just than nani eyes went on twinj.
Nani: here is my kunj and his wife.they both looking extremely very good. Seemed like last night they both get married 😝.They went towards all. Twinkle stand beside maya. Kunj sit beside Anant.
Anant: why so late bro.
Kunj: aeshe hi. While twinkle looking here and there. Maya looked at on Twinkle face and making annoying faces on her. Anjali said something to kunj which make him blushed.
Anjali: seemed like chote you both enjoy really too much 😝.
Kunj: kya di aap bhi😝.
Usha: what’s going on between you both sister and bro hmm.
Anjali: nothing MAA just normal talks between me and him.. haina chote..
Kunj: yes MAA.Anjali teasing Kunj lot on twinkle. It’s very hard to kunj hear this all from his elder sister 😂😜..
Anjali: sit twinkle.
Aayat: ansh lets go we will get late.
Twinkle: thanks di for Ansh you make him ready too.
Anjali:o please don’t say thanks. Humhara haq nahi hai Ansh pe..
twinkle: of course di..
Anjali: I used to do this all for chote too many times when MAA went somewhere at our school times.
Usha: true my Anjali so mature daughter of my.
Kunj: okay you people carry on I take leave.
Manohar: wait kunj I’ll come with you.You drop me near your office.
Kunj: why Papa I’ll drop you exact place tell me where you want to go..
Manohar: Arey you know mr Varma office there only. I have some work with him.
Kunj: okay Papa.
Aayat: kunj Chachu Ansh teacher calling you at school.
Twinkle: why??what he did?.
Aayat: nothing he didn’t do his work.
Ansh: mamma even her class teacher too.
Anant: you both.wait I’ll come just than maya cut Anant.
Maya:Anant you have work how you’ll go.
Anant: I’ll manage. Maya fuming 😤 twinkle see this. Later Manohar and Kunj left for office while kids went school Anant too went his office.
After sometime later twinkle did her all work. She and Anjali went in their room both sit together.

Anjali: how was your bday??
Twinkle: amazing di. Twinkle hugged her. Thanks di for this all things what you did.
Anjali: bas my bhabhi. Nothing I did this all done by your pati dev only.

Twinkle: still di you didn’t tell me.
Anjali: surprise ta na so.😝. Hope you enjoy.
Twinkle: every much di my all friends comes we all did so much fun after so many years.kunj really make me feel like queen di.I didn’t want anything now. Till now I feel like I’m incomplete Kunj give me so much happiness my all pain go somewhere I feel like did really pain come in my life.
Anjali: so good I wish you both stay like this only. This all maya and Sheetal listening from side window.They don’t know about party.

Twinkle: wait I’ll show you all picture. Twinkle take her phone and started showing all pictures to Anjali. In some of pictures twinkle in kunj Arms and kunj kissed on her cheeks. Even twinkle too.
Anjali smiling. And teasing twinkle lot on this all. And she controls on her blush.
Anjali: uff chote toh never see his this side😂😂I always thought about him when he gets married his wife has complained that my husband is so unromantic. Twinkle shocked to hear unromantic about kunj 😝😝.
Twinkle: what kunj aur unromantic?? Di😱😱. It’s sound very lame. What he looks he didn’t like that. 24/27 hours he wanted romance 😝😝only. It’s me who stop him. Anjali raise her eyes twinkle realized what she speaks. 😱😜😜.she try to cover up.I mean di woh.
Anjali: don’t need to explain me I understood 😂😂😜.I can see on your face. Twinkle hide her face.
Twinkle: kya di aap bhi😙😙😚..

Anjali: what di..? I’m right I think soon Ansh become elder brother😛😛😝.
Twinkle look at Anjali face.
Twinkle: leave it di. I’ll show you what kunj give me. She shows her that pendal which Kunj give to her and others all gifts too.
Anjali:everything is beautiful. Think about what I did said 😝😝.
Twinkle:di even you were to talk like kunj.
He always tell me this.. baby baby..
anjali: chote is right.
Twinkle:right now I can’t say anything di.
If god give me itself so and I didn’t plan anything now. Last two times I bear so much pain it’s really difficult for me to give birth Ansh Aayat. Due to problems now. Because of me kunj have to around me till baby not come.Now we have one . You tell me about you when you’ll make me maami.
Anjali: don’t know when god wanted.
Twinkle: di don’t be sad okay. (Sheetal and maya left from here).You know what di when I got to know I’m pregnant first time.After some months later doctor told me that.My baby will be alive or not after birth.I was shocked at that moment.Baby too struggling in my stomach she can’t move properly.But Kunj become my strength he always beside me.We knew it we give this baby to bhabhi and Bhai.But still.I never see kunj doing prayers went in temples. That time kunj went in all temples gurudwaras and prayer lot just for baby and my health.Do all possible things. He just folded his hands in front of god just because of his kids I never see him.If anyone tell this do this thing it will be good for baby he didn’t waste any seconds immediately did it. Many nights he didn’t sleep for a second. Sided his business and other things that time nothing is more important than us for him.When Aayat come in this world di that time was very hard for us we are happy too finally she is good.But that pain she can’t stay with us. Logo ko lagta hai bache pedha karna easy hota hai. But asked them who really suffered that it’s easy or not. Itni ashani se nahi mile hai humhe Ansh and Aayat.We both really suffered for them to get.When anyone speaks about them. When my brother said so many things about Aayat di. That only I know what I felt.
Anjali: I can understand twinkle.What kids pain is.God give me happiness but snatch from me.You know I love kids and even om too.When he plays with ansh he was so happy. Even he to wanted that he had his own baby. But I’m helpless I can’t give him this small happiness. And MAA she to worried about me.She scared that even I
To can’t become mother like maya. But maya is really lucky twinkle. I don’t know what she thought about you and kunj.She doesn’t understand the value of what she had. Asked me what happened when your hand is empty.You see others hands fulfilled with all happiness.All happiness one sided and become a mother happiness the best things in this world. Everyone is not lucky but maya is.She had Aayat at least. In this world people can’t give their small things. But you people give your baby it’s not easy.
Twinkle:what I’ll say about Maya Bhabhi I don’t know di what she wanted from me. I did all possible things for her which give her happiness. When she said anything about on Aayat. It’s easy to her but at least think about me what going on me..
I don’t have any problem with her, but she always in mood to fight with me on Aayat she did this and that. Now you tell me what I’ll say di.If I tell anything to aayat. She gives me answer that I’m not her mother why I yelling at her so where I’ll go. When I tell your brother he didn’t listen anything just sit quiet.Now I feel suffocate in this House di.Maya Bhabhi didn’t leave single chance to taunts me.Because of her I and kunj fight many times.
Anjali: Hmm.
Twinkle: di What docter said.
Anjali: nothing much. He give me some medicine.
Twinkle:okay. You don’t worry soon this news will come that you are pregnant.
Anjali: hope twinkle bas.. they both talk for sometime

Later twinkle went downstairs in kitchen. She stops at kitchen door. Maya was talking to Anant on phone.
Maya:Anant why you’ll go in school haa. It’s Kunj duty you’ll not go anywhere if You go than no one is worse than me.When they people enjoy (alone) than they can’t do their kids work itself we are not anyone servant.And moreover Kunj wanted Aayat go in that school, so he only go from onwards you’ll not. Anant cut the call. Twinkle Listen everything and shocked.
She went in side and wiped her tears.
Twinkle:I never knew it bhabhi thinking this about us we are good with her, but she chiiii.. twinkle dial Kunj numbers.Kunj sitting with Yuvi in cabin both just doing time pass checking some files records.
Kunj see twinkle number and pick up her call immediately.
Kunj:yes wifey you miss me 😂..
twinkle:Kunj I need to talk to you now.
Kunj: yes say it. What?? I’m living for you only.
Twinkle: Kunj did you went in kids school.
Kunj: Arey Anant Bhaiya going na so I didn’t.
Twinkle: why Anant Bhaiya I don’t understand this you do others work properly what happened to you on your kids work. Haa. They both are your responsibility not other road side people will come for them haa.
Kunj:why you tell me so much.
Twinkle:I’m leaving even you come fast. If you not come that see me what I’ll do.
Kunj:okay I’ll come. Wait I’ll pickup you.
Twinkle:good come fast. Twinkle went in usha room. Usha sitting in her room.
Twinkle: may I come.
Usha: yes beta.. twinkle went inside.
Twinkle: mummy ji. Woh I’m going in ansh and Aayat school for some work.
Usha: okay go maya going with you.
Twinkle: no mummy ji.And I don’t know about her.
Usha: okay you.
Twinkle: thanks. Twinkle went in her room take her wallet and went outside waiting for kunj. Even Kunj to leave from office. Soon he come. Press the horn.Twinkle see his car went towards car.Twinkle open the car door and sit next to kunj. Kunj look at her.
Kunj: what happened to you now.
Twinkle: first let’s go.Kunj drive the car. They left for school.
Kunj: now speak up.
Twinkle: what. This small work you can’t do it. Kunj.
Kunj: Arey yaar twinkle. I thought Anant Bhaiya. He always went in their school.
Twinkle: why always Anant Bhaiya kunj. Phale ki baath kuch aur ti and ab ki kuch aur hai..
Kunj: mean??
Twinkle: nothing. Soon they reached school. They both come out of the car
Both went inside the school. They both went in first Aayat class meet with her teacher in staffroom.
Teacher: you are Aayat parents..
twinkle: we are her uncle and aunty.
Teacher: okay sit. You know Mrs Sarna Aayat didn’t complete her homework’s. Even in class to she didn’t pay attention like before nowadays don’t know what happened to her.Always lost in herself you people should see what your child did or not what things bothering her. Kunj and twinkle was shocked because they both don’t aware of this.
Kunj: what you tell teacher. Aayat is can’t do anything she is very much jolly type girl.
Twinkle:yes teacher.
Teacher:I know this Mrs and Mr Sarna.
I had always complained that Aayat talking so much in classes but now seriously.I give her remarks too and tell get her parents signature, but she didn’t.
And even I did call to her mother she was out of the town somewhere And tell her about this all problems. After I don’t had any other options, so I told to Ansh class teacher.Ansh class teacher purposely behalf on me she told Aayat that tell ansh parents teacher calling them in school.
So anyone come from Aayat family than I’ll tell you people so.
Twinkle: what about ansh??
Teacher: he is good in studies too. No issues from his side only about Aayat. Kunj and twinkle look at on each other face.
Kunj:yes teacher for this. I’ll see Aayat from onwards. Please you take our number and if anything you feel not good about both of them please just in formed us.
Twinkle:yes teacher.
Teacher: don’t say thanks to me it’s my duty.They shake their hands and went in Aayat class. Twinkle and Kunj see aayat from window.She was simply sitting on her chair just blowing down her head on the table. Other kids playing games in class she was only the one who sitting alone. Her friends calling her, but she didn’t say anything. Twinkle and Kunj become sad to see her like this they both didn’t believe on teacher words now. Really that Aayat who always took whole house on her head.
Twinkle: let’s go.They went inside the class. Aayat Friend see twinj.
Shilpa: Arey Aayat see your Papa is come.
Aayat turned and look at twinj. Other friend said Arey he is not his Papa but Chachu.
Shilpa: what but Aayat looking like him only 😝. Twinkle went near Aayat.
Kunj:Twinkle you take her I’ll take Ansh from his class than we’ll go.Kunj went in Ansh class it’s next to Aayat class.Soham meet with twinkle.Twinkle take Aayat school bag and kept her all book and pencil box in bag. Hold her hands they both went out of the class.Kunj too take Ansh with him.They come out of the school.They sit in the car.Twinkle just observed 🙄 Aayat .She really out of her zone.
Kunj: Aayat where you want to go?
Ansh: haa Papa let’s go out.
Aayat: don’t know where you wanted.
Twinkle: why?? They both sitting on twinkle lap.kunj i have to give them return gifts na so let’s buy.
Kunj: good idea.Even Aayat telling me that she wanted to give you something as well so good we’ll go for shopping.Kunj (think)
Aayat what happened to you God knows.
Twinkle:(think) babaji where my daughter smile lost haa.Twinkle caress her hairs.
Ansh: mamma I’m so hungry.
Twinkle: why don’t you have your lunch.
Ansh: nobody gives us lunch box.
Twinkle: what?? 😱. Twinkle eyes fill with tears Soon they reached mall. Kunj about to take Ansh in his arms but twinkle gesture on Aayat.Twinkle take Ansh while Kunj lifted Aayat.
Kunj: let’s do shopping meri pidhi. She smiled slightly.They went in small.They went in shop there twinkle and Kunj seeing things for their kids. Kunj telling Aayat how is this and that.
Kunj: Aayat you wanted makeup.
Aayat: no I have..
twinkle:why? After so much struggles Kunj and twinkle Cheer up her mood. At last, she smiled.She to get busy selecting things for herself. Kunj and twinkle smiled to see her.
Aayat: I’ll buy this as well. Her eyes went on another shoes. This too I wanted.
Kunj: take whatever you wanted.
Aayat: haa everything.
Kunj: yes everything do you wanna buy this whole mall.I can this too for you Aayat. I can spend my life for you to see this smile on your face tu bas happy raha. Tujhe jo chahiye woh maag I’ll bring for you.
Aayat: sach me.She hugged kunj.
Ansh: what about me.he too hugged kunj.Twinkle clicked their candid pictures.
After 2 hours later they did with shopping sessions mostly Aayat buy half shops.Kunj and twinkle holding her shopping bags.
Kunj: yeh choti siyappa Queen badi se expensive nikali 😂.twinkle laugh on him.
Twinkle: see now you can’t blame to my Papa it’s your daughter 😝😝.
Kunj: hmm right. Went on you. After they went in food court. They sit. Kunj Oder all their favorite things soon it’s come.They both feeding them with their hands. While having Aayat nose flowing.
Ansh: chiiiii. Aayat make puppy face. Twinkle see this kunj enjoy it..
twinkle: it’s okay. Wait Twinkle wiped her nose. After they have ice cream too.after went in gaming section.They had very good time with their both kids.
Twinkle hugged kunj.They both looking at Ansh And Aayat specially Aayat who was playing games and laughing.
Twinkle: at least hashi toh sahi kunj.
Kunj: yes right.Iss ki ek smile ke liye me duniya kurban du twinkle. Don’t know twinkle Aayat is very much closed to my heart
Twinkle: what about Ansh 😜. (In teasing tone)
Kunj: he too but Aayat is very special. Agar humare aur bhi bache hoge phir bhi. No One can’t take her place.
Twinkle: acha ji. 😂😂bade smart ho tum toh. Mujhe aur mere bete ko chod diya..
very bad. Iss ke liye you can forget me too kunj.
Kunj: for her I can forget whole world 😝.
Kunj eyes just stuck on Aayat. Twinkle look at Kunj face she can see happiness on kunj face that relief come on his face to see Aayat smile. And that shine visible in his eyes the reason is Aayat. Twinkle give him pecked on his cheeks fastly. Kunj shocked look at her.
Kunj: what is this Mrs Sarna 😝. My naughty girl 😜lagta hai morning ka rang still remain on you 😂😂..
twinkle: you are such a shameless. Pulled his cheeks. Even di to talk like you.. she teases me lot today😝.
Kunj: what yeah really at breakfast time me too I to surprised 😮 last night toh you make me very shocked still I can’t come out of that shocked 😝😝😝.. twinkle pinch him very hard. Kunj slightly screams ahhhaaa😂😂.. he looks at twinkle.
Kunj: what is this siyappa queen why pinched me..??
Twinkle: you were only said that you are still in shocked, so I just helping you to come out of your unwanted dream 😝.
You make fun of me.
Kunj: huhu. Both showing each other tashan. Bg music tashan e tashan e Ishq. They turned their face to other side.Ansh and Aayat see this and both murmured. They both can’t improve fighting like Tom and cat😂😂…they both patting on their foreheads. They both shouted loudly. Kunj and twinkle hear their voice and look in their direction.They see Ansh and Aayat coming towards them having best smiles on their faces. Kunj and twinkle open their arms.They both jumped in their embrace. Both of them cuddle them tightly. Kunj throwing aayat in air ans catch her back while she enjoyed lot. Same with ansh as well. Episode freezes on twinj and their kids face.
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Hope you all like it.thanks for your comments….
bye love you all..ignore any mistakes….

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