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Laado 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rantej spies on Malhari

Laado 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Shaurya telling Bunty about Juhi’s strange behavior. Rangoli gets the milk packet. Bunty asks her to come. Shaurya asks where were you. Rangoli says yes you can say I got late. She does a drama. She says don’t take name of Devi puja, no one called me for Kanya puja, everyone got good clothes and food, I got angry, but I couldn’t force anyone. She gets sad. Shaurya consoles her.

He says special Devis don’t go to other’s house, but to shops to get special treat. Malhari gets angry on the girls and asks them not to come without invitation. She sends the poor girls. Pandit looks on. Malhari leaves in her car. Rantej sees her leaving and goes to her room. He says Malhari is planning this with someone’s help, I have to find out. He gets someone’s number. He calls on the

number. His brother says I will call Malhari and tell her you are spying. Rantej says Malhari is getting some man home so that she can kick us out, help me find that man. He calls on the number. He gets angry and says he isn’t answering. Dadi happily does kanya pujan. Kajal asks Dadi to do her puja as well. Anushka says who said Kajal will sit here, she is our princess, she should sit on throne. Kajal gets glad and sits on the chair. Dadi smiles and praises Anushka. Kajal says we will never forget this Navratri. Anushka does tilak to her and doll. Shaurya feeds Rangoli. She says you have well fed me and made me feel special. He asks her to have ice gola as well. She thanks and hugs him. He smiles.

Amrish asks Kajal to get up and go to her room. He calls her mad and scolds Kajal. Anushka hugs Kajal. Shagun scolds Amrish. Kuldeep signs her. He takes Kajal. Shagun says so this is the sofa in which you have hidden money sent by Kajal’s parents. Amrish says yes and shows her the money. He says we have to get Juhi’s property. She says we will make her sign on papers, I m worried about Shaurya.

Shaurya says I m going to meet Juhi, and see this stain on my shirt. Bunty asks her to relax. Kuldeep says Kajal, you spoiled Juhi’s dress. Anushka says I don’t care. She pampers Kajal. Kuldeep says Kajal will get spoiled, I have no option. Servant says Shaurya has come to meet you. Dadi blesses Bunty. She asks Shaurya to ask her welfare. He says I m with you. He sees Anushka coming and smiles. Dadi asks her about the stains on her dress. Anushka says I was playing with kajal. Shaurya asks how are you, this is my best friend Bunty. Bunty says we finally met. Anushka shakes hands. Shaurya says she is your Bhabhi. Bunty does Namaste. Dadi says let marriage happen first. Shaurya holds Anushka and says who can stop our marriage when we have your blessing. Anushka says I will leave. Dadi stops her.

She asks Shaurya to take her out. Shaurya agrees. He asks Anushka to come. She refuses. He recalls childhood moment and says I will do it and show. He lifts Anushka. She gets shocked. She says leave me, I didn’t wish this to happen. She scolds him. Dadi asks her to stop it. She goes. Shaurya says you can’t be my Juhi, she wasn’t like this. Bunty asks him to calm down. Dadi says Shaurya is right, this can’t be Shaurya’s Juhi, she was a little girl and now she has grown up, we got her after many years and don’t know was she happy or sad, we should give her some time. Bunty agrees. Shaurya says I have all moments in my heart, I felt she will have same feelings, but I feel she doesn’t remember anything, I have to revive my love. Dadi says don’t lose courage, just a lucky girl can get a lover like you, Juhi will understand this. Anushka comes to Shagun and says I can’t tolerate this Shaurya. Shagun says calm down, I will see him. Anushka says no girl can like him, I hate him. Shagun smiles and thinks Shaurya made my work easy.

Shaurya and Bunty make sandwich. Shaurya asks him to give his opinion. Bunty says Dadi is saying right, Juhi and I will always be different, she was born with a silver spoon, you should say her sorry. Shaurya gives him burnt sandwich and says sorry. Dadi comes to Anushka. She says you made many dresses for Kajal’s doll. Anushka says I get happy. Shagun looks on. Dadi says you and Shaurya always made each other happy. Anushka refuses to talk about him. Shagun thinks Anushka will never go close to Shaurya. Dadi asks Anushka to see her album. She says you wanted to have icecream, you didn’t get it anywhere, Shaurya went to get it, he got your fav icecream, you got much happy, I clicked this pic that time. Anushka smiles seeing pics. Dadi smiles. She says its not Shaurya’s mistake, he has childhood memories in his heart, I understand his pain, he got mad seeing you back, he felt you are his little Juhi even today, foolish, he didn’t understand you have grown up. She goes. Anushka thinks its my mistake, how to tell him I m not Juhi. Amrish asks Kuldeep to come for arm wrestling. Kuldeep says I have office work.

Amrish says I will awaken the real man in you. Shaurya comes and shouts Juhi….. Amrish gets angry. He asks Kuldeep to stop Shaurya. Kuldeep stops Shaurya. Shaurya asks will you stop me. Kuldeep says yes, its my house. Shaurya says I don’t want to hurt you, move away. He scares Kuldeep and pushes him away. Amrish looks on and asks Shaurya to stop, Juhi doesn’t want to meet him. Shagun comes. She says let Shaurya go. Shaurya goes upstairs. She says they will meet to get away forever, Juhi won’t give him any importance, so just relax. Amrish asks Kuldeep not to worry, its good he showed up courage. Anushka says Dadi made me meet a new Juhi. She slips. Shaurya holds her in arms. He says I have come to make you meet Juhi. Dadi comes and smiles seeing them. Dadi picks album. Shaurya doesn’t leave Anushka’s hand. She looks at him.

Shaurya shows Juhi’s painting. He says this will always remind how much we loved each other, I will always love you, even if you don’t love me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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