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Khamoshiyan (Chap-17) Swasan ff by ArpitaKrish


Recap– Swasan realised love for each other. Sanskar decided to propose Swara. He called Swara on a place which was beautifully decorated. But ……………
Lets see what happen next…….
“ I hate you” listening these three words Swara became shocked. Although she was craving to listen three word but not these.
“Sannsskarrrr, what are you saying?” tears starts flowing from Swara’s eyes.
“Yes , you heard right. I hate you Swara. Your planning was good but your bad luck…… it failed” Sanskar shaked her by his words.
“Planning?” Swara was confused.
“Yeah Swara I got to know about your involvement in that accident. That accident which changed my life. Snatched my Kavita, My love and made Cinni motherless. To be with me you took life of two innocents. Today when I went to hospital before I came here I got to know your real face”
Flashback shows:
Sanskar was in his cabin.
“today I will express my feelings to Swara. I cant celebrate this moment without that thing. Yes my tape recorder, in which I secretly record my songs. I will play romantic songs, sang by me. I think that chip is in my recorder. After the death of Kavita I did not recorded any song nor I touched the tape” Sanskar thought.
He went to corner of his cabin. There was a table. On that table, recorder was kept.
“I think before I take this chip, I should check” Sanskar smiles and play the recorder.
‘Yes I took life of Kavita and Nikhil. I am a murderer………………..”
(there was the whole conversation of SwaLak after that accident. Fb shows, when Swara came to Sanskar’s cabin, there was dark that day. Lakshya came just before and by mistake he pressed the recording button. He was going to off the recording but Swara came and light went. She confessed infront of Lakshya, misunderstood him to be Sanskar. Lakshya was in shocked. He off the button and turned toward Swara. Unfortunately tape recorded her confession.)
“Swara, How could you do that to me” Sanskar went to washroom of his cabin and starts weeping remembering his moments with Kavita, his happy times with Kavita and Cinni.
“I want answer. What was our faults? Why you cheated us? Why you snatched my Kavita?” Sanskar wiped his tears and came out of washroom.
Flashback Ends:
Tears came in Sanskar’s eyes.
“Sanskar, I am sorry. I was about to tell you the truth but I was feared that you will be heartbroken. I had no intention to do that. It was my mistake. I too lost Nikhil. I was not in my sense that day” Swara was weeping.
“ Stop giving excuse. I feel ashamed that I was living with a murderer from past 1 years. You snatched my Kavita. That family who gave you so much love, you cheated them. If they will get to know that their 1st daughter-in-law was killed by their 2nd daughter-in-law, they will be shattered. Cinni, who loves you more than anything, her whole world is around you, will get to know that you killed her Kavita Mom then what will happen to her. Say Swara what will you reply Cinni when she will asked? Nikhil, that guy loves you more than his life and you took his life” Sanskar shouted.
“Noo…. You are mistaken. This is not the truth. I did not kill anyone. I am not a murderer. I also loved Nikhil. I cant think to hurt him even not Cinni and our family. Sanskar, please listen to me once. I did not do that deliberately. That accident was my mistake” Swara replied.
“Okay. I agree then why did not you tell me about that? If you had not any intention to hurt them then you could have shared with me but you did not. I have answer because you were wrong that time and today also. You know what I started loving you and today I call you here to tell my feelings. Yes Swara, I fell in love with you. You won and I lost. Lost my love. Today and 1 year ago also.” Sanskar was shattered.
“Sanskar, its not like that…. I……” Swara holds Sanskar’s hand.
“just shut your mouth Swara. Enough now” Sanskar pulled his hand.
“I loved you but now I hate you. What you did to us, I cant forgive you for that. From now you are nothing to me. I will not tell this truth to anyone because I don’t want to hurt anyone. From today you will live in my house but as a daughter-in-iaw and mom of cinni, not as a my wife, my best friend. I have no relation with you. This relationship is over” Sanskar warned.
He went to the table and broked the photoframe of Swara and his. He messed the decorations.
“Sanskarrrr…… I am sorry. I really love you” Swara fell on ground and was crying.
Sanskar starts going from there. Swara stood up and starts going behind him.
On the road Swara reached to him and hold his hand.
“Just listen to me Sanskar. I cant live without you. I really love you” Swara pleads.
“that’s why you killed Kavita. Just stay away from me Swara. I don’t want to listen anything now” Sanskar shouted.
Just then a truck came with speed and is about to hit Sanskar, Swara pushed Sanskar and came infront of truck.
“Swaraaaaaa” Sanskar shouted and came in middle of road. He took Swara’s head in his lap. Swara was lying in pool of blood. ‘Swara I’m sorry. Please open your eyes’ Sanskar was crying. Everyone gathered there. Ambulance came.
At Sanskar’s home,
“Actually bhai is going to tell his feeling to Swara. We were preparing for that only” Lakshya revealed on dining table when Dp asked about Swasan.
“what?” Ap was surprised.
Lakshya nods.
“Swara went and did not tell me? Its okay. I am so happy for her” Ragini reacted.
“chachu…. That means mommy and papa went for their date?” Cinni asked innocently.
“Yes…. My princess. You go and sleep now” lakshya took her in his lap.
“I still cant believe, my son again fell in love” Ap behaved dramatically.
“Aaaahh” Dp pinched her. Raglak starts laughing.
Lakshya got a call.
“What??” phone fell from Lakshya’s hand.
To be continued…………
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