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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Seth ji helps Namrata

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Rahul to come to senses. Namrata asks Rahul to kill them. He takes another knife from her and slaps her. She falls down. He scolds her. They all get relieved. She asks Rahul why did you beat me instead them, I m your love, they are your enemies. He says they are my family, my dear ones, shall I kill them because of your saying. He pulls the chain. She says leave it, I love you. He says you snatched my brother and played with my emotions, you say you love me, is this love, this is a game of death, its not love.

He says you added this transmitter ring to spy on me, you did the same with your dad, you should be ashamed. She says no. He throws the locket. He says Aghori gave this to you, he gave me this Rudraksh to free me from your hypnotism, he killed

himself so that I know your truth. He says Thakur is innocent, he had no idea about Namrata’s game, she did everything in temple, I hate Namrata. She says no, I love you, beat me more, don’t hate me, I did all this for you. He says I wish to kill you, but I can’t take laws in hand, I will call Yashpal and get you arrested. Seth ji’s men reach there and catch everyone. She talks to Seth ji. He says won’t you thank me, I have sent my men to save you, if anything happened to you, who would get shivling for me, get shivlings on time, I will leave people alive else not, Rahul is useless now, he hates you, let him stay here. She says don’t do anything to Rahul, I m going. She goes to find shivlings.

Thakur and others see Seth ji’s men. The man asks everyone not to act smart else Minty will be killed. Lakhan, Latika and Thakur beat the men. The men run away. Rahul kicks a man and saves Minty. He says this man will take us to Seth ji, we will keep him alone. Narendra says we made a mistake, Namrata was saying true, all the shivlings were in truck, then we all got conscious, Shambu and Rudra have that truck with them. Thakur asks how did you start talking sensible thing. Rahul says he is Dr. Srivastav, I will tell everything later. Thakur says we should also leave, Lakhan prepare to send them to village, Gauri come with us. Shakti says its our duty to find shivling, we will take shivling to village. Preeti and pujari insist to come. Rahul asks them to understand, Seth ji is dangerous, its risky. Preeti says shivling’s divya powers saved us. Thakur asks Rahul not to worry, let everyone come along, they can find shivling soon. They all go.

Thakur says I kept my promise and told Lakhan to inform you about jewelry, but you tried to kill me, I m ashamed, you can come along if you want to get shivlings. She smiles and says I m not serving Thakur, real chance has come in my hand, they want to earn name by getting shivling to village, I will earn the name, I will kill Thakur and Lakhan, they will think Seth ji has done this. Latika says your doubt won’t get away, its tough for you to trust me. Rahul says its nothing like that. Latika says I can’t forgive Namrata, I will get her punished. Shambu baba comes in their way. Rahul stops the car. Gauri folds hands and smiles. Shambu blesses them.

Rahul and Gauri find Yashpal and bring him to senses. Yashpal asks how did I come here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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