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Where are you taking me? Twinkle asked being surprised. She was taken away from the crowd and pulled her towards the VIP lounge. 

Come here- Kunj said pulling her into the empty VIP lounge. 

Twinkle asked being amused- What are we doing here? 

Kunj didn’t answer her. He simply watched her, admiring her beauty. He took a deep breath walked closer to her. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. Twinkle’s eyes widened in surprise. She tried to move away from him but told his hold on her tightened. She looked down. Kunj’s face moved closer to her. He searched her eyes for any sign of resistance, but she refused to meet his gaze. He gently moved her chin up with his fingertips, forcing her to look at him. He moved closer until they were barely inches apart. 

Kunj kissed Twinkle. 

Their lips met and passion erupted between them. Twinkle felt an unfamiliar charge build up inside her. Her senses were numb and she couldn’t think anything straight. Her hands were resting on his chest. One of Kunj’s hand cupped her cheeks and the other arm firmly holding her waist. Kunj was kissing her passionately but gently. Suddenly fireworks beamed over as if a celebrating Kunj and Twinkle’s union. 

Kunj gently pulled away from the kiss leaving Twinkle breathless. Colorful lights from the fireworks flooded and Kunj smiled at her. 

I really like you Twinkle- Kunj whispered, pressing his lips to her cheeks. Twinkle blushed hard. 

Twinkle- It’s beautiful here. Twinkle turned around to watch the fireworks. 

Kunj- You like it. Kunj said and wrapped his arms around Twinkle and hugged her from behind. He rested his chin on her shoulder and proceeded to watch the fireworks with her in his arms. 

So how was the fireworks Twinkle- UV barged in the VIP room. 

Kunj left Twinkle, feeling awkward whereas UV gave a shameless grin to Kunj.  

UV asked the same question again from Twinkle- Twinkle, you didn’t reply, did you like the fireworks? 

Twinkle nodded her head in yes feeling shy. 

UV- Kunj did this specially for you, he thought you will like it a lot. These fireworks are the specialty here. You know and….. 

Kunj- UV, enough. I will tell Twinkle everything, Ok. Let’s go inside. Kunj was continuously giving UV a disgusted exppression for ruining his moment where UV was smirking knowing that Kunj must be really irritated by now. UV was loving the moment. 

Kunj held Twinkle’s hand and followed UV who walked ahead of them. 

UV as soon as he entered the he took a glass and started drinking all over again. 

Kunj- UV, you are going to have bad hangover tomorrow. Kunj said as UV took another shot. 

UV- Whatever, it is my night. Party is still on. 

Mahi- Di, where were you. You missed the fireworks. They were so beautiful. You know Jiju arranged the fireworks. 

Twinkle- I saw them. She eyed Kunj who was talking to UV – By the way I saw you. You and Karan were dancing really romantically. So, what was it ha? 

Mahi who was smiling, faded away- Di, I….I was just dancing nothing else. 

Twinkle looked at her with fake anger- On fast songs also you were dancing romantically, ha? 

Mahi- Di, I am telling you the truth. They were playing romantic numbers and I was just dancing. Karan is really sweet. I only told him that we can dance like that. Mahi was almost in tears. 

Twinkle- Mahi, I was just kidding. Twinkle said quickly hiding her smile. 

Mahi looked at her suspiciously. 

Twinkle- Really Mahi, I was just kidding. But don’t take too far. You are still not married. 

Mahi- Really Di, you gave me a heart attack. But you really like him? 

Twinkle- Hmm, you two looks cute together. 

Mahi- I like him too. 

Mahi and Twinkle laughed. The rest of the night passed like this. Everyone had a great time and was in a great mood. Kunj decided to leave the party. 

Kunj- UV, I think we should take a leave now. 

UV- What no! You can’t Kunj, the night is still young. 

Kunj- We should UV. Looks like Mahi is about pass out in exhaustion. Kunj looked at her amusingly. 

UV asked sadly- Are you sure you can’t stay anymore? 

Kunj- I am sure, but this was one hell of a party man. 

UV- Yeah, I know! Not without you and I am glad that you made it otherwise it would have been boring. 

Kunj- Really. 

UV- I would have enjoyed anyway but with my best friend, t became even better. 

Kunj, Twinkle and Mahi said goodbye to UV. Mahi didn’t have courage to personally say goodbye to Karan because she was afraid of Twinkle so she waved her hand to him. They all settled and Mahi slept on Twinkle’s lap. Kunj looked at Twinkle and he was happy that finally kissed is wife and told her that he likes her. He enjoyed the moment and hoped that Twinkle too enjoyed the moment. She hadn’t said anything but she reacted positively and didn’t show any reluctance. Kunj took that as a good sign. 

We reached? Mahi got up from her sleep and asked. 

Twinkle- Almost. 

Mahi- Ok, when we reach home, wake me up. 

Twinkle smiled as Mahi settled her back in Twinkle’s lap. Kunj was amused. Finally, after sometime they arrived. Twinkle gently woke Mahi. All three were very tired. Kunj jumped into the shower whereas Twinkle helped Mahi in her room and made sure Mahi go to the bed properly. When Twinkle reached her room Kunj was already taking shower. She quickly changed into something comfortable and took her make up off. Then she remembered what said told her. She blushed thinking that moment when Kunj and she shared a kiss. 

She wondered what Kunj told her and whether he really meant the kiss. She smiled to herself thinking about the kiss and felt how good Kunj’s lips felt on hers. After somewhat of an internal conflict, twinkle decided that if Kunj would give her a good night kiss, then he meant the kiss and their relationship would move closer and if he doesn’t then it means it was just a heat of the moment that made him kiss her. Twinkle was not sure if Kunj will kiss her or not but she knew she would not refuse him. 

She sat on the bed, trying to not look tired when Kunj’s phone started to ring. Twinkle hesitated a bit and wasn’t sure that whether she should take the call or not. She finally picked it and looked at the caller ID. It was UV calling. Twinkle answered the call. 

Twinkle- Hello UV? 

UV- Kunj? Why you are sounding like a woman. UV said and hiccupped and continued- Are you cheating on my Twinkle Bhabhi. 

Twinkle smiled and shook her head and head at UV’s intoxicated state. He was not thinking straight. 

Twinkle said again- UV. 

UV shouted on phone- Kunj, I need you to come back. Everyone left me. 

Twinkle- UV calm down. 

UV- I neeeeeeeddddd a woman in my lifeeeee. UV said in a singing voice. He was very much drunk. Twinkle was not able to understand what to say. She just wanted Kunj to come out and talk to UV as he could only handle him in this state. 

I hate that you left. You should have stayed. I hate that you are married now. We could have gone to the bars and hit up some hot women. UV said believing that its Kunj only on other side. Twinkle let a gasp. What kind of trouble these two get into before Kunj and Twinkle got married. 

Twinkle- UV, Kunj is….. 

UV- Kunj! He is my best friend. UV couldn’t let twinkle complete. He was so drunk, that he couldn’t talk properly himself. 

Kunj came out of the washroom. Twinkle immediately gave him the phone. 

Twinkle- UV is on the other side. He is totally out. 

Kunj took the phone from her- UV. He asked out of concern. 

Kunj listened to what UV was telling him. 

Kunj- Don’t you dare get in the car. You are not in the position to drive. Ok wait I am coming. 

Kunj- Twinkle, UV is being an idiot. I have to make sure he reaches home safely. 

Twinkle- Yes, sure. 

Kunj left, still talking to UV on phone. Twinkle was concerned about UV as he was so drunk. She just that Kunj would be able to handle him. She felt too tired to stay awake and wait for Kunj. All she could think was that the good night kiss would not happen. 

When Twinkle woke up the next morning, Kunj was not next to her. She thought that he might not be able to return because of UV. She turned and looked at her phone, there were no messages ad no missed calls from Kunj. She just smiled and thought to check Mahi who was still asleep. She thought she must be really tired and let her sleep. She went downstairs on her way to kitchen. 

She got literally scared when she saw a figure sitting on dining table with a newspaper in hand. A gasp escaped from her mouth. On listening to her gasp from her mouth, he brought the newspaper down and he was Kunj. 

Kunj- Are you Ok? 

Twinkle- I… Did you come last night? 

Kunj- yes, I did. 

Twinkle- I didn’t hear you coming. 

Kunj- you must be too tired to notice. 

Twinkle- Is UV fine now? Twinkle asked changing the topic. 

Kunj- Yes, he was too drunk. As soon as we reached his home he passed out. He will be fine. 

Twinkle- I am sorry, I answered your phone. 

Kunj- It’s Ok. I don’t care. I have nothing to hide. Kunj gave a smile to Twinkle. 

Kunj was actually wondering if Twinkle will say anything about the kiss they shared last night. He wanted to talk to her about the kiss last night only but because of UV he couldn’t. At that point he was n dilemma that whether he should talk or not whether Twinkle will be upset if he brings that topic. But his every bone wanted to kiss Twinkle once more. He needed to kiss her again. 

Twinkle went in kitchen to see what else had been prepared for breakfast and Kunj after his thinking session followed her. 

Twinkle I… – Kunj started to say when he heard some footsteps approaching the kitchen. An idea came to his mind and he smirked. 

He quickly walked near twinkle, grabbed her by her waist. She looked at him shocked. Kunj pulled her close and kissed her. He kissed her feverishly and felt relieved. He was wanting to kiss Twinkle since last night. Kunj’s hand stayed firm around Twinkle as he pulled her closer. Twinkle felt herself being pushed up against the counter. Kunj’s lips were still on hers. Kunj heard a gasp and hurried quicksteps. He smiled against twinkle’s lips and slowly broke the kiss. 

Twinkle was surprised so she asked- Kunj. 

I think it worked- Kunj said peeping out of the kitchen. 

Twinkle- What worker? 

Kunj- mahi saw us. 

Twinkle eyes were wide – What? 

Kunj- She saw us…. kissing. 

Twinkle- That means… you kissed me……so that she could see. 

Kunj said with a smirk on his face- Twinkle, husbands kiss their wives. Mahi has barely seen us touching each other. We need to be more believable. Don’t you think so? 

Twinkle- So that was the only reason…. – Twinkle said being sad as Kunj kissed her only because he wanted to show Mahi. 

Kunj- Sorry, if I…. 

Twinkle- No don’t be sorry. She said and left to see Mahi. 

Twinkle went in Mahi’s room- Mahi, are you awake? 

She went inside and saw mahi sitting on her bed. Mahi was blushing- Sorry Di, I walked in when you and Jiju…. 

Twinkle- It’s ok. She said but she was blushing red like tomato. 

Mahi- Di, I have never seen anyone like that. You know na Ma and Papa never even held each other’s hand in front of us. 

Twinkle who was still blushing turned not to maintain any eye contact with Mahi- We didn’t mean to show you. 

Mahi- Di, do you love Jiju. 

Twinkle hesitated at this question as she was not expecting mahi to ask this question. 

Twinkle- Not yet, but I am starting to. Soon he’ll make me learn to love. Twinkle couldn’t stop blushing. 

Mahi smiled widely- It is so good to fall in love na Di. I am so jealous. 

Twinkle- When you get married, you will fall in love too. 

Mahi- Wil I have an arrange marriage like you? No. Love marriage seems to be so romantic, you know and Karan…. 

Twinkle- Karan? 

Mahi tried to cover- Well he is around and nice, you know. 

Twinkle- Hmm. Twinkle just smiled. She knew that Mahi is not aware about Kunj’s plan of fixing her marriage with Karan. She would be so happy as Twinkle can see that Mahi is kind of developing a crush on Karan. 

Other side Kunj was nervous in kitchen and walking here and there. He felt extremely anxious. The physical attraction between and Twinkle reached a new level ever since they kissed. It was getting extremely difficult to control himself. He had abstained himself from any kind of s*xual relationships since they got married, but now he was not sure if he would be able to stay that much longer. He hoped that all that talk of baby would convince her to consummate the marriage but that’s not what happened. he decided that the best plan of action would be to just leave on time, but now it was getting difficult for him to deal with it. 

He took his car keys and drove to UV’s place. On reaching UV’s place he knocked his door and when didn’t get any answer from him, he took the spare keys from UV’s secret spot and opened the door and entered his house. 

Kunj- UV. Kunj shouted his name and didn’t waited for him to come out as he knew that he must be sleeping. He barged in his room and sat on his bed to wake him up. 

Kunj again shouted- UV, get up. 

UV mumbled something inaudible. 

Kunj- Get up UV. I need some advice from you. Come let’s have a drink. Kunj was shouting and hit him hard with the pillow 

UV- No drink. Last night’s hangovr is still there on me. UV said in sleep pouting his mouth. 

Kunj- Ok, then let’s have some coffee, but get up. 

Once UV was fully awake. Kunj made himself confortable on UV sofa and switched on the big TV UV had in his room. He was just watching to pass the time till UV was getting dressed. 

UV- Let’s go. Still he was yawning and rubbing his eyes and head due to hangover. 

Kunj was amused looking at this- What the hell is wrong with you? 

UV sat on the passenger seat in Kunj’s BMW and said- Nothing yaar, just girl trouble, you know. 

Kunj- Ok, we will talk about that also. 

UV- No. 

Kunj gave him a look as they reached their favorite café. 

UV- Ok, Ok talk whatever you want to talk. 

They made their way inside the café and the waitress were happy to see both of them, knowing there regular customers. 

The waitress gave Kunj a seductive smile and asked- Seats for two? 

Kunj confirmed- yes for two. 

She took the orders and left from there. Kunj winked at her as she walked away. 

UV- How the hell you get all the women attention, even when you are not trying. UV said with a cute baby pout. 

Kunj- Oh please UV! Stop behaving like a baby. What is your problem? Did you meet a girl last night? 

UV Smirked- Several. 

Kunj- And? 

UV- Nothing. None of them were interested. One even asked me to set her up with you, huh. Calling you my hot friend. That b*t*h? UV was irritated. 

Kunj- Damn, it must suck to be the friend of such an amazingly attractive guy. Kunj said with a chuckle. 

UV pouted even more. 

UV- may be I should get married. 

Kunj- And why that thought came in your mind? Knowing that UV is not the guy to settle down. 

UV- Action every night and that also guranteed. 

Kunj nearly choked on his coffee. He looked at UV. This wasthe last thing he needed to talk about. 


 This is for all my readers. Kiya for you who wanted some romantic moments and Vibhu for you too as you wanted to see their love blossoming. Well they have started liking each other, but not ready to accept it. So, I hope you all like it . No cliffhanger this time. 

Warning you all again as some twist will be there so please don’t bash me or hate with that. I hope you all will understand.

So now, Twinkle and Kunj kissed and that also twice. How was it, Please tell you reaction through comments and don’t forget to like it.

Love you all and if there are any grammatical mistakes please forgive me. 🙂

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