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Jiji Maa 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara contacts Dr. Malhotra

Jiji Maa 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uttara saying Falguni said right, till when will I play games, I have to make Dr. Malhotra remove her uterus. She calls doctor and says you have to remove a woman’s uterus. He says get her to clinic any time. She calls him to Jaipur. He says fine, give me two days time. She says fine, but don’t refuse for this operation. He says I m your slave, I can do anything for you. She laughs. He says I will never disappoint you. She ends call and says just two days Shom. Shom says anything can happen in two days, how will we keep Suyash and Falguni away.

Suyash breaks his shirt’s button. He goes to Falguni and asks for help. She asks him to wear another shirt. He says no, its my lucky shirt. She stitches the button. Inna sona….plays… He breaks button again and shows

her. He holds her close. They fall over the bed. Shom knocks and comes. He says madam called everyone downstairs, its something serious, pandit ji has come. Falguni goes. Suyash smiles.

Uttara introduces them to pandit. Pandit tells them the puja so that everyone stays fine in their house. He says everyone has to stay pure and eat just veg food, wine won’t be allowed, everyone has to be obey Brahmacharya ritual. Shom understands Uttara’s plan. Pandit asks them to promise. Everyone promises to obey all rules. Uttara smiles. Vidhaan signs papers and gives to Tarun. The papers fall down. Tarun picks. Falguni helps him. He says no, I will manage, you won’t understand it. Uttara asks Falguni why does she want to see office papers. Falguni says I felt its project papers. Uttara says he is my employee, don’t interfere. Falguni says I m also part of company. Uttara taunts her. She goes with Tarun.

Niyati insists Vidhaan and asks him to teach her car driving. He explains her. Falguni comes and asks Niyati not to learn driving, she is pregnant, its not the right time. Niyati says I will never grow up for you, I will learn driving today. Falguni gets sad. She cooks prasad. Vidhaan asks her not to worry for Niyati, he won’t let anything happen to her. He says don’t stay upset with her, pregnant girls have mood swings. Falguni smiles and says Niyati is lucky to get you. Pandit tells everyone about the paath. Falguni says my used to say about it, everyone knows their inner strength by this paath. Pandit says you said the right thing, sing Hanuman chalisa.

Falguni sings. Maharaj says Falguni made the food today. Jayant says its really tasty. Uttara asks why did you make plain food. Falguni says pandit said satvik food should be made. Pandit says she is right. Uttara says you should have taken good crockery, this is cheap copper utensils. Falguni says its not cheap, copper has good properties and purifies blood. Pandit agrees. Uttara comes to Falguni and scolds her. Falguni argues and goes. Shom says Doctor called and said he will come, but why will Falguni undergo the operation. Uttara says she will surely come for the operation. Suyash comes to Falguni. She says pandit ji gave this cloth and asked me to divide, how shall I cut this that Ram name doesn’t get cut. She tells what her mum used to say. He asks do you think your husband is like Ram. She jokes that its Kalyug. She reminds him the paath and smiles.

A person hypnotizes Falguni. Uttara takes Falguni to Dr. Malhotra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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