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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun and Devika practices for dance competition

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

(First part in Aapke Aa Jane Se Section)

Scene 1
Vaidika comes home and thinks that its good that Varun and Devika are taking part in competition together, I wish that they win. Nidhi thinks that its good she is here, I wont let her take part in competition with Sahil, me and Sahil will be best couple of Kanpur. She sees Vaidika going to kitchen and thinks that now Vaidika will be out of our lives. She turns stove to maximum and there is cooker on it, she leaves. Vaidika sees cooker making noise and goes to check on it Nidhi waits for blast. Vaidika closes off cooker. Nidhi hears a blast and smirks. She comes in kitchen and sees Sahil hugging Vaidika away from cooker, cooker blasted but Sahil covered Vaidika and didnt let her get hurt. Nidhi fumes in anger seeing that. Sahil

look at Vaidika, Vaidika sees Sahil injured because of cooker blast, she brings ointment and applies on his wound on stomach and neck, she blows on his wound, Sahil admires her. Nidhi glares at them and says what happened? she get hurt with cooker piece. Vaidika rushes to her and treats her wound. Sahil says serves her right, he says Nidhi you did it right? Vaidika asks him to stop it. Nidhi says I cant do it. Sahil says if this is true then I wont spare you. Vaidika asks Sahil to leave. He leaves. Vaidika treats Nidhi’s wound. Nidhi thinks that I have to throw Vaidika out of house.

Kesar says to Dhani that I have packed your bag, you are going to Kanpur, Dhani asks why? Kesar says that Devika has gone behind Prince, you go and make him realize of his love, Devika is useless. Maasa comes there and says what teaching you are giving to her? you cant stop my work, if you want your daughter to marry so much then tell me, I can get her married to some handicapped man, you have come inbetween my work for first time but next time if you try to stop Devika and Prince’s wedding then I will forget that Dhani is my real grand daughter. Kesar says Devika doesnt love Prince Arun then why? Maasa says I know what I am doing, Prince Arun will marry Devika only, dont come inbetween that otherwise.. she glares at Dhani and leaves. Dhani cries and says thats why I was telling to not involve me in all this, I hate it when Dadi says all that, she leaves. Kesar is hurt and says I cant see your love getting snatched but I wont let it happen with you like it happened with me.

Sahil is sitting and thinks how cooker blasted? He sees Nani there. He comes to her and suspiciously looks at her, he says mother in law did you do something? she says if you are done spying then can I go in my house, Sahil says yes be careful, she leaves. Sahil says I know Nidhi did all that. Nidhi’s mother comes there and says my daughter can never do that. Sahil says what can I serve you? she says I came to meet my daughter. Sahil says she is inside, I burnt her with cooker, if she doesnt stop her antics then she will regret it, Nidhi’s mom goes to her. Sahil gets rehearsal’s message and says I have to take part in this competition with Vaidika, we will win as best couple, we will Kanpur’s best couple as Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal.

Varun and Devika are taking rehearsals. Devika tries to follow steps but keeps hitting Varun. Varun shows her steps, and says why you are not following my steps? all couples are dancing nicely. Devika says all boys are dancing nicely except you. Varun says soon I will be a star, I will win this competition and wont let you destroy it, Devika says what you can do? Varun eyes her and pulls her closer, he holds her hand and starts waltzing around with her on pyar ki kahani, they both dance around looking in each others eyes. Varun twirls her around and pulls her closer. All clap for them, one dancer says that you both are very nice couple, too good. All clap for them.

Sahil comes to rehearsals, he sees his and Vaidika’s name in list and gets excited, announcer says tomorrow practice will start. Varun comes there and says we are part of competition too. Sahil says now no friendship, we will compete against each other but my girl is better than you. Varun says my girl is more better, did Vaidika agree for this competition? Sahil says what I say, I make sure to do it. They smirk and leave.

Kesar is crying in her room. Urmi comes there and says what happened, why you are crying? Kesar says you cant help me. Urmi says maybe I can help you? you know I want Prince to marry Dhani too and I want to help you. Kesar says what benefit you will get? Urmi says Dhani was raised up infront of my eyes, I dont care about that devika, I want her to marry unlike us who couldnt get happiness of a marriage, We will think to throw that Devika out, Urmi leaves.

Jaggu comes to Kesar’s room silently, he hugs her and says I cant live without you. Kesar looks away. Jaggu asks what happened? are you not feeling love towards me? Kesar says only you are the one that I love because only you took me as human and not as a thing. Jaggu wipes her tears and asks what happened? Kesar says I am scared, what if our dream is not fulfilled? I feel that Maasa will not give us any money, she will not pay our parts, Maasa have brought that prince at her alliance to win this money. Jaggu says dont worry about it. Kesar says I know Maasa’s nature, she couldnt be loyal to her son, she kept me and Dhani in this house because Adhi’s money monthly comes for Dhani, Maasa only thinks about herself, she brought that Devika and Prince to win this money, she will give them some money and take all money for herself, I just worry for Dhani, I dont want what happened to me to happen to her too, I will do everything for my daughter. Jaggu hugs her and consoles her.

Nidhi’s mom brings Nidhi to Badi Amma’s house, Badi Amma asks what happened? how she got hurt? Nidhi says you wont believe but Sahil tried to kill me. All are shocked to hear it. Nidhi says he tempered with pressure cooker so he could burn me. All are stunned.

PRECAP- Varun and Sahil comes to room and sees Vaidika and Devika practicing dance and Vaidika teaching steps to Devika. Sahil admires Vaidika.
Sahil stands under sun on one foot. Vaidika asks him to come inside, its very hot outside. Sahil says I will manage but I am not going anywhere. Sahil stands under scorching heat.. he gts dizzy and starts to faint. Vaidika worries for him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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