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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Daali and Kanhaiya dance with chawl people

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daali and Kanhaiya arguing. The lady says its Kaalratri, you can’t sleep here. Daali says take him away. He agrees to go. He says cockroach has gone, sleep now, good night. He goes. Daali says Kanhaiya is a mysterious person. She gets troubled by chawl people. Everyone sings and dances. Mungada…..plays…. Ladies dance together. Kanhaiya and Daali dance along. Basanti sees them dancing. Rocky thinks of Kanhaiya and Daali’s marriage. He drinks wine. Basanti takes the drink. Maya says you will lose senses, are you mad. She takes the drink away.

Basanti says I have seen Kanhaiya and Daali dancing, they will raise a happy family, Kanhaiya has always failed Maya. She asks Maya to do something. Maya asks what shall I do. Basanti says do something that Kanhaiya

leaves Daali, you have to impress Daali. Basanti says I didn’t understand why did Daali marry Kanhaiya, there is some big secret behind this, I will break this marriage. Maya says their wedding night…. Basanti says don’t let it happen. Rocky says I will have a wedding night with Daali. Maya scolds him and drinks the wine. She throws glass and says you are just mine.

Its morning, Daali screams seeing Shanti Mausi. Kanhaiya asks why did you scream, this is Shanti Mausi. Shanti says she is strange girl. Kanhaiya sends her. Other girls come to give coal powder to Daali for cleaning teeth. Daali scolds the girl and throws the coal powder on that girl. The girl gets angry. Daali laughs. Kanhaiya comes hearing them fight. The girl complains about Daali. She says I will not leave you. Kanhaiya sends the girls. He goes to get toothpaste and brush for Daali. Daali says Janki have made my life hell. Kanhaiya asks her to calm down, have some fresh air. She says I had no option and had to marry you, you were the only person to listen to me, I will kick you out after one year. He agrees. She asks for breakfast. Pilot gets breakfast for her. She gets angry and feeds him. He runs away. She stops Kanhaiya and asks who is the servant. He says me. She asks why are you torturing me, get the breakfast. He says I know everything. She asks where is bathroom. He says outside….

Daali scolds Kanhaiya. He says its two days without having a bath. Janki dreams of Daali and Kanhaiya’s child.

Update Credit to: Amena

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