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IS THIS LOVE…….? by Aashi #So avengers or kal ho na ho? (part-6)

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hey guys Aashi here I’m back with the next chapter hope you guys enjoy it . And this chapter is dedicated to ItsmePrabha , thanks a lot buddy hope you like the chapter…


So avengers or kal ho na ho ?

“Sunshin-..” “Annika Singh Raizada” I said looking in the eyes of my Mom . “I will pretend to be a part of the so called happy family in front of all but, don’t act like a concerning Mother to me in alone, I won’t be deceived again.” I said walking away from there. I won’t fall for their act again I won’t.
Three hours later….
I heard someone knock on my cabin’s door, who can that be ? Nobody apart from bhai knew my cabin no. I made my way to open the door then suddenly I heard ” Annika please open the door, my hands can’t hold anymore” I stopped abruptly.
Shivaay ? What is he doing here ? “Annika!” He shouted again and I hurried to open the door.
“Coming!” I opened the door to see shivaay standing hands full of Kurkure and chips packets , a small tub of strawberry ice cream lurking from under his elbow and finally a couple of DVDs tucked under his chin .
I gaped at him from top to bottom . He relaxed watching me and unconsciously opened his arms dropping all the things, and we fumbled to grab them but it only resulted us falling on each other.
my leg slipped from the chips packet under it and I grabbed shivaay’s hand to stable myself but ‘bad idea’ he fell on top of me. “Shit” I cursed as I fell hard on my back, “damn” he muttered. I opened my eyes to find his hypnotic ones so close to me . His warm breath fanning on my face, his slightly stubbly cheek against my forehead, heat rose up to my cheeks being so close to him. “Annika are you okay ?” “Ya..” I replied meekly lowering my gaze.
“Um.. shivaay..” I asked still my gaze lowered , “yes” “could you please stand up?” I said noticing him still hovering upon me. “Sorry” he said and stood up and gave his hand , I took his hand and stood up then asked “what’s all this?” ” oh yes I forgot about it, follow me” he said grabbing all the stuff gathered in the lobby and made his way in my cabin? What is going on?
“So avengers or kal ho na ho ?” He asked dumping all the items on the bed . “What?” I asked confused. He grabbed the DVDs one of avengers and other of kal ho na ho and asked again
“which one avengers or kal ho na ho?”
“Shivaay first what are you doing here and what is all this?” I asked absolutely confused on a different level. “I’m making this trip memorable, so we are watching a movie, now come on tell me which movie?”
I was surprised “why are you doing this?” ,something flicked in his eyes and he kept looking at me and I asked again “shivaay why are you doing this?” He sighed and smiled at me, “as I said before I’m doing this for making this trip memorable, for you”
I stilled , and looked at him , many emotions came knocking me out, care, warmth, affection and love…
“Annnikaaaa….!!!!”  Shivaay shook me “yes..” i answered coming out of my trance. “I’m asking you for the eighth time avengers or kal ho na ho? A grin plastered on my face listening him complain so cutely. Wait a minute avengers or kal ho na ho, both are my favourite, how did he knew? Suddenly I realised something Kurkure , chips , strawberry ice cream all of these are my favourite, how did he….?
“How ?” I asked gesturing all the stuff, he seemed to realise what I wanted to say as he scratched his neck, giving me a sheepish smile “Mallika” I am touched , he asked from Mallika what I like and he did it… he did it for me…..me….
“Annika… now please I’m asking you for ninth time avengers or kal ho na ho?” He whined making me laugh. “Okay as much as I find iron man fun and captain America hot ,still no one can replace my Shahrukh , so kal ho na ho it is.” He sighed in relief and picked up the DVD to play and turned off the lights giving it a theatre feel.
“So you find captain America hot?” He asked raising a brow “absolutely he is 100% drool worth no denying in that” I said and he scrunched up his face and opened his mouth to say something but just then the movie started.
And I shushed him, and threw a chips at him myself opening a Kurkure.
Naina kaash mein tumhe bataa sakta, mein tumhe kitna chahta hun
I love you, I love you very very much naina
“mein aankhe band karta hun toh tumhe dekhta hun
aankhe kholta hun toh tumhe dekhna chahta hun
tum paas nahi hoti toh tumhe charo taraf mehsoos karta hun
har pal har ghadi har waqt merre naina meri naina ko doondate hain
ise pyar kaho paagalpan ya mere dil ki dhadkan
mere liye ek hi baat hai
pyar toh bahut log karte hain
lekin mere jaisa pyar koi nahi kar sakta
kyonki kisi ke paas tum jo nahi ho
mein tumhe bhool nahi sakta naina
mein tumhe bhoolna hi nahi chahta
tum meri ho, mein tumhe zindagi bhar pyar karunga
marte dam tak pyar karunga aur uske baad bhi” I mumbled along tearing up while eating my ice cream , curled up in the blanket against the bed frame . Aah.. this scene always manages to make my heart heavy .
I glanced over at shivaay to find him concentrating on the movie going on the screen. His eyebrows narrowed at the television screen noticing every single action carefully, his chin resting on his hand and elbows on the knees. Seriousness dripping down his face. I smiled at him amused by the looks but resumed watching the movie.
“Aah.. I seriously love Shahrukh…” I sighed as the credits rolled in, wiping out my tears and turned to look around and found all the empty packets lying in the mess but, I stopped when my gaze fell on him .
“Shivaay… are you crying..?” I asked softly, finding him rubbing his red eyes, he look startled and quickly denied looking away “no, I’m not” he said quietly grabbing the packets and threw them in the dustbin. I climbed down the bed and helped him and he smiled in return. We cleared the mess and settled down on the bed .
”you know I won’t tell anyone .. its okay to cry sometimes and it only proves that my shahrukh is a amazing actor so there is no harm in that ”  I said  patting this back and he chuckled.
”huh.. but ifit makes you any happy I cried..but just a bit..” he said looking away. I watched quietly . I didn’t knew boy more than three days ago but I can tell within these three days I felt so many emotions making me overwhelmed with the feeling which I didn’t even knew existed.
”shivaay…” I called out .
”hmm..” he hmmed throwing all the garbage in the dustbin .
”why are you doing this?” I asked . all of these gestures made my feeling more intensify but still I wanted to know why he did all this.
”for keeping india clean..” he said sitting beside me.
”huh..” clearly not understanding what he just said.
”you only asked why I’m throwing the garbage in the dustbin , for keeping india clean.” he replied  with expression.
”I’m not talking about garbage although I appreciate your efforts.” I told him smiling at his cuteness.
”then what do you want to know about  pretty face.” he asked with a twinkle in his magical orbs shining. i felt my face heat up instantly.
” umm.. i mean why are you making my trip memorable.. why ?” i asked looking at him for an explanation . He looked at me blankly and i called out to him breaking his trance.
”i.. uh.. you would find out soon , i can’t tell you now…” he said looking away and left my cabin after casting a glance a me .

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