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Ikyawann 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Susheel meets Fighter Didi

Ikyawann 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Susheel reading about Sarthi Srivastav/Fighter didi. She reads about her childhood and achievements, she disappeared after getting selected in Olympics. Fighter didi beats the goons. She takes her dupatta and leaves. Kali looks on and smiles. Susheel makes daal. She says daal didn’t cook well, even this pic isn’t downloading. She recalls Satya and inspector’s words. Its morning, Soumya wears Satya’s shirt and says I have won Satya. Satya comes and sees her wearing his shirt. She says sorry, I was in a romantic mood this morning, now these shirts have my fragrance too, you will stay close to me. Sejal looks on. Satya says it means if this is true, you wear all my shirts, I want your fragrance to be part of me. He hugs Soumya. They fall over the tomatoes on the bed. Sejal laughs.

Soumya says sorry, I spoilt your shirt, I will change and come. He says its fine. Soumya sees Sejal and asks did you do all this. Sejal says yes.

Soumya says I made Susheel out, its your turn now, don’t think of interfering between me and Satya. Sejal says you didn’t make Susheel leave, she left herself, I m proud of her, I m Sejal, I have the guts to teach you a lesson, better be careful. She goes.

Kali comes to Susheel. Susheel wakes up and sees her. Kali hugs her. She asks why are you staying here. Susheel says forget it, sit here. Kali checks the daal and laughs. Susheel says I tried hard to make daal. Kali asks did this tent appear magically, you made this with your clothes, learn daal recipe, why were you reading about Fighter Didi, I know her, I saw her last night. Susheel says I was angry yesterday, a guy was troubling a girl, I have beaten him, Dada ji scolded me when police came home, so I made this tent here, policeman said I reminded him of Fighter Didi, so I was seeing who is she. Kali asks will you learn wrestling from Fighter Didi, show them what you can do, make this anger your strength, get medal for your country and Dada ji, its a good chance to forget past, Fighter Didi is staying near our house, do something different. Jhanno walks over the men’s back. Leela scolds them.

She says who is that woman, how dare she play game with me. Susheel comes to Fighter Didi and says I have to learn from you. Fighter Didi asks what do you want to learn, who are you. She teaches threading the needle. Susheel says my name is Susheel Aj…. Susheel Pa….. She thinks of Satya and Dada ji’s words. Fighter Didi says first name is enough. Susheel says I want to learn wrestling, I want to show a girl can do anything, I m strong. Fighter Didi asks did you read on internet. She pushes Susheel. Susheel’s hand bleeds. Fighter Didi says you were blocking the light, tell me, do you want help or wrestling, come and heal your wound. Susheel sees women working. Fighter Didi sits to have food.

Susheel asks her why did she leave wrestling. Fighter Didi gets salt and presses on her wound. She says this is the answer to your question. Susheel washes her wound. Fighter Didi says you couldn’t bear this little pain and you want to learn wrestling, go home now. Susheel leaves. She thinks of Satya’s words. Susheel says I have to convince Fighter Didi to teach me.

Susheel fights with dogs to save the ladies. She falls down. Fighter Didi asks Susheel to leave the dogs to their owner, Leela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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