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His silent love – Chapter 2

Chapter – 2 – The flat bass





“Open the door” I yelled again ringing the bell for the hundredth time. Groaning , I tried to call Maira but she wouldn’t pick.


After chasing Ben through the whole house on why he ate my pancakes and then mama scolding me about how I should be nice towards Ben since he always takes care of me , I’m here trying to wake up Maira.


Just then the door opened and I looked up angrily , “Maira I’ll kill y-“ I stopped looking ahead at a very shirtless Theo.


“Theo..” I breathed out and he stood there grinning at me , “Hello Twinkle. It’s been long” I fought the urge to roll my eyes.


Of course , it’s been long you dumbass. You vanished for like an year with Jacob and Kunj. Speaking of Kunj…


“What are you doing here?” I question bluntly and he chuckled, “I just slept last night here. So , Mrs. Sarna said I could spend the night here”


I gave him a small smile and heard small footsteps nearing us. “Who is it , Theo?” I hear Sarah’s small shy whisper and smile, “Its me , Twinkle”


She comes up in the front grinning and jumps hugging me , “Twinki!” I laughed hugging her and then picked her up in my arms. “Come inside. I wanna show you my paintings”


“Hey! Move this Flat bass” She slapped Theo right on his butt and my eyes widened before I started laughing madly. Theo stood there stunned and looked at me laughing crazily at him.


And she called ass , bass.


“Where did you learn those words?” Theo questions still shocked by the little incident and Sarah gave him a shy smile , “Kunj”


“Your brother is really affecting your innocent vocabulary” And I walked towards the living room and placed Sarah down on the couch. “See you around , Flat bass” I smirked at Theo and he rolled his eyes smiling.


“I’m affecting who’s vocabulary?” I stopped looking at Sarah’s painting and gulped hardly. What’s wrong with you , Twinkle? Stop shitting your pants.


It’s just Kunj. A random guy.

A random guy you have been crushing on since grade 2.


No , I don’t have a crush on him. He’s an A class a-hole.


“Sarah’s” Theo replied closing the door and sat on the couch opposite to the one I was sitting on. “Hey”


Wait. Is that Kunj saying Hey to me? Nope , not possible.


“Heyy” Nope , can’t be Kunj. Don’t look back at him Twinkle. Don’t.


“Hello, Twinkle..” he didn’t even finish when I started speaking turning around but that was a big mistake, “So now you know my name…” big mistake because the moment I turned around I found his nose literally touching mine.




I can see your hormones going crazy


Shut up, conscience

“Missed me?” He whispers a small smile playing on his lips and I sat there frozen on my spot. “I missed you…”




“Sarah , I missed you a lot” he suddenly stood up and walked towards his sister placing her in his lap and I sat there dumbfounded.


Did he just embarrass me?


I looked up at Theo who was smirking at me and I rolled my eyes walking upstairs towards Maira’s bedroom.


I’ll freaking deal with this piece of shit later on.


“Mairaaa” I hissed grabbing the blanket and throwing it on the floor and she groaned loudly glaring at me.


“What crawled up your pants and died?” She grumbled looking at my sulking expression and I jumped up beside her lying down. “Kunj did”


And she looked at me with a sad expression before laughing her ass off.









“Geez! Calm your tits down” I yelled grabbing an apple and rushed towards Ben’s car sitting inside. “I don’t have tits” he muttered starting the car and I rolled my eyes looking back at Maira.


“Who are you texting so early in the morning?” She looked up at me and gave out an exaggerated sigh. “Nat. He’s asking if it’s a good idea to pick up Chloe for school or not”


“What? But he’s been doing that since he got his car” Ben speaks and I nodded agreeing with him.


Me and Maira have been going to school with Yuvraj since he got his licence but now as that butthole knows Ben has a car , he wouldn’t drive us.


While Chloe and Nat live in the same sector , so they have been coming together.


“Do you guys even know how early I have to wake up and come to your houses to pick you up?” Ben started his usual complaining and I rolled my eyes smacking his head.


“You just live down the street” He winced rubbing the back of his head where I hit him.


“I thought Kunj would take you both to school” Ben says and Maira laughed, “He was still sleeping”


“Well , I guess we have our bad boy back in school” I muttered closing my eyes and leaned back.




“We just have three classes together” Maira grumbles and forcefully closed her locker door , “Just three freaking classes”


“English. Chemistry and physics” She groaned quickly stuffing her stuff inside her backpack and I laughed earning a glare from her. “What? We are talking different subjects. So that’s bound to happen. And we do have P.E”


I grinned showing her and she nodded looking at my Schedule. “And you have so many free periods” she exaggerated and I rolled my eyes waving at Chloe who entered the hallway.


“You just have three classes with us. English, physicsand P.E” Maira gave Chloe her schedule and she smiled , “It’s okay. We can always see each other in lunch time and after school”


See. Typical Chloe.


Always looking for the better and positive things.

Well , Twinkle. You should try and doing that too.


“Fine. Ms. Positivity” Maira chuckled and three of us walked together towards our physics class.


“Best friendddd” and just then I heard Ben’s voice who wrapped an arm around my shoulder while I literally fell on the ground. “I heard we have got a new Physics teacher”


Ben says and we both take a seat in the middle of the class with Chloe and Maira on the bench in front of us.


“Seriously? That ain’t happening like ever” Maira laughs and that’s kinda true.


Who’s gonna be that lucky to get a physics teacher who’s hot.




Extremely hot.

Because just then walked in our new physics teacher.




Every 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students has my sympathy and wishes.

😢😢 tell me you are being tortured by board exams too.


Back to the chapter.


Hope you liked it.


And I’m telling you guys. My mind is BLOCKED. I can’t write anything good. So hope, I didn’t disappoint you guys.


And one more thing, I would be updating next 11 chapters regularly.

And that’s a promise❤

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