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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Introduction

I’ll soon be writing a FF on Porus, a great tv show which snatched my heart! The topic will be as mentioned, “His Destiny Awaits”

I’ll write this ff as a continuation FF from the last few episodes of Porus. Characters are same as in the show.

So, I’ll write a small chapter in this article too.

Puru, the great warrior awaits much hurdles throughout his path. He has to fulfill his mom’s dream of a United free Bharath. This story is on how Puru manages to fulfill his mom’s dream, as a son, and a future King….

Paurav Rashta is seen decorated with various types of flowers and all… People walk here and there hurriedly.. King’s guards arrive and free out the path.

Everyone expects for the Paurav Rashta’s King to arrive in a beautifully decorated hourse carriage!

Puru is shown walking through the path. People shout, Long live the king. Everyone flow flowers on Puru while others are shocked to see Puru , paurav Rashta’s king walking..

“United Bharath!” Puru address his people. All chant his name.

Guys if you like this introduction please share your ideas. Both positive and negative comments are accepted. Should I continue it ?? Or not ??

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