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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan becomes law minister

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janta catching a drunken man driving a bike. He says I will take you to police. Chaitu asks Puttan what will you do after becoming minister. Puttan tells his plans. Inspector leaves the guy with a warning and fine. Janta says anything can happen if he hits someone else. He questions the law. He asks them to change law minister, they need someone who knows laws well. Puttan says law ministry is vacant. Chaitu says I m managing it. Imli says don’t take tension, make Puttan law minister. Puttan and family ask Chaitu to agree. Imli threatens to go to her Maayka. Puttan says I m leaving with them. Chaitu says wait, I m giving the ministry. Puttan dances with them. Chaitu sits worried.

Khoji says state got a law minister, lets see if we get laws. Jha says don’t

make Puttan a law minister, cases are going on him. Chaitu defends Puttan and their decision. Chaitu makes Puttan swear that he will work honestly. Chaitu says you just have to say, not swear. He compliments Puttan. Imli says Puttan will make you proud. Jha greets them. Chaitu asks Jha to explain work to Puttan. Khoji comes to take Puttan’s interview. He says people want to know how a goon can become law minister. Puttan scares him with knife. Khoji says you have many cases and charges on you. Puttan asks men to take Khoji inside. Jha stops them. Khoji says I m not scared. Jha says leave the media, don’t take law in your hand. Puttan says fine, frame Khoji in this case. Khoji answers his wife’s call. Puttan sends Khoji. Jha asks Puttan to do something for laws. Puttan says yes, we will start tomorrow. He goes home. Imli compliments him. Everyone hugs him. Puttan says I m working hard and setting things fine, which Chaitu spoiled. Chaitu sends the security. He asks Puttan what work did he do. Chaitu taunts them and goes. Puttan attends call and goes.

Imli and Malai hear a lady’s problem and offer help. Puttan accepts bribe and makes money. khoji’s questions irritate Puttan. Puttan makes the men throw out Khoji. Janta questions inspector for accepting bribe. Jha says Puttan thinks he is the law, do something else you will fall in problem. Chaitu worries. Imli says I m going to veg market. She asks the man to give her car keys so that she can go to market. Chaitu gets upset knowing Imli has gone to market in his car. He worries for his decision. He says I did wrong to make Puttan the law minister. Puttan comes and greets. He says everything is going fine. Puttan defends Imli. Khoji informs about Imli’s accident in the market. Chaitu sees Puttan.

Chaitu asks Puttan to secure the people. Jha tells Chaitu that all of his old cases got opened because of Puttan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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