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Fated to be – Chapter 6 ( Abhigya )

Thank you so much Reshma_Pradeep, Vidushi and Shafia… Sorry I couldn’t reply back earlier and now comments r closed. So sorry for that..

This part contains Abhi’s n Pragya’s pov more n less conversation. So u may feel bored. I’m so sorry if u felt bored or it’s not up to ur expectations…

All r very happy that the plan is successful n are having their dinner except Abhi who already ate as he has to take medicines. Sumit is explaining to purab what happened before he came. Abhi is listening to their conversation n is stealing glances at pragya often.

Abhi : Purab, tomorrow there’s meeting na, I’ll manage that. U go with her to her college safely n talk with college officials *says her decision of attending for exams  to them*

Purab : But u r not fine yet na, u no need to stress urself. U take rest,  I’ll manage meeting.

Abhi : No Purab. I’m getting bored as I’m not doing anything in home. So, tomorrow u go to clg, I’ll manage meeting..

Samay : Purab , u manage meeting Yar. As we should only inform in clg na, Abhi u go with choti as u r feeling bored in home.

Abhi & Purab nodded..

Sumit : Abhi Bhai, can we sleep together ?

Samay , Purab , Abhi said *with wide eyes* What ??  Whereas Pragya started coughing bcoz of his question..

Abhi gave water to her immediately & is patting her back as she is at his right hand side beside him.

Purab : R u alright😱😱??

Samay : What did u mean by that 😱😱???

Sumit : Y r u all shocked 😱. I just asked to sleep with him. * Purab & Samay r shocked even more whereas Abhigya r in their world*

Same time # Abhigya

After she’s ok, reality striked Abhi that what he’s doing. He awkwardly took his hand & is avoiding eye contact with her.

Abhi : I’m just …. Hmm.. u know… Umm

Pragya : Thank you *He sees her by hearing it & she smiles at him.That is enough to relieve him from all his tensions n he too smiled at her* 😊😊..

Sumit now understood that y they r reacting like that…

Sumit :  *shouts & hence Abhigya came to senses* Oye, I didn’t mean in that way. U n ur minds.. As bhai’s hand is not good, he may need help na during night. I’m asking him so I can help him.

Purab : O k. I thought u really get mad in the happiness of getting rid of Tanu 😂

Samay: Bro, did u ate anything today as ur brain is working actively. But abhi , sumit is right, u may need help so I’ll sleep in ur room bcoz this guy *pointing sumit* won’t even stir if there’s an earthquake too 😂😂

Abhi : No samay. No need yar. Pls

They know arguing with him won’t work so they become silent n nodded their head. All departed to their rooms..

Abhi’s pov

Today is one of the best days of my life. She fell on me accidentally😍. Ah, I just stay like that life long but my body didn’t resisted that simple pain n I screamed in pain. She immediately got up 😞😏 n helped me to get up.

Doctor said to take rest but I’m work holic , how can I stay idle in home. But seems like I have no option as Samay & Purab blackmailed me to inform Dadi about this.I took rest n she came to apologise me. I realized one thing today that I can’t able to see tears in her eyes.

Later we had lunch & all r my favorites. O god, I just want to kiss her hands for cooking such yummy food. But I never thought that would happen. I hugged her n kissed her. Her cheeks r sooo soft like feather. She didn’t misunderstand me.Few minutes back too, I rubbed her back as she’s coughing. Again she didn’t think bad about me.

I know I didn’t kiss , hug her intentionally. But, those actions & closeness r developing some unnamed feelings in me. She don’t know about these so she’s not feeling bad. But I know it n I’m feeling guilty of my feelings, my actions n most importantly on myself…

I don’t want to fake myself to the girl I love. My first love.So, I want to confess her MY FEELINGS…

When she came here, her safety is my responsibility but now her safety is my life. I want to keep my Dadi safe so that’s y I’m staying away from her. But my love for pragya is different. It’s very selfish which don’t want Pragya to stay away from me. I want to spend my each & every day with her by my side.

In Pragya’s room

Sleep is far away from her as her mind is replaying  all the events that  happened today especially with HIM..

Pragya’s pov

I’m wondering what is my relationship with HIM. I hugged him when I’m in fear, that day I felt comforteness but whenever he hugged me, something is happening in my stomach. What’s that? I read in a story that a girl describes it as butterflies in stomach. But I never ate them? How can they enter my stomach?😱

I never allow any other guy to stand near me by less than 2 feet distance too but here he kissed me n hugged me twice. But y I never felt bad for that. Is it bcoz it happened accidentally or it’s something else…

Instead of feeling uncomfortableness, I felt safe n secure even by his simple gesture of touching my hand. The care I see in his eyes when I’m not ok, is giving infinite happiness to me rather than bothering…

I hope he’s fine now. Sumit Bhai is correct. HE may need any help. But he didn’t allow them. Let me check…

With this thought Pragya left to Abhi room.

In Abhi’s room

The sight in front of her, gave happy tears in her eyes. As she’s not feeling sleepy, she thought to stay in his room to help him in case he need.

Next day morning…

Sunrays fall on this Abhi’s face n he make an attempt to cover his eyes with his right hand. But he can’t able to do so as it is held by someone tightly…

He opened his eyes, after his eyes get adapted to the brightness of light he saw who it is holding. It’s Pragya. What can be the best sight other than seeing the love of his life ….

She’s sleeping by sitting on the floor n kept her hand on bed which is holding his right hand. She kept her head on Purab’s lap who’s sleeping in chair near bed. Abhi felt a pair of legs touching him. He lifted up his head n saw Samay sleeping on Ottoman &  saw an inverted Sumit’s head dangling towards ottoman as he’s sleeping on couch.

Abhi don’t want them to get worried / disturbed bcoz of him so he didn’t agree to Sumit’s sleep together plan. But he forget the fact that they all r as stubborn as him , so he don’t want to talk about it later too bcoz it’s of no use 😂😂😂..

Yesterday night thoughts entered his conscious mind. He thought to confess her today when he goes with her to clg. He saw her stirring in sleep n he immediately closed his eyes….

Pragya felt someone is staring her. She opened her eyes n saw him. He’s sleeping but there r strees lines on his forehead. It’s the first time she slept somewhere other than between pillows. She carefully took her hand from his hold & kneeled before him. She felt huge urge to do n finally after losing in front of it she touched his forehead n slightly massaged near his eye brows to clear those stress lines. He smiled in sleep n she returned it 😊😊

She got up to get freshen up n saw Sumit’s head which may fell down anytime. She carefully placed his head on couch pillow n she left the room smilingly…

After she freshen up, she went to kitchen n saw Ramu Kaka there…

Pragya : Kaka, how’s ur brother??

Ramu Kaka : She’s good beti 😊 What do like to have ? Tea or coffee ??

Pragya : I don’t want anything Kaka. I came to make coffee & breakfast for all.

Ramu Kaka : U take rest beti. I came na, I’ll make.

Pragya : I don’t have any other work now Kaka, let me help u.

All had their morning coffee n came to living room for breakfast…

Ramu Kaka : Abhi beta, what happened to ur hand ? 😱😱

Abhi : It’s just a small fracture. I’m fine Kaka. How’s ur brother? When I came that day , u already left so I didn’t ask u. Do u need any money ?

Ramu kaka : No beta. He’s fine now.

After their breakfast…

Abhi : *by seeing pragya* Can we leave to ur clg in half n hour ?

Pragya nodded her head. After sometime, both Abhi n pragya came towards his car. Driver also came as Abhi’s hand is injured…

Abhi : *to driver* I can drive safely.

*Driver left by nodding his head*

The journey to clg is silent.

Abhi talked with the principal & got contact numbers , mail IDs of professors. Later they came to library to know about detailed syllabus , to check reference books & all..

In library

Pragya is checking the books whereas Abhi is accompanying her. A person is about to dash her intentionally n Abhi who saw this, pulled her towards him. That guy fell on ground whereas Abhi is surrounding his hand around her waist n she’s hugging his right side…

Person : *thinks that they don’t know what he is doing, gets up * Hello Beautiful, this is Karan…

Abhi n pragya composed themselves. Pragya don’t know what happened but she don’t like the way he called her whereas Abhi is glaring him. As Abhi is wearing cap, that guy didn’t recognize him…

Abhi : * by removing his cap n holding Pragya’s waist * Hello. I’m Abhi. I guess u know me. No??

Karan : *he’s sweating by seeing Abhi & the way Abhi’s glaring n he nodded his head*

Abhi : U asked her name na. She is….

Karan : * before abhi completes* Bhabiji . Namaste . 🙏🙏🙏

Abhi : U check books u need as I have small work.

*Pragya nodded whereas abhi left with Karan to nearby class *

By the time Abhi came by repairing Karan she finished the list of books she need to buy. Abhi hold her hand & both r leaving the clg…

Pragya : Suniye … *Abhi turned his head towards her as What *  Did u beat that guy?

Abhi : * with a smirk * No, I just make him understand with my kindness 👊👊👊. Y u want to beat him with ur hand?

* Pragya quickly nodded as no*

No ?

* Pragya nodded as yes*


Then come on he’s here only. U can…

Pragya : No , no. I mean u make him understand na with ur kindness na, that’s enough. 😊😊

Abhi : 😊😊😊 ok then…

They left to mall to buy the things she need. Abhi took her to a hotel. They had their lunch.

Abhi : Will u come with me to a place ??

Pragya nodded her head willingly …

Abhi messaged to a person n after sometime, one of his worker came there. Abhi gave the bags to him. He messaged to Samay n Purab that they will reach home late as they r going somewhere….

As pragya slept late night yesterday n woke up early, she slept during journey. When she opened her eyes, as car is not moving n Abhi is not beside her, She panicked n got down from car.

There r near a Sea shore. It seems like a remote area as there r no one except them. She saw him lying on sand. She walked near him. He opened his eyes by hearing her anklets sound. He got up n she sat beside him but not touching him. They r enjoying the pleasant sound of waves…

Abhi hold her hand n she turned towards him…

Abhi : I want to say something so that’s y I brought u here…

The moment I saw ur eyes , my world stopped. I like u from that second. The accidental closeness between us developed feelings in me. But u don’t know it, so u r not worried of it. But, I felt like I’m cheating u.  I want to be loyal to u always.
I don’t know when n how it happened, but all I know is

The thought of u being in danger itself made me to lost interest in living this life

I wish to keep u safe in my arms forever

I want u r the one I see before I go to sleep & after I woke up everyday

I can’t able to see tears in ur eyes

Imagining u with other person itself is setting my heart on fire

I lose my control over myself in front of u

U bcome my soul

I love u Pragya 💓💓💓💓

He moved towards her n kissed her forehead..

Abhi :

This is my promise that



What do u think Pragya’s answer will be ??

Good night everyone…

Take care all..

Keep smiling 😊😊😊

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