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Fated to be – Chapter 5 ( Abhigya )

Before going to this chapter… 

A big sorry if this chapter is boring or too long or if it’s not up to ur expectations….

As Sumit’s so much engrossed in his mission , he didn’t listen that pragya is calling him. Pragya after trying so much went near n shake him.

Pragya : Bhai, where r u ??? What u r thinking that much??

Sumit : I’m here only Choti. I’m just thinking how to solve a very big problem.

Pragya : What’s that bhai ?

Sumit : The problem is *sees pragya, his mind striked an idea* , Choti (screams) I’ve got a plan. Will u help me ??

Pragya : I’m always ready to help u Bhai say me what I’ve to do…

Sumit : so sweet of you Choti. *Shares his plan which is muted*

Pragya : *with wide eyes* 😱😱😱😱 What? I can’t do that to a girl Bhai. How can I ?

Sumit : U r my only hope now Choti. Pls save us from that scary ghost pls pls..

Pragya : *with fear* Gh… gh…. Ghost??

Sumit : *sry Choti I’m using this fear of urs now. Pls forgive me* Ha Choti. She’s a ghost who always tries to suck our blood when we’re alone. If our plan worked out, she will never come here. Now decision is urs…

Pragya is in deep thoughts whether to agree to Sumit’s planning or not. After sometime, she agrees to his plan…

After sometime….

Abhi has taken rest n now his back pain is no more. He saw a person in the living room from upstairs….

OMG Dadi, how n when she came here? I guess she got to know about this small accident , that’s y she came all of a sudden. Who told her that ? No, Abhi first u need to convince Dadi that u r ok n u should make sure she’ll leave early, after that u’ll see who the idiot informed her. Ok… Just calm down…

Abhi hugged her from backwards circling his right hand around her waist by closing his eyes n put his head on her shoulder…

Abhi : Dadi, how r u ? See, don’t start ur lectures again. I’m fine now. Just a small fracture… Waise how u became this much slim… R u missing me that much as u became like a brand ambassador for zero size products 😂😂😂?

(No reply)

Y r u not answering ??

I know u r angry on me. Talk to me nah.. I know how to cool u.. *by saying this he kissed her cheek😘😘* hey Dadi, y ur skin is very soft ? R u using any beauty products or what ? Ur cheeks r so good  *by saying this again he kissed her😘😘*

(Again no reply)

I’m talking to u only y ur not answering me?

With that he turned his head left n saw her. In shock he broke the hug n she turned completely towards him…

Pragya … In Dadi’s attire.No, no Abhi u have gone mad by thinking about her. Y u r seeing Dadi as her? Wait lemme check again…

He rubbed his eyes n opened his eyes. Again, she saw her like that…

Is it happening in real or the original me is sleeping somewhere n it was all I’m dreaming?? O fool me wake up man.What u r dreaming  idiot. My insane brain has gone mad bcoz of her. Let me pinch myself.. Aaahh.. it’s paining.. so, it’s real… Ok final test ….

He tried to hug her but she jumped back.

Abhi : *in very low voice* Pragya ??

Pragya nodded her head.

O god, So it’s Pragya.What I’ve done .. I kissed her that to 2 times 😱😱😱. What she’ll think of me ? How I gonna show my face to her😑😧??

Abhi : *nervously* I’m sorry.. I thought u.. ..u ….. r Dadi … Hm.. aaaa… Y r u like this??

Pragya : *fears he’ll get angry on her so with shaking voice* su.. sumit Bhai… Plan…. Ghost…..Tanu…. Dadi…

Abhi : What Tanu, ghost , Dadi n sumit ? What r u saying? calm down… U said Tanu na. *Pragya nodded her head* Is Sumit is planning something ?? *Pragya nodded*… What he’s planning???

Pragya shared her conversation with sumit to Abhi.

Abhi burst into laughing …

Abhi : U really … Haha… believed that Tanu is Ghost ..  hahahaha… 😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂..

By hearing Abhi’s laughing sound, Samay came there…

Samay : Y u r laughing that much Abhi n *sees pragya who’s pouting* Choti, what happened n y u r in this attire?

Abhi with much difficulty shared the conversation of pragya n sumit to samay, later they both laughed like a mad n pragya understood that sumit lied to her.. At that time sumit came…

Sumit : I gave leave to all servants n now that ghos….. Oye Bhai? Y u both r laughing like that? If u say the joke to us , we also laugh na .. hai Na Choti *sees pragya glaring him* Choti , whom u r glaring at ? Is there someone behind me? *Checks behind him n there r no one* R u glaring me ??? Y so?

Pragya : *pouting* Bhai u lied to me??

Sumit : *by holding his ears n doing sit ups* Choti, u didn’t agree na to my plan at first, so I thought as u got scared , u’ll help us. Pls forgive me. I will never do like this ever…pls… I’m so sorry… I know what I done is wrong but pls forgive me.. pls pls ..

Samay : oye dumb brother, if u say real reason, she’ll agree to help us na. Where have u put ur brain ? In refrigerator ahh??

Sumit : Really, she will??

Pragya : Of course, if it for ur good n she’s wrong ,  i’ll definitely help u na..

Sumit : Really, I didn’t think that way. O god my legs r paining by doing sit ups..  k Choti stop glaring.. ha.. listen… That Tanu na, she’s the daughter of Kunal Mehtha. They r very rich n they usually sold their lands to others. Abhi mostly buy lands from them for his projects. So, she always tries different ways to come here n to…….

Pragya : To…

Sumit : * closing his eyes* se.. seduce us.

Pragya : What ?? Y 😱😱😱 ???

Samay : Bcoz Abhi is Rich na choti, if she marries him, she can get his property too na along with her.

Pragya : U said US na bhai. Then y u people??

Abhi : As we all have so much of influence in Mumbai , she wants to use it for her advantages..

Pragya : But u People also can do something na, y u didn’t done anything yet??

Samay : We warned her too  to maintain distance from us but she knows we don’t raise hands against women. Her parents r also encouraging her. She’s using our goodness as our inability.. But everything has limit na.. So, I & Abhi mostly leave this house, if we get to know she’s coming here, so purab will brought her here if she asks… But.. …. hahaha😂😂😂 … this sumit booked last time… hahaha😂😂😂….That toooo for 5 hrs with her. So he warned Purab last time not to brought her here ever…. But I think…. She really loved him….😂😂😂😂😂

Sumit : 😧 😧 Stop that nonsense. Ok  now.. u’ve known everything na. So will u help us so she won’t enter this house ever??

Pragya : What about new project Bhai ?

Sumit : They’ve signed already. So now no problem n if they want to buy further , I won’t allow these two people for sure. Is ur question Bank is empty now ? I’m here tensed n u r asking like an interviewer ?  She’ll come anytime 😭😭

Pragya : But u also..

Sumit : No more questions Choti. Will u agree to work with me in mission TTO then??

Pragya : ok Bhai. Mission TTO on 👍😊

Samay : What is this TTO??

Sumit & Pragya :

Throwing Tanu Out ..

Sumit : Now, u both too know about our plan na, u should help us.. *they discuss their plan*

After sometime…

Tanu n purab have reached MM… Tanu is holding Purab’s arm n is about to enter when Sumit comes towards the door…

Sumit : Hey Tanu darling.. How r u ? I miss u so much.

Tanu : *wow, finally my work bcome easy. Now, this sumit is liking me na, I don’t have to act good to remaining 3 & I guess last time the hard work I had put has got this good result. Leaves purab’s arm n hugs sumit * hello, my baby.. I miss u too… U know I came here to see u only.. I just used Abhi’s name …

Purab is expecting a bullet / knife from Sumit for bringing her but here he’s clinging to Tanu like this..*Definitely sumit is up to something*

Tanu & Sumit entered by holding hands..

Purab saw everyone in living room & now by seeing pragya, he’s shocked to core..

Purab : Cho….

Samay : Hey Purab, come here man.. *signals as no *

Purab came n sat beside samay in a sofa. Abhi n pragya r in a sofa. Sumit n Tanu r in another sofa. For purab it’s like he’s seeing Chinese movie without subtitles.. He don’t understand what’s happening??

Samay : *whispers to purab* Don’t think too much. It’s all our plan. Just be happy.. All ur doubts will be cleared later.

Purab just nodded his head doubtfully..

Sumit : Dadi, I said na, about a girl I loved,  she’s the one.. Tanu. & Tanu she’s my Dadi. She’s very important in my life. If she agrees I’ll marry u now itself…

Pragya : Hello be… *Abhi whispers as “Change ur voice”  n pragya quickly nods* Hello beta. Sumit always talks about u only… He said he loved u n wants to marry u. Do u love him beta?

Tanu : *Sumit wants to marry me 😱😱 , his Dadi seems to be soft lady, if I say yes.. she’ll agree for our marriage too* Yes Dadi. I love him. I also wanted to marry him..

Pragya : So, it’s ok from my side to this marriage .. but…

Tanu &Sumit : But ??

Pragya : *to Tanu* As u r going to be bahu, u have to manage this house, all our properties na, so I am going to give u tasks. If u complete those, all our property papers, money lockers will be handled by u only in future. Otherwise, I won’t give sumit a single coin too if u eloped each other..

Tanu thinks I’ve to complete those tasks. If I don’t do them, I don’t get any property. If I said I don’t love sumit too, I don’t know whether abhi / samay/Purab will fall in my trap or not , so it’s like a golden opportunity to me. I should complete each n everything without any fail..

Tanu : I’m ready Dadi. Even if u don’t give money, I love only Sumit not his property n all. N blah.. blah.. blah…….

Pragya : I’m so proud of u beta. Now coming to the tasks..

There r only 3 tasks beta which will prove whether u’ll take care of this Mansion in my absence or not…..

1) Arrange dinner for us..

2) Make sure this house looks clean each n every corner…

3) Final test which I’ll say after u complete above 2 tasks…

Tanu : That’s it Dadi 😁😁😁 *omg these r so simple, I thought she asks to do Pooja, to prepare food like that. But here I just have to order servants na, they’ll do everything. Wow, what a luxurious life*

Pragya : yes beta.. that’s it…

Tanu : K Dadi. Ramu… I mean ramu kakaaa… *Shouts * Ramu kakaa

But there’s no one came from kitchen..

Where did Ramu Kaka have gone ? Wait I’ll check kitchen Dadi..

Pragya : Ramu has gone to his brother’s home & All servants has took a day off…

Tanu’s world has reversed upside down..

Tanu : U … U mean to say… There’s no one  here except we People dadi?

Pragya : No beta, there’s extra one too. Ronnie come here n make sure my BAHU do the tasks perfectly or not without cheating…

Tanu : *I’ve to prepare dinner n to clean the house now.. aahhhh… Y I agreed to it..  But Tanu, just one day, ya one day u do these works , then everything, all properties is urs from tomorrow along with power of being wife to sumit. Ya do it. Just one day. Ha 😑😑😑*

Tanu prepared dinner n cleaned each n every room including store room.Ronnie is like a strict lecture who followed Tanu everywhere. If anything is not looking good, he has black mailed her to do that another time or else he’ll complain to Dadi.

During this time, Abhi -Samay- Sumit – Purab – Pragya r playing cards with snacks. Pragya make sure that Abhi took his tablets on time…

Tanu prepared dinner n cleaned everything in house. After 5 hours she completed her tasks. She looks like a girl who’s going to be fainted in few minutes..

Tanu : *with tired voice * Dadi, see I completed ur tasks. So now u don’t have any objection na…

Pragya :  Ronnie is there any place she is not neat or did she cheated ??

Ronnie : No Dadi. Everything is perfect..

Pragya : Wow, sumit . I’m so proud of u. U have selected a gem person as ur wife. Now, final test Tanu ..  r u ready beta?

Tanu : ji Dadi. I’m ready..

Pragya : Do u believe Sumit beta?

Tanu : Yes Dadi. I believe him blindly. I love him & so on ……..

Pragya : Then u stand there.

Tanu stand in the middle of living room away from them…

Pragya : Samay, get those things…

Samay : Ji Dadi..

Samay has brought an apple and gave to her.

Tanu : we’re going to have dinner in few minutes na Dadi, y this apple now??

Dadi : No beta.. Don’t eat that…

U know there’s always danger in our grandsons life na.

So this test is like teaser to u for the dangers u gonna face after marrying my grandson..

R u ready…

Put that apple on ur head..

Samay, blindfold Sumit’s eyes…

Sumit u have to shoot the apple by blindfolding ur eyes ok??

Tanu beta , close ur eyes…

U believe Sumit blindly na , just believe now.. That’s it..

Samay blindfolded Sumit’s eyes & sumit  aimed his gun at Tanu 😂😂😂😂

Tanu : *screamed* No, no, just stop it.. is this a game? U will shoot me for sure……

Sumit : u believe me na Tanu. I never tried this type of task before too. But I trust our love😂😂. My love will became shield to u from this bullet😂😂… K .. don’t worry… Even if I lose now or if Dadi don’t give property . We’ll get married for sure.

Tanu : What ok ? No, I can’t. Is this a TV show that ur love will protective me n all dialogues? If u lose in it that means end of my life then there will be no marriage too. What do I do by marrying u without property ah? I never loved anyone of u. If I stay here, u may fire the gun too. I love my life. Good bye everyone.. I’ll never come here…

With that Tanu ran from MM..

All screamed…

Mission TTO successful…


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