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Fated to be – Chapter 4 ( Abhigya )

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Abhi want to say something but he’s not able to say to her. By seeing him who’s struggling himself….

Pragya : Do u need anything ?

Abhi : *nodded*

*he take a long breath by closing his eyes*


Pragya : *nodded her head* yeah sure. Kahiye ( tell me) *by seeing his face it looks like the matter is very serious one* please sit..

Abhi sits on one end of bed n pragya on another end sideways…

Abhi : Purab informed me that u can directly attempt exams without going to clg. After what happened today,…ur life may also in danger bcoz of us. So, I want to know whether is it ok if u don’t attend classes ?

I can provide u security in clg too. But in clg, always there will be people around u n it’s highly risky. Coming to ur studies, if u want I’ll talk with clg authorities n will arrange lectures / tutoring sessions here..

Think of what I have said n say ur opinion tomorrow. Feel free to share ur thoughts n there’s no pressure from my side. It’s ur life n u have full rights to decide. It’s just that now u r my responsibility n I want to make sure you’ll be safe always so…..

The respect n gratitude, pragya has for abhi has multiplied by infinity with this simple gesture of him. She always thinks he’s a good person from what she heard about him but the way he analysed, shared his opinion & most importantly he gave chance to her to decide.He can order her to do this too but he’s respecting her decision. It touched her heart 💓💓💓💓💓

Pragya : *nodded her head* Thank you so much….

For helping me yesterday night….

For stopping my marriage…


Abhi : *wide eyes* MARRIAGE 😱??

Pragya : Do u remember u stopped a marriage 3 weeks back in our village by killing the groom? * Abhi nodded* I’m the bride.

What? She was going to marry that idiot? Did she love him? No,no, no I don’t think so. If she loves him, she won’t say thanks to me na for stopping their marriage.But what if she loves another guy? That maybe the reason too na 😧😧

Abhi’s, don’t jump into conclusions like that yar. Ask her indirectly, then u will know the truth which decide what u become in future either Devdas or Majnu. Let’s hope for the best 🙏🙏🙏. Ready…. Steady…. Go….

Abhi : Oic. But I don’t know u love another one. I stopped th….

Pragya: No, no, u r mistaken. I don’t love anyone. I always wanted to do study more but papa didn’t agree for that before *Says everything which is in introduction part *

Abhi smiled brightly by listening to her reply. O my God, I never thought I would do good things like this 😁😁😁😁.

By seeing him smiling, she also started smiling n the only thought that occurred in her mind is….

Awww, He’s so cute & handsome 😍😍😍…

They talked about random things for some time. After that Abhi left to his room…

Pragya’s pov….

Dadi always cares for everyone. She looks like a happy person to outside world but she’s very lonely. She lost interest in life but her grandson is the only reason bcoz of which she’s living.

She always thinks about her grandson n worries about him.I always spend my free time with her n will try my level best to make her happy.She shared about each n every thing about him. She said he’s very jovial one who lives his life to his fullest. But here he’s behaving like if he smiles pearls or diamonds would drop from his mouth.

Today is the first time he smiled n he’s soo handsome. What a genuine smile it was. He is so caring, understanding, practical , intelligent, most responsible guy I’ve ever seen.

In Abhi’s room….

Abhi is rolling on the bed. When he closed his eyes, the images of pragya hugging him, pragya in lehenga, he hugging her in book store, & her smile r the only things that he’s seeing. His mind is replaying his earlier conversation n he’s smiling ear to ear.

I always think I will never fall in love. I thought I like her yesterday but when an impulse thought that her life is in danger, every nerve in me want her to be safe, to be alive. I always ensure that everyone around me should be safe but never I have cared for a person like this as her existence means to me.

Y I lost interest in living my life when she was in danger?

Y I felt unknown jealousy by thinking her hugging a guy?

Y whether she’s loving another one or not is that much important to me?

Is this love??

Did I fall in love with her??

Is she the girl who’s Fated to be mine???

With all these questions, abhi drifted into sleep…

Next day….

Pragya made coffee n thought to give to them by herself. She gave to samay n purab.She went to Sumit’s room.
Sumit is in his deep sleep. Pragya is waking him from past 5 mins , even though he’s showing 2 fingers which says he’ll wake up in another 2 mins 😂😂😂😂

Pragya : *shouted* Who r u ? What r u doing here in my bhai’s room ? Y r in my bhai’s shirt??? Bhai who’s this girl??

When Pragya’s words started getting into his mind… Sumit woke up with a jerk…

Sumit : What? Who’s she? Where’s she?

But he didn’t find anyone there. He heard laughing sound of pragya then he understood that she pranked him…

Sumit : Choti, u pranked me… Wait …

With that Sumit started chasing her but pragya missed from his clutches n entered Abhi’s room. He’s no where to be found. She placed coffee on side table n is about to go when she heard some voice….

She started walking in the direction of voice n reached Abhi’s bathroom in his closet.

Abhi is singing….

🎶Neeve Neeve… Neeve Neeve…🎶
🎶Neeve Neeve… Neeve Neeve…🎶
(It’s u , it’s u , it’s u)

🎶Edaina nee tharuvathe anipisthundhey ila…🎶
(For me anything in this world seems to matter only after u )

🎶Yemaina adhi nee valley jariguntundhey elaa🎶
(For me, u r the reason that all happened to me)

🎶Edhirosthuney Vunnavey, ne Ey daarilo velthunna🎶
(U appear in every path I take)

🎶Kadhilisthuney Vunnavey, ne nekantham lo Vunna🎶
(U influence me in my loneliness)

🎶Maripisthuney Vuntavey, nakem Yem em gurthosthunna🎶
(U make me forget my wandering thoughts)

🎶Muripisthuney Vuntavey, na mundhey nuvvulekunna🎶
(U spread the affection though u r not in front of me )

🎶Neeve Neeve … Neeve Neeve🎶
🎶Neeve Neeve…. Neeve Neeve🎶

Pragya is in her world enjoying his soulful voice n is so engrossed that she leaned more on to the door. Her mind didn’t processed too that his voice is more audible now…



Abhi opened the door n she fell on him. As she falled on him suddenly, Abhi’s back hit the floor n his left hand’s elbow hardly hit the edge of stairs ( stairs for bathtub). So he screamed in pain.

Pragya quickly got up n saw him who’s holding his back with right hand in pain. She helped him to get up , holds his right hand with her right hand n places left hand around his torso to support him. She made him sit on bed n called Purab n Samay.Purab & Samay came by her screaming.

Purab : What happened Choti ???

Before pragya says , abhi answered him..

Abhi : I slipped in bathroom Purab. Thankfully, she came to help me. I’m ok now…

Samay : R u okay abhi really ??

Abhi : Yeah, samay. I’m perfectly… Ouch ok….*he said my moving his left hand *.

Purab : Abhi just move ur left hand..

Abhi tried moving his hand but again he screamed in pain.

Pragya : I’ve pain relief spray. I’ll go n get that..

Samay : No, Choti. We’ll take him to hospital. I don’t think it’s a small injury…

With that Purab n Samay helped Abhi to change into his dress whereas Pragya left to kitchen. (All the time Abhi’s in his bathrobe)

After having quick breakfast, Samay, Purab n Abhi has gone to hospital.. All the time Pragya’s very sad that bcoz of her only he bearing the pain.

Sumit : Choti, y r u sad?

Pragya : No Bhai. I’m ok.😐😞

Sumit : I thought u really consider me as ur Bhai. But, it’s ok. After all…

Pragya : No Bhai , pls don’t think like that. I consider u People as my Bhai wholeheartedly.

Sumit : Really !!! Then say y r u like this…

*Pragya shared what happened in Abhi’s room*

Pragya : *with tears* He helped me so much but I have gave pain in return to him.

Sumit : O O Choti, pls don’t cry na. U didn’t mean to hurt him na. It happened accidentally. Don’t worry. Abhi bhai also knows this that’s y only he said like that to purab & samay Bhai. He don’t want u to feel low.

Pragya : But I’m th…

Sumit : No buts n ifs… I know about Abhi bhai. He won’t think bad about u. Even if u want to make Bhai happy, prepare anyone of bhai’s fav dish n apologize him.U know no one can reject ur sry by eating ur yummy tasty food😋😋…

Pragya : Sachiii *with innocent eyes*

Sumit : Muchii my choti * says by pulling her cheeks*.

They returned from hospital after 1 n half hour. Abhi’s back is fine as it was a normal hit but his left hand has been bandaged n he’s wearing a belt for support. Doctor said to take rest for 2-3 weeks. Abhi is resting in his room.

After preparing all his fav dishes,Pragya has gone to his room. She sees abhi is sleeping , so she’s leaving when he says…

Abhi : Do u need anything???

Pragya : I’m sorry. Bcoz of me u woke up…

Abhi : No, I’m not sleeping. Just closed my eyes that’s it.

Pragya : *crying*I’m so sorry for early morning incident. I was about to go by placing coffee but came back in the direction of voice. I’m in another world while listening the song that I don’t know I was leaning onto the door. I don’t have any intentions to hurt u or to spy on u. Pls accept my apology.

I am not able to see tears in her eyes. My own pain seemed to be less by seeing her crying. Aahh my hands r itching to wipe her tears. I need to make her understand that I’m ok.

Abhi began to get up n pragya comes quickly to help him to sit on bed. She places pillow on his back. He signs her to sit on bed. She sits in front of him.

Abhi : *holds her hand* I know u haven’t done that intentionally. I don’t want u to feel guilty of what happened so that’s y I said like that to purab & samay. Pls don’t cry n be sad.

I’m ok now… 😊😊😊

Abhi wants to lighten her mood so…

Abhi : What’s ur decision regarding ur clg?

Pragya : *by wiping her tears* hun???

Abhi just raised his eyebrows in return as what ??

Pragya : I don’t have any problem. I can manage studying at home too. But…

Abhi : But ??

Pragya : Can I have professors contact so that I will ask them if I have any doubts. Other than that I don’t have any problem at all.

Abhi : ok . Purab will get contact details in a week. U give list of books u need too to him. He’ll get everything for u…

Pragya : Thank you….

Lunch is ready. Will u eat now ? U have to take tablets too na??

Abhi nodded with a smile. Pragya helped him n they both reached downstairs. Samay, Sumit n Abhi r there where as purab has gone to office…

By seeing all dishes, Abhi looked at pragya n she smiled at him which conveyed that all r for him only.Eyes convey feelings more than lips.Abhi ate more than usual that day n pragya is super happy for that.

He hold my hands to pacify me n he changed the topic to change my mood. He even lied to his friends so that I won’t feel guilty. By seeing his care, I’m not even feeling like I’m away from my parents. I wonder what he will do if he fall in love with anyone. Lucky the girl with whom he fall in love.

At evening…

Purab called sumit..

(Call conversation)

Sumit : Ha Bhai. Kaho ( say)

Purab : Sumit, I’m not doing this intentionally but it is happening. Pls don’t kill me…

Sumit: What r u talking ? Say clearly na…

Purab : That… hm…Tanu is coming with me to our house as she got to know Abhi is not well. I tried my best so that she don’t come but she’s so much stubborn Yar.

Sumit : What ? If she comes here I’ll kill u for sure Bhai. U know about my puppy expressions power, I’ll convince abhi Bhai too. He also don’t do anything if I kill u…

Purab : But , what to do? I’m helpless. His father is the one who is selling land for our new venture. I can’t talk bad with her. Pls for me, for abhi. Pls…

Before sumit can say anything

(Call ends)

Sumit is deeply thinking no no planning so that Tanu will never come to MM.


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