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Ek Deewana Tha 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vyom’s truth is out!

Ek Deewana Tha 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vyom asks Sharanya to sit in the car. She pushes him as he turns and takes the wheel. She drives away.

Vyom begins to run after the car.

Suvarna asks Sharanya what she is doing. Sharanya tells her they fell right in a trap. Entire Bedi Family trapped us! Sharanya is chasing Rajan and Madhvi’s car. Rajan notices it and realises that Sharanya has seen them. She is following us. Madhvi panics. Everything will be over. Rajan drives the car faster. Suvarna tells Sharanya she might be mistaken but Sharanya is sure she dint see anything wrong. Sharanya overtakes Rajan’s car and stops the car right in front of his, blocking him from driving any further. Rajan and Madhvi step out of the car. Suvarna and Sharanya are stunned to see them.

Freddy wakes up and winces in pain. Odhni says

I never thought you will be a blot in the name of friendship. I did so much for my friend. I even risked my life. I lied to Shiv and Sharanya! I separated two lovers and you joined hands with Vyom for money! You want to kill me now? She hits him. You separated SHiv from his Sharanya. Freddy shouts at her not to be a fool. Nothing is bigger than money. Let’s share is 50-50. She shouts at him to stop and hits him again. It might be everything for people like you but not for me. I am not pained that you turned out to be a traitor. I regret not realising it earlier. I trusted you so much! She cries thinking of their past memories. It was the biggest mistake of my life but not I will fix it. See what I will do now. Freddy reaches out for his pistol. Odhni hits him hard again before he can do anything. He passes out.

Sharanya’s phone rings. She drops it and it is put on speaker automatically. It is Odhni who advises her not to do Shiv’s last rites. Vyom is behind all this. Don’t let Shiv go. His mission isn’t over. Vyom killed him. I lied to him. I am your culprit but Vyom forced me to do this. He threatened to kill Freddy. I did it to save Freddy but I found out just now that Freddy and Vyom are together. There isn’t time to tell everything. Don’t perform Shiv’s last rites. Vyom takes the phone from her. Odhni keeps calling out to Sharanya but Vyom throws the phone on the ground thereby breaking it. Sharanya slaps Vyom. She holds him by his collar. I trusted you; thought you to be my friend and you cheated me and Shiv? He used to tell me always but I chose to trust you instead. Shiv only wanted to see me and us happy. You dint think once before doing this? You snatched everything from me! You snatched my Shiv from me! Why?

Sharanya slaps him again but Vyom holds her hand the third time. Why I did this? You really want to know? It is because I love you! I love you since the first day of college. I fell for you when I saw you for the first time! Flashback of their first meeting is shown. You too smiled as if you fell in love but how did I remain only a friend? You knew since forever. More flashbacks are shown. Our friendship could turn into love only if Shiv hadn’t come in between. I came in your life before Shiv. I loved you first then how did he come in your life? I had killed that Shiv! You heard it right. I only killed Shiv the day you were taking him to meet your parents. I stopped him from meeting your parents. I went to my father and asked him to get Shiv out of my way at any cost! Dad told me against it but when he found out that Shiv is Suvarna and Dhananjaya’s son, he agreed. It was a question of the property after all! He chose property over his son! He couldn’t lose it. You were going with SHiv in his car happily. I wanted to ensure that Shiv meets a bad fate and nothing happens to you. You got down the car and I pushed Shiv’s car in the ditch. You got hurt in the process. Shiv refused to die and came back. He started walking towards you when I had to intervene. I killed him using a knife and threw his dead body in the ditch. Vyom hurts himself on his head too. I took you to your hospital then. Your parents thought me to be your boyfriend. I went everywhere from where I got hope that you will be fine. You woke up and dint remember anything at all! This hints that someone wanted Vyom and Sharanya to unite. I loved you with all my heart. I took care of you; stayed beside you with a hope that you will fall for me one day. It was beginning to show when Shiv returned as a spirit! You see everything but not my pain. I had to go away from my mother. My Dad could have died. Why can’t you see my pain when you can see everything else? You will have to love me as I loved you madly. Lot many people sacrificed their lives for me! I only killed Dr. Amit! He got proof that your real love was Shiv! Flashback shows Vyom keeping a tab on Dr. Amit. He found out a lot about me and wanted to tell you. If I hadn’t killed him then I would have been exposed! Vyom kills Dr. Amit who is shocked to see Vyom. Vyom tells him that his love is everything for him. I got mad if someone tries to come between me and my love. Flashback ends. You know about all those people who died afterwards. I dint wish to kill your father but he was also trying to stop the wedding. I was forced to do what I dint want to! I don’t know why I kill people. I have also killed someone who no one knows about!

Vyom overhears Dhananjaya scolding his parents. He throws a vase on Dhananjaya’s head from upstairs thereby killing him.

I was a small kid but he was trying to harm my loved ones. I only realised one thing that nothing should happen to those I love, be it my parents or my love. I don’t know why I do it but I just do it for those I love! If someone will try to come between us now then I will kill him too! Poor Dad keeps covering up for my mistakes.

Madhvi and Rajan panic seeing Dhananjaya dead. Madhvi tells Rajan to make sure no one finds out that Vyom killed him. Rajan tells her to forget Vyom did it. I did it!

Vyom tells Sharanya she will have to love him, even if by force. Sharanya asks him how he thought she will love him. Sharanya is Shiv’s and will remain his only! She begins to walk away when Vyom holds Suvarna by her neck. Rajan and Madhvi’s pleas are unheard. Sharanya looks on in shock. She tries to intervene but Vyom does not let her. I am mad for you. I have killed many. I will kill the remaining ones too. Suvarna shouts in pain.

Precap: Sharanya is hiding from Vyom and is wounded. Sharanya finds her Kul Devi’s idol and the ring given to her by Shiv in the jungle. She shouts Shiv’s name. Vyom finds Sharanya when Shiv comes between them. He lifts Vyom high in the air.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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