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Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-19 by suma

Hello guys long time no see ❤❤❤
How u all???
I just wanna share a thing with you all
I just met with accident last week and now slowly recovering but iam better than fine now…
Actually Wen iam riding bike , stuck in traffic all of sudden I got a notification as I have a habit of listening music while ride so I just checked notification I was shocked that
“tejasswiprakash liked your post ” in instagram
This is big shock for me so I forgot where iam and I opened my mobile to recheck it’s her or not so opened instagram and it’s her and I took screenshot to post but with in some seconds one olacab dumped into me and I fell down along with bike so guys not only drunk and drive …. using mobile also danger while driving resting from a week so I get to know this so please don’t use mobile while driving.

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Enough of my bak bak let’s get into story


On call
“How many times I told u ragini please go back to home Bachaaa ….iam very tensed”  sanskar said
” Sanskar merko Kuch nai Hoga …iam fine now…I just came to meet my friend Aditi ”
” I shouldn’t left you alone…that Srinu what was he doing…I informed him na…not to leave you till I come…I just came to sign the project and you went out ”
” Sanskar it’s been a 4days….iam all fine now…and iam with Aditi I will talk to u later…bye bye bye….”
” Listen …..”
Call disconnected


” Why you make him tense rags, you should have listened to him na ” Aditi (Ragini friend)

” God!!! Aditi iam fine it’s just periods and he got tensed about it “

” He cares for u “

” He loves me 😍😍😍” She said while blushing

” Hoy hoy !!! Wat about you madam “

” I love him Aditi more than my life “

Aditi looked at her 😊😊😊😊
“Hmmmm….what about Sahil then?? “

” Common Aditi it’s just crush…I understand what love…I experienced it with Sanskar….his presence makes me feel comfortable…his smile makes me forget myself “

“Finally you fell in love “

” Yes !!!I’m in love with my husband “


” Hello Mr. Sahil sengupta this is
sanskar Maheswari ” he forwarded his hand

” I have heard a lot about your maheswari group of companies …I’m glad that I have been tied to this company for this project ” Sahil added by shaking hand

” We are glad that we have been partnered with you in suuch a small age you had achieved this company and reputation Mr.senugupta ” sanskar said

” You can call me Sahil …Mr. Maheshwari “

” Same goes with me , it’s sanskar “

Both chuckled

” So let’s move further regarding project …what say sanskar ? “

” Don’t mind Sahil…we will continue this later..I have to go now “

” Yeah …I have one important person to meet ” saying this Sahil lost in thoughts

” Uhuhuh ” sanskar faked his cough to bring back Sahil to reality and smiled at him

” Sorry I was just !!!”

” I can understand….may be your in love ” sanskar said

” Yes , from college days ….but I thought she didn’t have any feelings for me…but I came to know that she too likes me ” Sahil said with smile

” Congrats sahil…hope you get her love too “

” Thanks sanskar bye “

” Bye “

Both left


” Where are you Ragini ??? “

” Im still in my friend’s house sanskar “

” Tell me the address I will come to pick you “

” Uff there is no need to pick me up !!! I know the way and iam not kid “

” Nooo Ragini it’s already 8pm it’s not safe…and u know what “

” What?? “

” Come to balcony ” sanskar said

Ragini walked to balcony holding mobile and saw sanskar waving his hand 👋👋👋👋
” Hello Mrs.maheswari can you come down , so that we go home and I miss you already so don’t make me wait much …move fast to door and come to me ” sanskar said

” Sanskar come inside we will have dinner together here with my friend Aditi “

” I had planned a special date for us Mrs.maheswari “

” Aww sanskar call me Ragini ….what’s that Mrs. Maheswari ??”

” When ever I say this I feel  you are mine “

” Acha….come inside “

Both talked to her for sometime and left the place bidding bye to her friend

” Sanskar where are we going ? “

” You forgot??? I said I have planned dinner date “

” We already had na , we will go home now … tomorrow pakka we will go for dinner date ” she said holding his arm while he is driving …
He side hugged her and said
” As you wish baby , I’m shocked that for the first time Ragini sanskar maheswari said no to food ” 😂😂😂😂😂

” Oye hello!!!! I didn’t said no ….I just postponed to tomorrow ” by saying her mobile rings

Swara !!!!!

” Hello swara, how are you?? “

Ha Ragini, iam fine…how are you?? “

” I’m sooper good ” holding sanskar

” 😁😁😁 Acha listen I have called you inform you that tomorrow karwachauth ”

” Karwachauth ” 😯😯😯😯😯
Listening this sanskar coughed suddenly and started smiling sheepishly 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

” Ha ragini , I called you to remind this ”

” Ok swara bye “

She disconnected the call and looks at sanskar
Smile is not leaving his face

” Why….why are you laughing like donkey ” 😤😤😤

” You know why iam laughing ” he added

” Toh chale dinner date par ” 😒😒😒😒

” You want to go tomorrow na “

” Now iam telling na , I want to eat ” she said

He stopped the car and pointed to home
” We reached ?”

” Toh ?? Kya aap Ka ghaadi mei petrol nai hai kya !!! Aur tumara ghaadi peeche nai ja Sakti ??”
He opened the door for her but she is not getting down. He took her into his arms in bridal way and started walking to home.

” Sanskar I want to go to restaurant …I wanna eat how much I can for today ” she is shouting
But he didn’t listened to him and placed her on bed.

He cupped her face” Listen ragini ,I know you can’t resist yourself and there is no rule to do compulsory okay “

” Its not about rule Sanskar….it’s about you…me…us…to be together like this forever “

” We will be together forever Ragini …no matter what I will never leave you…so there is no need to do this ” he said but she is not in a mood to listen his talks.

” Mei vrath rakna chahtihoo sanskar “

” Zaroorat nai ….bilkul “

” Mei kehdiya toh kehdiya ab mei vrath rakhlungi ” she said and went to kitchen to cook something for her to eat how much she can eat tonight.

All the food arranged on dining table by Srinu and he is serving her and she is eating…

” Ragini…it’s not healthy to eat at this time “

” Please mujhe distract math Karo sanskar ”
He nodded his head in disbelief and placed himself beside her and he is adoring her.


” Ragini….I’m going to office I will be back with in 1hour…. So take rest… Please do eat something atleast you look so weak “

” No…I don’t want to eat anything…you go safe and come home quickly “

” Sure Meri Jaan ”
He hugged her and kissed her cheeks

” Only cheeks !!!!” She pouted
He kissed on her pout 😘😘
She folded her arms and turned to other side

He slowly ran his hand through her bare waist and hugged her and put his head on her shoulder and keeps nuzzling at her neck with his nose and she is holding his hand tight. She is lost in his touch and moaned his name ,She can’t hold her feelings for long and turned to him and hugged him tightly and tears were falling.
” Jaan….what happened ??” He rubbed her tears with thumb finger

” Don’t know I’m getting some bad vibes from morning but !!!!”

” Jaan….im here na…with you…don’t think about anything eat food and take rest, I will be back ok? “

” No sanskar…iam keeping this fast for us “

” Okay then take rest I will be back ”
He pecked her lips and left to office

On call
” Ragini, can you come to my home, its urgent ” she sobbed while saying

” Aditi, what happened, why are you crying??

” please come fast Ragini “

She disconnected the call

” Hello… hello Aditi ”
call ended


Ragini took the car keys  and started driving fastly to reach Aditi and she called Sanskar
” Sanskar …sanskar I’m going to Aditi…she is in problem sanskar “

” Jaan….where are you….I will come wait…don’t go till I come “

” Sanskar I’m already in half way …”
Here sanskar took the car and started driving to her

” Jaan …listen stop somewhere I will come and take you…don’t go alone…I will come “

” Sanskar , don’t worry nothing will happ……..


Ragini car got dashed with big truck.

” Jaan….Jaan….”
He started driving fast then his phone rang

” Jaan….tell me where are you I will come to you “

” Sir, here the girl met with accident and lost more blood …. please come to this place. “

All went blank to sanskar that only one word is ringing on his mind
” Accident….Accident “

He forgot he was driving and suddenly his car got hit with another truck which was coming opposite.

Thudddddddd ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

Screen went blank

Here oneside Ragini fell on road lifeless and another side sanskar fell on road lot of blood oozing from his body

Posting small promo because I dono when next update will be

Doctor what’s her condition – she is out of danger now…but she lost her memory …by d way who r u ?

He – I’m her fiance


Doctor – he is fine but he lost his memory ….

Family members shocked


Ragini – You are?

He –  I’m your class mate …don’t you remember me…I’m Sahil….Sahil sengupta …


“I love u ragini ” Sahil

Done with this part
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