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Chandrashekhar 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra clears his exams

Chandrashekhar 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandra thinking of Sitaram’s words. Jagrani stops him and says don’t feel bad, your dad said that for your betterment. He doesn’t listen and says I won’t come home. Jagrani says fine, come, I will drop you to Manohar’s house, you will stay with him from now on. She takes Chandra to Manohar’s house and asks him to keep Chandra with him for few days, Sitaram is much angry on Chandra. Manohar says don’t worry, he will stay with me, he will go school with me. Chandra says I won’t go home. Manohar says fine. Jagrani says I will send your food with Sukhdev.

Manohar says I got appointed as head master. She says its good news, Lord helps one who helps others. Chandra hugs her. She goes. Its morning, Jagrani thinks no one understood Chandra. She sees Tatya and

Darsi with kids. She asks where did you go, Chandra was so worried. The kids say we ran away to save Chandra. Darsi says kids came back to railway line, Sursi said you gave them shelter in your house. Jagrani says it was my duty. Darsi thanks her. Kids ask for Chandra. Jagrani says meet him when he returns from school. Jagrani goes home. She says Sitaram would have not slept all night. She sees him in kitchen. His hand burns by hot tea. She makes him wash his hand. He says its fine and goes to drink tea. She says I will make food. He says I won’t go on work today, I was awake all night. He rests to sleep. Sukhdev takes their blessings and leaves for school. She gives Chandra’s tiffin. Sukhdev asks why shall I take it. She says he is at Manohar’s house, tell him that his friends went to their village. Chandra is in class. Sukhdev comes and says why did you go to Manohar’s house. He gives his bag and tiffin.

He says mum said your friends went to their village. Chandra smiles and hugs Sukhdev. They smile. Sukhdev goes. Watson takes rest and feels fresh. Gomes says the missing kids are found, they managed to get back on their won. Watson says Sindhal has took them and dropped them back. Gomes says sorry, I know its matter of your reputation, we will find Sindhal. Watson says Sindhal must not escape this time. Chandra hears the results getting announced and worries for his result. Manohar says I expected this from you, what are you thinking, I told your parents, they didn’t believe me, you passed in all subjects with good marks, go home and tell everyone, you have proved my trust. Chandra touches his feet and runs home. Sukhdev runs home and shows his result to Sitaram. Sitaram gets happy. He asks him to show his result to Jagrani, he passed 7th class with second distinction. Sitaram says help Chandra in studies. Sukhdev agrees. Jagrani says I will get Chandra home. Sitaram smiles. She smiles and runs. Sitaram gets emotional. Chandra sees many people in his home. He hears everyone praising Sitaram’s son. He says dad will smile seeing me today, mum will hug me too. He hears men congratulating Sitaram. Sitaram calls out Sukhdev. Chandra thinks dad loves me too and goes to him. He sees Sukhdev and stops. Sitaram feeds sweets to Sukhdev.

Chandra says Sukhdev passed the 7th class exam. Chandra throws his results. Sitaram doesn’t listen to Chandra. Sukhdev finds Chandra’s report card.

Update Credit to: Amena

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