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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update Tilu tiwari happu plot against Bindu delivery service

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tilu says happu these two are teasing us and acting over smart,I will break their pride,tiwari walks to them and asks who bugged you,happu says tikka malkhan,vibhu and anu bhabhi delivery service is pain in nose,tiwari says it is,there’s an idea to bring it down,and let’s appoint a girl too.

Saxena dressed as Ravan,walks to them,delivers a dialogue and leaves.anu on call with Meenal giving her days details and says it’s going very well and boys are doing it so well and are enjoying it and I have to work for tomorrow bye now.vibhu walks in and anu says Vibhu Meenal was very happy with our performance and I’m so proud of you I had no hopes but you proved me wrong,vibhu says you always do this.

Anu says Vibhu when you do something good I’m the one who is the happiest and

tell me one thing why aren’t you romantic now a days,vibhu says let me but first go wear a romantic nighty a very good perfume,and create the mood and I will be back,anu asks where too,vibhu says I had a call for delivery personal delivery let me go and be back quickly.

Anguri singing and dancing,tiwari walks to her,anguri says I love this song,tiwari says I feel so romantic,it’s been so long,anguri says last night we spent a romantic night,tiwari says but that wasn’t enough for me.vibhu gets in through window.tiwari about to kiss anguri,vibhu puts his cheek forward,anguri gets scared and jumps in bed,vibhu asks tiwari did you have onion in dinner,anguri says oh god how did you find that,vibhu says I can tell what you had to here on my cheeks,tiwari says oh stop it what are you doing in my bedroom.

Vibhu says Bindu delivery we are best in business,here’s coriander,tiwari says did it say come by window,vibhu says it was necessity I had to deliver in 28 min,tiwari says ok but who ordered,vibhu says what did I do it was written in order book,anguri says let me keep it,it’s necessary,vibhu says bhabhiji you cook very good corriander pakodas I will come tomorrow,anguri says sure I will make chatni too,lovely service I must say,tiwari says here’s money leave now.

Anguri says shall I close my eyes,tiwari angry and frustrated.malkahn at tikka at Mishra house,anu walks to them and says here’s order list and customer address and here note time and give me a call when you deliver,tikka and malkahn leave for work.

Tiwari hiding in drum listens to all this and informs happu about tikka and malkhans location,saxena walks to tiwari as Ravan hits his head and leaves.a lady comes and throws garbage over tiwari.
Vibhu at a delivery location,sees throw window a lady and says she looks like bhabhiji oh she is bhabhiji but who is that Baby in her hand,anguri says my baby my love and hugs him,vibhu says oh god bhabhiji has a baby but what is she doing here I have to find out the truth.

Vibhu knocks the door,anguri opens the door and asks what,Vibhu says bhabhiji you didn’t realise me it’s me Vibhuti,she says I don’t know you,keep the food here and leave,vibhu asks what are you doing here,she says I stay here with my husband and baby,vibhu says Tiwari is your husband,a man walks and says I’m her husband leave now your work is done,anguri closes the door and gets in.

Vibhu tried to sneak in but gets nothing. Happu in the middle of raid,malkahn bangs him,happu says cant you see me and slaps him. Tilu puts nails all over the road tikka rides his cycle over it and tyres are punctured,tikka says nails all over here who is it.malkhan asks what’s wrong I have to deliver food,happu asks where’s license,malkhan says I don’t have,happu says you will be jailed for 7 years,malkhan says firstly cycle doesn’t need license and secondly why 7 years,and please let me go,happu says ok pay 10000 chalan

Tilu asks what’s wrong tikka,tikka says my tyre punctured see,tilu says it’s not nails,tikka says no it isn’t,tikka says yes it is,tilu says show me then,tikka punctured the tyre and says look,tilu says ok come let’s fix it come come.

Happu wastes malkhans time and later says ok go now. Anu gets a call from customer about order not being received,anu says what you received after 40 minuted oh I hope you didn’t pay,oh god you didn’t thank you sir,anu gets very upset,tikka and malkhan walk in,anu scolds them,tikka and malkhan tells them the scene.anu says now I will have to pay for their orders stupid boys.
Tikka malkhan say sorry and say we won’t repeat,anu says no more sorry here’s list go get back to work.

Pre cap : vibhu sees anguri in that house again,he informs anu about seeing anguri .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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