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Belan Wali Bahu 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Servants are thrown out of house

Belan Wali Bahu 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kamini says to family that you people have to do last rituals of Dada. Prem says no, we cant do his last riots. Kamini says why he is head? Prem looks around and says his elder brother lives in US so we have to wait for him to come. Lata says yes, his elder brother have to come. Kamini says it will take 24 hours for him to come, body will decompose and smell, Jitendra and Naren bring ice bar and make him lie on that, deadbody wont decompose then. Dada imagines himself lying on ice bars and family crying for him, he panics and tries to not move. Jitendra says okay we will bring it. Prem says no, we dont have to wait for his brother, lets burn him. Dada panics and gets up. All look on. Dada says whom you are going to burn? nothing happened to me. Kamini smirks. Shalini says you had an

attack, Dada says it was an acidity attack, it was not heart attack. Prem says father is back. Naren says Dada is here with us, nothing happened to him. Lata says Suzzi you should have checked him clearly, Suzzi says I am just nurse. Kamini says I am his wife, I brought him back from Yamraj, she asks Suzzi to bring his medicine and makes him sit on his wheelchair, she asks everyone to work, she leaves. Dada sits on wheelchair. Roopa and Lata are sad. Jitendra says our plan was nice but Dada was acting, if he really died then.. Dada slaps him and says do you people have any more ideas? all shake heads and leave.

Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that this idea flopped too. He says Dada got scared because of ice. Roopa says think some easy idea. Laddo’s ghost says they are clever, they are three so its difficult to throw them out. He says what if we make them fight? their power will breakdown. Roopa says how to make them fight? Kamini’s daughters are strong. Laddo’s ghost sees Naren passingby, he asks Roopa to call him. Roopa calls Naren. Laddo’s ghost whispers idea to Roopa. Roopa says to Naren that I have an idea to throw servants out but I need your help. Naren nods.

Naren comes to Chinky and says hi. Chinky says what you want? Naren says I want to talk to you, my father wants me to marry his friend’s daughter but I.. like you. Chinky is stunned and says me? Naren says yes, from the time I have seen you, I have thought you are the one for me. Chinky says people dont fall in love with servants. Naren says I am not lying, you dont look like servant, the way you have handled house is like its your own. Roopa and Laddo’s ghost hide and looks on. Naren holds her hand and says accept my love. Chinky says my mother is married to your Dada so she is your Dadi and I am your aunt. Naren looks at Roopa for an answer. Naren says to Chinky that we are not related as your mother is not your mother. Chinky says what rubbish? Naren says its truth, I heard your mother saying to Dada that she took you both from garbage area, you both are money machines to use against people, we are not related, we are friends so we can have a relationship. Chinky says I cant believe mom hid that from us. Naren says your mom is planning for more things.

Naren comes to Pinky and says your mom doesnt want you both thats why she got married and took all property of Dada in her name, she doesnt want to give you and Chinky anything, she gave file to Dada so he gives her property. Pinky says where will we both go? Naren says she said that she took you both from garbage area and will go back there, Pinky starts crying. Naren says I wont let it happen, I love you and want to marry you. Pinky says yes I will marry you and become daughter in law of this house, nobody will be able to throw me out. Naren smirks.

Chinky and Pinky shouts for Kamini to come to lounge. All family members hide there. Pinky says your truth is out. Chinky says you want to throw us out, you hid such big secret from us? Kamini says what secret? Chinky says that you brought us from garbage, and you will throw us out of house but I will become daughter in law of this house. Pinky says Chinky you are going out of this house with Kamini as Naren loves me and will marry me. Chinky says Naren loves me, they both beat each other. Kamini asks them to stop it. Pinky says you gave file to Dada because you want to stay in this house with him and get this property and will throw us out. Kamini says I have that file, I will bring it. Kamini brings marriage papers file and throws it on floor and says see this file. All family members eye file and comes out. Kamini glares at them. File is in middle of both parties. Roopa says now we will see how you take this file. They all get ready to attack the file. Dada says kabaddi.. kabaddi.. they attack file and start throwing it to each other, Shalini gets the file and throws it to Prem, Prem throws it to Jitendra but Chinky gets it and runs away, all run behind her. Dada says one minute, Chinky take breath, he takes file from her and gives it to Naren, Naren throws it to Roopa, Kamini comes infront of Roopa who has the file. Laddo’s ghost says you people want file or not? File is stuck in pot at terrace where he is sitting. Roopa puts ladder and jumps on terrace. Kamini and her daughters run to take file, Roopa takes it. Kamini blocks her path, Roopa throws file in air, all family members take papers from file. Kamini charges at them. LAddo’s ghost says ask them to eat papers, Roopa tells family to eat them. Kamini tries to snatch papers but family eats them. Kamini glares at them. Dada burps and smirks at Kamini. He says Kamini, you wanted to sit on my chair? I will give you a ride now. Kamini says it makes my head spin, Dada shouts at her to sit. Kamini sits on chair. Dada asks Chinky and Pinky to sit in her lap. They do. All family members rolls wheelchair out of house. Roopa says Laddo’s ghost you gave a nice idea but I told them about it. Laddo’s ghost says idea was mine. Jitendra says this all happened because of me. Lata says all happened because of Roopa.

PRECAP- Lata says to Roopa that I still remember the day when we came to see you for Laddo’s bride. Flashback shows when Laddo came to see Roopa, Roopa mistakenly put foot in his path and he fell off from stairs. Doctor checks him and says he can go in coma.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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