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Arranged Marriage – Short Story – Swaragini (Part 1)

Story Outline :

The story touches one year in the life of two strangers brought together by Marriage, arranged by their respective families and how they both fight with their respective pasts and whether they are able to bring love and togetherness into an unwanted relationship or not!

Part 1

Sanskaar rubbed his bleary eyes again, as he tried to stay awake in his Office and complete the project review that he was working on. He had not slept properly for the last week or so, working on the merger deal that was going through. Now it had been successfully executed and he could leave Office on time for a change, before it was midnight.
At the age of 30, Sanskaar headed the Maheshwari Group, which was one of the largest and oldest Hotel Chains in India. Little was known of the Maheshwari’s in person, except that they were old money people and a very close knit family.

Sanskaar was a quiet sort of person, both in looks and nature. He always had slight stubble on his face, which kind of looked incongruous with his sophisticated self, but nevertheless gave him a very attractive demeanor. He wore reading glasses sometimes which his sister always said made him look like a very s*xy Santa Clause, whatever she meant by that! He had an overall broad and heavy built and when he changed in the locker room after his weekly game Tennis as his club, not many men could hide their envy at his athletic built.
Sanskaar had been the first born to Ram and Sujatha Maheshwari who passed away in an accident few years back, followed by his younger sister Uttara who was some 3 years his junior and then the youngest, Adarsh who was almost  6 years younger than Sanskaar.

His sister, Uttara was married to Abhinav Sinha, a top-notch Corporate Lawyer who worked for the Maheshwari Group and was also the son of a close family friend. Uttara and Abhinav had a 4 year old daughter, Riya, whom Sanskaar adored. Adarsh had completed his management degree from the US and had joined under Sanskaar and was now handling some part of the business independently.

Sanskaar’s Dadi had come visiting them from Chandigarh, it was one of her bi-annual jaunts which always started and ended on the topic of Sanskaar’s marriage! This time it was slightly different, Dadi had come up with a marriage proposal for Adarsh, much to Sanskaar’s amusement and Uttara’s shock. Adarsh had been equally surprised and had told in no certain terms that he couldn’t even think of marriage till his elder brother had tied the knot. Dadi had sulkingly replied that she had been bringing all sort of matches for the last 5 years now but Sanskaar had been turning all of them unequivocally, not even bothering to look at the photographs or even hear out any detail.

Maheshwari Mansion, Mumbai

Uttara and Abhinav had come over to Maheshwari Mansion along with their 4 year old daughter, Riya who was being piggybacked by Sanskaar all around the house, much to her glee and joy.

Dadi, what are you saying? How can we think of Adarsh’s marriage, when Sanskaar Bhaiyya is still single??

Didi is right, Dadi… And anyway, I haven’t even thought about marriage yet. Plus, I want to see my Brother happily married till my wife comes in and creates a rift in the house…

Abhinav and Uttara erupted into laughter as Sanskaar joined them in the lawns, as Riya sprinted towards, Caesar, Sanskaar’s 5 year old Golden Retriever. As Sanskaar took a swig of the Sweet Coffee and made a face, keeping the Cup back, he remarked cheerfully, who is getting married??

Dadi looked at her favorite grand-son and said affectionately, I have brought an alliance for marriage. Do you remember the Singhania family from Jaipur? I am talking about one of their grand-daughters. Mr. Singhania’s daughter Sharmishta’s eldest one… They live in Kolkata…

As everyone listened on with great interest, except Sanskaar, she continued nostalgically, I happened to meet the girl at a Wedding in Jaipur last month and I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. As it happened, the family was on the lookout for a suitable groom and I just mentioned our family to them. Obviously, they are much below your social status, but then, what need do we have for money; the girl should be good, isn’t it??

Uttara readily agreed and said, ‘you are right Dadi. The girl should make a good wife and take care of my brother. The last thing we want is a social butterfly as the daughter-in-law of this house.’

Sanskaar gave a piercing look at his sister who immediately flushed and avoided his gaze.

Adarsh made some noises and said hesitatingly, ‘I don’t want to get married so soon…and besides, how can I even think of marriage when Bhaiyya is still single??’

Sanskaar smiled at his brother and said, ‘How does my not being married affect you in any way? Go and see the girl at least. You have settled down well in your business and this is the right time to get married.’

Adarsh and Uttara exchanged glances but kept quiet, though Dadi did not deem the same necessary and retorted to Sanskaar, ‘You are talking about the right time, when you have decided to waste the remaining years of your life being single??’

Sanskaar stiffened himself a bit and said, ‘Don’t bring that topic again, Dadi. Please. We have gone through this umpteen times.’

As Caesar came bounding upto Sanskaar, he put a leash onto the Dog’s collar and took him out for his daily walk near the beach, which was just a stone throw away from their Bungalow.
As soon as Sanskaar had disappeared out of view, the four of them begun talking in hurried tones…

‘I just hope I find a good place to hide. You know Bhaiyya’s temper; he will rip us apart if he comes to know that we masterminded the whole thing.’ Adarsh said nervously.

‘Dadi, you have to handle him once we reach Kolkata.? Uttara exclaimed, anxious yet excited…

‘Guys, are you really sure of what you are doing? I don’t think Sanskaar is going to like this at all.’ Said the ever cautious Abhinav, who had known Sanskaar for a long time and knew his reactions to pranks and unexpected surprises…

Dadi took another Ladoo and smiling with benevolence said, ‘Don’t worry. Just get Sanskaar to Kolkata once, I will handle everything there.’



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