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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira finds Karthik in Rishikesh

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naira is shocked to see divorce papers. Dadi blames Naira that she must have done something that’s why Karthik left. Suvarna asks Dadi to let Naira think. Matter must be something else. Shubham is worried. Dadi says it’s good Jiji left, else what she would think. Suvrana says more than that think what Naira and Karthik must be going through. Manish says it’s because of them only. Luv-Khush remember seeing those papers with Shubham and him putting in folder. They tell that to family. Their mom asks them not to interfere in elders’ matters and asks them to leave. Manish asks Shubham whether that’s true. Shubham says yes. Manish slaps him and asks why he would do that? Shubham says that he thought.. Manish says it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Now see what

happened. Naira breaks down crying. Other hand, Karthik is hurt and angry how Naira could do this with him? He can’t live there now and decides to go somewhere. Naira gets SMS that Karthik booked tickets for some place. Family wonders where he could go. Naira says in her mind, she knows where he must be.

Karthik is in Rishikesh, trying to divert his mind, but he is unable to. He imagines Naira following him.

Naira’s family prays they both get together in Rishikesh like in past.

Naira arrives in Rishikesh. She remembers Akshara had found her there only and she hopes to find Karthik and take him back today. They pass each other, but fail to see.

Karthik’s family is also in Rishikesh. Dadi says they will do puja for Karthik and Naira’s good future. They hope their misunderstandings clear soon.

A maharaj comes there. Everyone touches his feet and take blessings. Dadi requests him for puja for Karthik-Naira. Maharaj gives them blessings and says he will do the puja and their wish will surely come true. Family is worried for both kids. Naira comes back with not so good news. Manish says they should inform police. Naira says he’s not lost, he’s just upset. Give her time, she will find and win his heart. Naira says in her mind, tomorrow is their anniversary and she must find Karthik today only.

Shubham thinks he didn’t know Karthik would take such a decision. He was just doing all that for his good.

Naira spots Karthik in crowd. She calls him, but he is not there now. She was going to him, but family stops her saying no one is there. She still goes and loses her balance while running. Karthik holds her hand and stops her from falling in water. Naira hugs him in joy.

Precap: Karthik comes for zip lining thinking Naira won’t come there, but Naira is there and he’s shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: Serenity

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