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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Param is exposed!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ishita asks Neelu where is pasta. Neelu says she had kept there only. Simmi comes out eating pasta and says it was so delicious. Ishita tells Neelu they will have to make new pasta. Simmi cries and starts her drama. She calls everyone out and tells Toshiji that she ate paste by mistake and Ishita is creating scene. Ishita asks what did she say? Toshiji scolds Ishita. She says she knows what Ishita’s problem is. She doesn’t want Simmi there, but it’s her house and she will decide who will stay and not. Simmi says this is enough. Ishita always taunts her and Param. They will have to decide who will stay in that house. Toshiji asks Raman to interfere, but he says not to involve him in this matter. Ishita was going to him, but Toshiji stops her reminding doctor has said not to give

him stress.

Later in evening, Raman calls everyone out and says he agrees with what Simmi said in morning. Either her or Ishita will stay in the house. He tells Ishita since she came to the house, there is no peace in the house. Ishita says to listen to her at least. He says he has already made decision and doesn’t want to hear anything. Simmi is happy thinking it happened faster than she thought. Raman goes to her and gives her papers for her and Param’s new house. He wants them to shift there. Ishita is surprised. Simmi is shocked. Toshiji asks Raman how he can ask Simmi to leave the house. He forgot what she did for him? Raman says that is why he can’t see anyone insulting her. He is not sending her away, she will be in same building, just a different floor. Toshiji says still like this all of a sudden? Raman says and Ishita is right too. Outsiders are talking that Param is living on in-laws money. He can’t see anyone saying ill about them. He gives papers to Param and goes inside. Simmi says they got great respect and is upset. She goes. Param says he will explain to her.

Simmi is mad. She is finding something. Param comes. She asks him where his pistol his. She will kill Ishita today. Param tries to calm her down. Ishita comes. Simmi tells Param to ask Ishita to leave. Ishita says why she will leave? Raman told her to leave. Simmi grabs her neck. Ishita pushes her and asks her to relax. This was just a small surprise, more surprises are on the way. Simmi throws stuff at her. Ishita asks she wants to join Nikhil in jail fast or what? Simmi says she will go to jail. Ishita says it feels good to see her like this. Simmi asks her to leave. Ishita leaves. Param tells Simmi to calm down. Ishita is playing a game and Raman is with her only. They will have to control their anger and think about future.

Later, Shagun calls Ishita and asks her to come to police station. Ishita asks Raman to go with her, but Raman refuses. She says it’s about Ruhi. He agrees then. She asks him to take out car. She purposely makes Simmi hear that they are going to lawyer. Simmi wonders what she is up to and goes to tell Param. Param seems relaxed and tells Simmi enough of Ishita. She came to this home, that doesn’t mean she won. She doesn’t know how they are giving pills to Raman. He goes for a meeting. Simmi thinks she will have to find out. She tries asking Aliya, but Aliya makes fun of her saying they might have gone for date.

Raman and Ishita meet Shagun. Ishita says Nikhil knows who kidnapped Pihu and he’s going to give testimony. They wait for Nikhil. Raman says he isn’t going to say anything. They are just wasting time. Nikhil is being taken to hospital. Police say another criminal attacked on him. Ishita says it must be Param behind this as Nikhil was going to give statement against him. Raman asks why she is after Simmi and Param so much and leaves telling her to come to meeting if she wants.

Ishita is outside. Param comes there and says he had figured her plan already when he saw Shagun coming to meet Nikhil and then her saying she will expose them today. Now they aren’t going to find anything from Nikhil and she won’t be able to do anything to him. He advices her to use her brain next time when she makes any plan. Ishita gets call from Adi who asks her to attend the meeting.

They are in meeting. Raman gets a call and is tensed. Ishita says they will postpone the meeting. Everyone leaves. Param is still there. Ishita says meeting is postponed, he may leave. After Param leaves, Ishita asks Raman whose call was it. He says from police. Nikhil survived and he wants to tell him something. They leave to go to police station. Param hears their conversation. He comes to hospital to finish Nikhil. He removes his oxygen mask. Nikhil opens his eyes. Param tells him not to worry, he won’t give him a difficult death. Now Raman will never be able to find out that it was him behind Pihu’s kidnapping. He tries to kill him. Raman and Ishita enter.

Precap: Raman tells Simmi that it was Param who kidnapped Pihu whom she takes as a daughter. Simmi slaps Param. She asks him to leave the house, she doesn’t want to see his face.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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