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Was it all planned by destiny? ff epi -24

The episode starts with dev nd Sona seeing each other nd gets lost in each other’s eye where as Vicky says to Elena
Vicky: oh my ur looking gorgeous today
Elena : thank u nd u know I was very tensed how will I get ready alone but luckily Sona help me out nd today she readied me .
Vicky: after all bhabhi kis ki hai
Nd he lifts his collar by saying nd Elena gets angry nd holds dev’s hand which gets both dev nd Sona back . Elena says holding dev’s hand to Vicky
Elena: if u have ur bhabhi in ur side then I have dev bhai on my side
Looking at dev nd says
Elena : I am saying right na dev bhai
Dev : ya I am on ur sad
Nd with this statement Sona gets angry nd she says
Sona : don’t worry Vicky ur bhabhi is their for u
Nd she smirks nd raises her one eyebrow looking at dev .
Nikki : oh so now our bhabhi is on ladle wala team nd dev bhai is on ladki wala team that’s gone be fun .
Sona : ya Nikki of course
Elena : when dev bhai is on our side then see how we all will make u loose I remember Sona how he used to dance in London
With this smirks nd raises his one eyebrow nd giving challenging look .
Sona : oh plz Elena u forgot one thing that I am also a dancer k
Nikki : k k so y don’t we have a dance battle as usual between ladke wale nd ladki wale
Nd all four gives challenging look to each other nd as their is 15-20 mins left for muhrath their dance battle begins.
Sona starts with the song
(Aaj Hai Sagaai
Sun Ladki Ke Bhai ) -2
Zara Nach Ke Humko Dikhaa
Aaj Hai Sagaai
Sun Ladki Ke Bhai
Zara Nach Ke Humko Dikhaa
Kudi Ki Tarhan Na Sharmaa
Hai Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja
Haan, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja
Sabh Ko Nachaoon
Nach Nach Ke Dikhoon
Aa Mujh Ko Gale Se Lagaa
Sabh Ko Nachaoon
Nach Nach Ke Dikhoon
Aa Mujh Ko Gale Se Lagaa
Munde Se Zara Aankh Lada
Munde Se Zara Aankh Lada
Hoi, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja
Hai, Tu Meri Gal Maan Ja
O Soniyee…
Nd song goes on with their dance nd slowly every joins it , Elena nd Vicky exchange their rings nd everyone have a wonderful time . By all this time dev was eager to get the answer from Sona nd he tries to take Sona aside nd talk to her but everyone time someone calls her .
Finally dev sees Sona going to kitchen nd he runs behind her secretly so that no one can disturb. Sona was about to enter the kitchen when someone drags her nd takes her behind the fridge keeping his hand on her mouth so that she can’t shout nd when she sees dev nd she shock
Sona : what’s wrong dev?
Dev : what’s wrong with u ? I mean it’s been so many days but u still did not reply to my I love u how many times I should say I love u I love u I love u nd I am waiting from so much time nd I don’t what’s wrong with my family too how can they always come between my ro………
He gets stop when suddenly Sona kisses him on cheek nd says
Sona : when u have waited this much then just wait for few hours
Nd she goes back to do her kitchen works nd the moment Sona leaves dev gets back to on her kitchen work nd the song starts
Pehla pehla pyar hai, pehalee pehalee bar hai
Jan ke bhee anjana, kaisa meraa yar hai…
( with the start of lyrics dev comes near Sona nd back hugs her nd then starts to kiss on her neck nd ears . But when the tune starts Sona moves dev’s hand nd takes the juice tray nd starts to serve the guest nd dev looks her from a corner )

Usakee najar, palko kee chilman se mujhe dekhtee, usakee najar
Usakee haya, apanee hee chahat kaa raj kholatee, usakee haya
Chhup ke kare jo wafa, aisa meraa yar hai
Pehla pehla pyar hai…
( from start of lyrics it shows that Sona is talking with the guest nd slowly takes glands of dev in between nd then blushes looking at dev staring him madly)
Woh hai nisha, woh hee meree jindagee kee bhor hai, woh hai nisha
Use hai pata, usake hee hatho me meree dor hai, use hai pata
Sare jahan se juda, aisa meraa pyar hai
Pehla pehla pyar hai…
( with start of lyrics dev secretly takes Sona aside both have a cute eyelock nd then dev kisses Sona’s nd was about to kiss on lips but Sona hears someone coming nd pushes dev nd goes smiling.)
So my epi ends here hope u all like it nd hold ur hearts nd keep it ready for next epi as Sona is going to confess 😍🙈plzz give lots of thumbs up nd give ur reviews in comment below. Last but not the least thanks for ur lovely comments in the last epi I was really as many ppl were waiting for my epi thanks lot for luv 😘

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