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Unwritten Love Of Destiny …… Chapter 22

Hello everyone 😀😀😀!!! Yeah I know late agaagain.todaus chapter is so long so I won’t write much of my talks!!


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Now the last part of this ff, Vanu, Samidha, Ziyu, Swetha, Anee, Sanu, Anu, Priyu, Aafiya, Pari, Sana, Dhruti, Amnaa and special thanks to new silent reader… Mahin.


Now the story.


Previously on “Unwritten Love Of Destiny”


“Don’t say like that Maya… you’re like a little sister to me. You know God don’t let anyone be alone in their lives. He create everyone in pairs. It’s not easy to move on, but if Kabir isn’t meant to be yours, then there’s someone out there looking for you. You will find him someday, when the right time comes…! Until then, you need to make your mind!!”

“Thank you di… um… is it alright if I call yo-“

“Of course it’s alright. Now come here” they hugged each other. Maya went to the hostal while Sanchi went to the car park. She found Kabir there, leaning against her car. “Going home?” She asked casually.

“Hmm” he came near her and caressed her cheek. “You’re so amazing you know. You even won Maya’s heart?”

“You saw?”

“Haa I saw as well as heard everything. I have hurt you lot Sanchi, I’m sorry!”

“Kabir… how many time do I have to tell you? Let go of that past!!”

“Lekin main ne-“

She cut him off by placing her palm over his mouth. “Sshhh… chup! Aur kuch nahi”

Through her hand, he smiled gently and nodded. She smiled back in return. When she was about to take her hand back, he took it on his hands and kissed it. “You should go home now. Good night..!”

She blushed at his sweet gesture and mumbled a soft good night, getting in her car.


Few days passed. Everything is normal. Sanchi and Kabir’s love story is going on. The gang always trouble Sanchi questioning about proposing.

“Sanchi, of he doesn’t propose to you, then you should!!”

They kept annoying her. On the other hand, Kabir was getting angry because of Karan. Karan always appears out of no where and disturb him whenever he tried to talk with Sanchi.

“Sanchi you need to stay away from that guy!!”

“It’s not like I’m going near him purposely!!” She got annoyed at his words 😒😒😒.

“But he’s getting close to you!!”

“Kabir…. (she sighed) you know I only love you, right? You’re worrying for nothing!”

He came near her and held her by her shoulders. “I know that but-”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“I trust you Sanchi, but-”

She pushed him away angrily. “😠😠😠 What’s this but but? Listen Kabir, we’ve been over this topic. Why can’t you just- (she was getting more angry) You know what? Just forget it!! You should sort this out yourself. You can’t expect me to stop talking with people just because you’re jealous!! 😠😠😠”

“It’snot like that Sanchi…”

“Its exactly like that!! I don’t want to talk to you!!” She went out angrily slamming his door.


Sanchi was sipping her coffee with a frown. The gang came to join her coz it’s their break time.

“Hey miss golgappa!! What’s up?” – Veer

“What’s with the frown bae? – Pragya

“Nothing guys. Just… All of you seem so happy. What happened?”

“Sanchi yaar!! Don’t tell me you forgot 😱😱😱!!” – Isha


“Today’s 6th of February. Tomorrow’s the first day of the Valentine’s week!!”

“Ah that.. yeah I forgot”

“😱😱😱 no way!! It’s your first year celebrating Valentine’s with khadoos Raja. You have to celebrate the whole week!!”

“Oh stop it Veer! And what’s the point of doing all these? It’s just people who made these things!”

“Sanchi, I know you’re so unromantic. But I thought after you got your khadoos, you’d be at least a bit romantic. (Sanchi just rolled her eyes 😒😒😒) But seems like he’s boring and unromantic like you too!” Veer was provoking her.

“Now what gave you that idea? He’s not unromantic, he can be very romantic……” She said lost in her thoughts not realizing what she said.


“Haa…. it’s not necessary to be romantic in front of you guys. When we’re alone….”

“Mhh hmm….??” All were close to her and were listening eagerly.

Then she suddenly snapped out of her dream world. “Why should I tell you? Hmph!!”

“Oh c’mon..!” All groaned.

“Just tell us na!” – Veer

“But Veer, don’t you have a surprise to plan?” She asked innocently.

“Surprise? What surprise?” – Veer

“Isha’s Valentine’s surprise na!” – Sanchi

“Wow Veer!! You’re planning a surprise for me? 😍😍😍” Isha asked with hearts in her eyes.

Veer got shocked and couldn’t say anything. “Uhh… yeah… But don’t ask me about it. It’s supposed to be a surprise” he added uncomfortably.

“No worries baby… I’ll wait for my surprise 😀😀😀 but for now I have to to see my patient. See you later!” Isha went off giving a peck on his cheek. He returned a sweet smile.

“Kya miss golgappa!! Why did you say about a surprise? Now what will I do to surprise her?” He started to whine.

“😱😱😱 wait a sec!! Does it mean-” Riya

“You don’t have a surprise for her and Sanchi trapped you in this situation?” – Pragya

“😂😂😂 hahaha exactly!! Now you should learn not to annoy me. Right Veer?”

“😣😣😣 miss golgappa toh hitler se bhi badi hitler nikal gaya 😣😣😣” he went complaining while Sanchi laughed with Pragya and Riya.

“So Sanchi, why don’t you plan something for Valentine’s day?” – Riya

“Why should I? Why should I do anything for him when he’s telling me stupid things?” She asked with a frown.

“Did you two fight?” Pragya clapped her hands as Riya asked. “Why are you two looking at me like that? Yaar it’s your first fight as a couple!! It’s something to remember!!”

Sanchi and Riya looked at each other and shared a look, ‘she’s stupid!!’.

……….next day – 7th of February……….

⚘⚘⚘ Rose Day ⚘⚘⚘

When Sanchi entered the hospital, almost every girl had a rose in their hands. She immediately felt sad. **I fought with him yesterday. Now how will I celebrate with him? 😣😣😣!! Don’t feel sad Sanchi, even if you two didn’t fight, he won’t celebrate with you. He’d say Valentine’s week is so stupid and good for teenagers 😣😣😣** looking at everyone how they were wondering around happily with roses, she went towards her cabin.

From a bit distance, a man was observing her as she placed her hand on the door knob to open it.

He was counting. “3…. 2…. 1….”


Just as she opened the door she gasped loudly.


A smile appeared on the face of the man who was observing her, with her reactions and he went to his cabin.


On the other hand, Sanchi is now surrounded with roses. Her whole cabin is decorated beautifully. No there are not too many of roses. There were few simple yet elegant and classy bouquets that gave beauty to the room. There was a note on her desk with a one single rose.




I know you think that I don’t believe in these things. And you’re right, I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to celebrate our first Valentine’s week and let go of a chance to bring a smile to my sweetheart’ lips……


Happy Rose Day!


After reading this note, she couldn’t stop her smile 😀😀😀. She ran to Kabir’s cabin to thank him, only to find him busy in a call.


“Yes Mr. Saxena… yeah it’ll be the way you want… no problem… yes yes yes…”


She waited for his call to end but it doesn’t. An nurse came and reminded her about a surgery and she had to go. She took a piece of paper, wrote something and placed in front of him in his table. He ignored her engrossed in his call. After she went out, he tossed his phone aside and took her note.


Thank you for the lovely surprise…


Little did she know, Kabir wasn’t in a call. He was just pretending. “I know you’re angry with me for yesterday. That’s why I didn’t say sorry in the note. You would’ve probably throw all the flowers if you thought I did that to apologize to you!”


……….8th of February……….


💍💍💍 Propose Day 💍💍💍


Whole day went normally. Kabir wasn’t in the hospital coz he had to go to a conference with Dr. Malhotra, and Sanchi couldn’t speak with him, apparently 😒😒😒.


“Aaj propose day aur meri boyfriend is ignoring me!! Hey bhagwan!! Kyun itna kharab luck mujhe diya?” she was mumbling to herself as she was walking out of the ward. Her mobile started to vibrate. She answered it without checking the caller id. “Isha mujhe pareshan math karo yaar!! Pata hai aaj propose day but he’s not gonna propose me today!! My day is already bad enough! I still couldn’t talk with Kabir!!”


“Hmm seems like someone’s missing me……” came a familiar masculine voice.




“Yeah Ka-Ka-Kabir. You know Sanchi, you should stop answering your phone without checking the caller id. It’s very dangerous you know. What if you answered the phone and say I love you to Dr. Malhotra thinking it was me?” He chuckled lightly.


Sanchi blushed in to a deep shade of red 😳😳😳. “Aisa nahi hoga!!”


“I hope so but for now, stop blushing”


She looked around to see him.


“Stop looking around. I’m still at the XYZ hospital. It’ll take 2-3 more days here.”


“Then how did you- oh forget it!! Why did you call?”


“You’re saying like you didn’t want to talk with me. Just a minute ago you said your day is bad coz you haven’t talked with me”




“Yes you did!!”


“No I di-”


“I wanted to propose” he said catching her off guard.




“Not for marriage”


“Then what?” Her voice sounded irritated.


“Aaj propose day hai. Lekin I don’t want to propose you today. It should be more special. You girls expect that right?”


Sanchi was getting more and more annoyed with his each word. It’s like he’s trying to make her angry on purpose. “Will you just get to the point?”


“Will you forgive me for being an idiot? I know I overreacted. But…. I love you Sanchi…. I don’t want to lose you….”


She leaned to the wall with a smile that she couldn’t stop 😀😀😀. “I love you too….” with that simple four word sentence, he was forgiven and everything between them got normal.


Two nurses who was passing by heard her saying I love you and giggled with each other. Sanchi was embarrassed and quickly went to her cabin.


……….9th of February……….


🍫🍫🍫 Chocolate Day 🍫🍫🍫


Kabir came out of the conference room of the XYZ hospital. A receptionist called him saying that he had a parcel.


He peaked inside it and saw a heart shaped box with a red ribbon. A small white teddy holding a I love you heart, attached to it. He smiled seeing it but had to frown as he heard a voice from behind. The voice that belong to a person he doesn’t like at all… Ayesha!!


“Kya baat hai Dr. Kabir, you’re smiling. Oh no no don’t frown. A smile looks better on your face 😉😉😉”


“Thank you Dr. Ayesha.” He said shortly and tried to get away from her but she wasn’t having any of that.


“What’s the hurry Dr. Kabir? We can talk over coffee… or lunch… or maybe… dinner?”


“Sorry to disappoint you but I’m busy. Have a nice day Dr. Ayesha!” He quickly got out and got in to his car. Now he can check his parcel without any disturbances. And it was chocolates.


He took his phone out and sent a text.


In SDCH, Sanchi received a text.


Agar saath mein hota ta toh taste aur bhi achcha lagega 😘


Saath nahi toh kya? Pyaar se yaad karna ☺


……….10th of February……….


🐻🐻🐻 Teddy Day 🐻🐻🐻


“Yes miss Fernandez, and give these files to Dr. Awasti” Sanchi was going to the cafeteria when she saw Dr. Karan go to the locker room with a suspicious bag. Her curiosity got the best of herself and she slowly followed him like a spy 🔎🔎🔎.


She saw him opening a locker and putting something quickly. Then he took out a cute little teddy bear.


“Oh ho…! So you’re Maya’s SA…!”


Karan jumped hearing her voice. He turned around to see her and he looked like a deer caught in headlights. “I-I can explain Sanchi, I-”


“No need Dr. Karan I understand..”




Scene description – on the rose day, the gang were in cafeteria (No Kabir) having coffee. Maya came there angrily and yelled at Kunal.


“This time you have gone too far Kunal..!! What’s this? Why did you kept these roses in my locker? And what’s with this stupid note, Secret Admire?”


“Oh hello Ms. Chipkali..!! I didn’t gave you any rose bose! Apun ka pagal samajhti hai kya?”


“Teri natak band kar!! If you dare do pranks with me, I won’t spare you. Got it?”


……….end of flashback……….


“But her threat couldn’t stop her Secret Admire aka SA. Now it seems like I caught him red handed! Care to share what’s all this about?” She asked with her arms crossed in front of her.


“Woh actually… I like Maya but she liked Dr. Kabir. I figured it from the very first day that Dr. Kabir and you loved each other. It was kinda obvious with his jealous face. So I took advantage of the fact of his jealousy and pretended I liked you…. so that he would get more closer to you. I know it’s very selfish of me coz after knowing about you and Dr. Kabir, Maya is extremely hurt. But what can we do when god have decided everything before? And I believe, god created Maya, only for me!!”


“Well it’ll take a lot more time than you think for her to move on. But if you’re destined for her, then you two will unite no matter what comes in your way. Good luck Karan. And yeah… think twice before hurting her, coz I will kill you if you make her cry. Don’t take it as a false threat! I’m not as innocent as I seems to be from outer appearance 😈😈😈.”


“Yes ma’am! Got it!!” He resumed arranging his gift to his lady love while Sanchi went out happily.


Isha came like a small hurricane and collided with her. “Yaar Sanchi, where were you? You were coming to the cafeteria right? Anyway forget it!! I want your help!!”


“For what?”


“Let’s go to your cabin, I’ll tell you. Chal na!!”


When they entered her cabin, her chair was turned around as if someone was sitting there. “Kaun hai waha? Excuse me! Who are you?” No reply. So she went and turned the seat around and… “Oh…… My…… God……!!”


Isha had her mouth hanging open 😱😱😱.



A giant cream colour fluffy teddy was sitting on her chair.


Isha caught her voice back. “Soooo cute yaar!!” While Sanchi hugged her teddy. “Hmm… he’s so cute… I love him!!”


“Ahem… Sanchi…? Are you talking about the teddy or the sender of the gift? 😏😏😏” she teased her with a knowing smirk.


“Both! Now shut up!”


“Kabir kitna sweet hai yaar? And Veer on the other hand! You said he’s planning a surprise for me but I’m suspicious from his behaviour if he actually plan to surprise me 🤔🤔🤔. Maybe he’ll surprise me by not surprising me!!”

“Whatever Isha, solve it on your own. Bye!” She said without even looking at her.


“😱😱😱 look at that!! I came to your life before that teddy 😣😣😣!! See god ji… this is the nature of the life 😣😣😣.” She went out whining to herself.


On the other hand Sanchi’s phone alerted a text message.


How was your new friend?


Pretty, soft, cuddly… I might keep her on my bed and hug her when I sleep


Now now… are you trying to make me jealous by keeping that bear in your room… On your bed… hugging while sleeping…? I think I did a mistake by giving it to you


😂😂😂 very funny! And it’s a she. Not a he!


How do you know? 😏


 She has a girlish look!


But still I think this new SHE is stealing my place


Yep. She does! 😉


She took a selfie hugging her new soft toy and sent it to him.


……….11th of February……….


✋✋✋ Promise Day ✋✋✋


It’s already night and Sanchi was dying to talk with Kabir. For the past few days he was away, they talked to each other through calls but those calls couldn’t last long because they were so busy. Even today, after he returned, they still couldn’t talk properly with something or other coming up. And her shift is till morning!!


Cursing on her own life, she was going to get a coffee when a hand grabbed her through a door. She stoped herself from screaming when a familiar scent came through air. She relaxed and turning around to put her arms around her abductor. “I missed you Kabir…”


He greeted her with a dashing smile and a warm hug.


“I thought I won’t get to talk with you today. I have to tell you something!”


“Me too”


“You go first”


“I’m sorry for overreacting over stupid things. Sshhh… I know you already forgave me. I can’t promise you that it won’t happen again, but I promise you today, that I’ll try my best to be a person that would help you in every joyous and difficult situations, standing right beside you, holding your hand”


Hearing his sweet words, her eyes were glistening. “Hey what’s wrong? Did I say anything bad?”


“Sometimes you get too romantic that I want to cry 😢😢😢” she said tearily.


“Seriously? (He raised an eyebrow at her) being too romantic makes you cry? Then I’ll be a khadoos!”


“No!! Not because of a bad thing. Happy wala tears!”


“Oh god!! Ill never understand girls!! Ok now what did you wanted say?”


“I wanted to promise you something too!! I promise you that I will love you forever… and I won’t go anywhere leaving you… even if you don’t want me and want to get rid of me… I’ll still stay with you! This birth and every other birth… I’ll always be yours…”


“What a filmy promise on Promise Day 😁😁😁” Kabir commented with a smile.


“Our life IS like a film!” She said so seriously making both of them laugh hard 😂😂😂. Looking at her watch, Sanchi gave him a tight hug. Surprised at first but a second later, Kabir too hugged her her back. She broke the hug after about a minute saying, “now that’s enough. Both Promise Day and Hug Day are completed!!”


“Kya? But-”


“It’s 12.00 midnight!! That means it’s,


……….12th of February……….


🤗🤗🤗 Hug Day 🤗🤗🤗”


“Not fair Sanchi… not fair at all..!”


“Now I have to finish my shift. You should go home and take rest..!” She said lightly hitting her forehead on his and making her way to the door.


“Koi baat nahi, there’s still the next day na. The Kiss Day…”


She blushed deep crimson 😳😳😳. “Keep dreaming!! We’re not celebrating that day!!”


“Hmm let’s see 😉😉😉” he gave her a flying kiss with a playful wink.


……….13th of February……….


💋💋💋 Kiss Day 💋💋💋


All four guys are gathered in a cafe. Kabir, Veer, Pragya’s husband Satish and Riya’s husband Karthik.


Veer was grinning like an idiot. “Aaj main bohot khush hoon 😁😁😁” he frowned 😠😠😠 when he got no reply from his companions. “AAJ MAIN BOHOT KHUSH HOON…!” He yelled again.


“We heard you bhai. Why are you yelling?” – Satish


“Tho poocho kyu? 😁😁😁” – Veer


“Kyu?” Karthik asked lazily.


“Kyun ki yaar aaj Kiss Day hai na 😁😁😁. Unlike normal days it feels so special today… like a sweet strawberry cake life gets so sweet with Valentine’s week!!”


“A strawberry cake Veer? Seriously?” – Karthik and Satish laughed 😂😂😂.


“That’s my favourite so yeah!! Waise bhai itni chup kyun?” He directed his question to Kabir who lost in thoughts.


“Coz you’re so annoying” Kabir shot him a reply still looking in to the space.


“Achcha!! Toh yeh baat hai… mera bhai ko ab tak iski kiss nahi mila. Isiliye iska mood itni kharab hai 😁😁😁” Veer’s words made other trio give different reactions.


Karthik spat out of the water he was drinking.


Satish was looking at Kabir like he’s a time bomb about to explode.


Kabir looked at Veer like he would cut his (Veer’s) head and give it to his hands to look at himself.


All the while Veer was grinning. “Did she refused to give you a kiss bhai?” He teased him.


“Teri bakwaas band kar, warna main Isha ko bataunga tu uske liye koi surprise plan nahi kiya aur ab hamare dimaag kaa raheta hai!!” He’s voice was menacing that the stupid grin vanished from Veer’s face instantly.


“I was just joking na bhai… 😣😣😣 why are you being so mean?”


“I was just joking too Veer. I was just joking too” Kabir patted Veer’s back with an evil grin 😈😈😈


……….one hour later……….


“Arre wah!! Kisi ka nazar na lage aapke ideas mein Kabir bhai!! Sanchi was right, you ARE romantic 😁😁😁”


Kabir was blushing slightly but covered it up with a frown. “Shut up Veer!”


“Alright guys now that we have Veer’s problem solved, shall we go?” – Satish


“Yeah I have to collect my gift for Riya too” – Karthik


They came to the car park.


“Ok!! 😁😁😁 thank you all for helping me out. Specially you mere bhai… I love you… ummmmwahhh 😗😗😗” Veer gave Kabir a kiss on his cheek making his face twist in disgust 😖😖😖. “Now your kiss day is completed”


“Sorry Veer, I’m not gay. Find someone else” Kabir said wiping his cheek and getting in to his car.


“Sure no problem 😁😁😁. 😱😱😱 Wait WHAT!!!!” Veer yelled after the car that was going away while other duo laughed at this 😂😂😂.


When Kabir reached the hospital Sanchi was going to leave.


“Leaving already?”


“Yeah. Us girls are going to rob the mall for tomorrow’s party. How was your date with the guys?”


“Waste of time”


“Aww… I thought your kiss day got completed 😂😂😂” she teased him.


“That idiot!!”


Sanchi was laughing hard when she suddenly felt a hand on her waist. “Kabir kya kar- someone will see!!”


“What? We still have to celebrate one more day before Valentine’s…”


She quickly got out of his reach and opened her car door.


“Not fair Sanchi…”


“Life isn’t fair Kabir…… But…. sometimes…. it can….” She gave him a quick peck on lips and closed the door before he realize what just happened. As she drove a away, she saw him smile through the mirror.


……….14 Valentine’s day……….


Girls gang is in the cafeteria. That means Sanchi, Pragya, Isha and Riya.


“I still can’t believe it..!! Veer gave me a wonderful surprise!!! 😍😍😍 how romantic he was 😍😍😍. I woke up to a beautifully decorated room. It was filled with roses and teddy bears!! And then he gifted me tickets to Paris 😍😍😍! Can you believe it? I always wanted to go there!!”


“That’s great!! I got a wonderful breakfast in the bed and Karthik gifted me a beautiful necklace!! I almost died seeing it!!”


“Satish has planned a vacation for a week. I still don’t know where but it’s really AWESOME to go with him somewhere. Both of us were so busy for past few weeks. It’ll be good for both of us to relax from work. We’re going tomorrow!!!”


All the while they were chattering, Sanchi was silent. She just smiled occasionally at what they were saying.


“Ka hua bae? Why do you look so gloomy? If Kabir see you like this-”


“That’s the problem!! He didn’t even wish me yet 😣😣😣!!! Every time I see him, he’s busy with something or other!!”


“Don’t worry Sanchi, I’m sure Kabir has prepared something special for you!”


“I don’t know Riya. And I don’t want him to do anything special…! I just want to talk to him… that’s all…”


In no time, it was the time to go the Valentine’s party in Malhotra Mansion organized by Dr. Malhotra for SDCH crew and many guests.


Girls got ready in Malhotra Mansion and one by one came out down. All four of them grabbed the attention of everyone. First came Riya wearing a long red dress with a long slit starting from mid-thigh. Next came Pragya with an off shoulder gown. Isha a cute mini dress while Sanchi came in a long gown like in the mahasangam. Sanchi grabbed more attention than others because of her unmarried status 😉😉😉.


She greeted everyone kindly, talking with her colleagues as well as others that were invited. After all she IS a reputed doctor. She got many offers to dance but she declined them politely, as well ignoring her handsome boyfriend who was trying to talk to her. **He was busy the whole day and NOW he remember me!! 😠😠😠 I won’t talk to him!! But I have to admit he looks like a- NO Sanchi..!! Don’t let his looks distract you!! Ignore him!!**


Just as she came to the decision to ignore him, he was right in front of her. He opened his mouth to call her but she took a 180° turn and started to talk with the first person she found. This went for sometime and all Kabir’s efforts to talk to her went futile. Seeing him go out of the hall with a hint of sadness, she too excused herself and came after him to the garden, but he was no where to be found. She wondered further and now she was a bit away from the mansion. She could hear the music faintly.


Not being able to find Kabir, she thought to return to the party. Just then she noticed a small light flicker from the corner of her eye. It was two small lamps on the ground. As she kept looking at it curiously, two more lamps came to life. She went near them and more was lit, making a small path. She walked through the path and at the end of the path, it turned to a shape of a heart with rose petals. A person came behind her and took her to his warm embrace from behind.


“You were ignoring me” he whispered.


“You did the same since morning! I just gave you your own medicine!! But this… this is a nice surprise…” She said tilting her head back to look at him with love.


“It’s only the first half of it”


“There’s more?”


“Hmm… But before that part… Happy Valentine’s Day Sanchi…”


“😀😀😀 Well… Happy Valentine’s Day to you too…”


He kissed her cheek and made her look at the heart. “Wha-” she was suddenly out of words. Only a gasp escaped her lips and she saw some words started a appear on the heart. Some words she was waiting to hear from him.


Will You Marry Me?


Her eyes were glistening when she saw him kneeling before her holding a beautiful ring.


“I know it’s so cheesy to propose you today, and many cheesy things happened since we got together! I was getting sooo out of character and it’s completely your fault!! People say many things when they propose to the person they love… But if I started to express my feelings go you, Sanchi, I don’t think there are enough words in my vocabulary. You can never even imagine what you are to me. I was alive without you but I wasn’t living. Ever since you came back, like a sun, you have brightened my life. You just don’t do anything special, but your very presence is what brightens me. I don’t know what will happen to me without you… I don’t want to even think about it… I only want to be with you… forever… Will you give that happiness in my life? Will you marry me, sweetheart?


She couldn’t control herself with his words. She just kissed him, with so much love… so much passion… He was surprised at first, but soon responded to her with equal love and passion. They were lost in each other, not realizing about the time. After what seemed like forever, they broke apart. He stood up as he was kneeling and took her hands in his.


“So is that a yes?”


“It’s a yes, forever!!” She replied catching her breath while blushing. He slid the ring through her ring finger and lifted her up in his arms. Their happiness had no boundaries. After many difficulties… many years filled with pain… finally… they’re going to be together. Still there are evil eyes that would try to break them a part. But if they could survive 10 years of separation and still love each other like this… they would fight with the whole world for each other!!


Sometime later, when they came back to the party to join their friends, they were bombarded with questions.


“Where were you?”


“What happened to you?”


“Are you two are talking now?”


“Let them be my sweet ladies, I have an announcement to make!” Veer grabbed a mic. “Alright my friend’s, colleagues and other guests! Now it’s the last few minutes of this special day. So let’s spend these few minutes with our loved ones. Sorry single people… this last song is only for couples 😉😉😉!!! So what are you waiting for guys!! Grab you lovely ladies and let’s have this dance!!”


One by one, couples went to the dance floor without any age limit. Anand-Gayatri, Adarsh-Neeta, many more with their beautiful wives as well as Karthik-Riya, Pragya-Satish, Veer-Isha and Kabir-Sanchi.


Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaan…

Jahaan pe kahin… hai mera yaqeen…

Main jo… tera na hua…

Kisi ka nahin… kisi ka nahin…


“OH MY GOD!!! Dr. Kabir and Dr. Sanchi? 😱😱😱 when did this happened?” – nurse 1


“No idea, we already knew na this would happen 😀😀😀” – nurse 2


“Yeah!! And they look just… WWWOOOWWW!!!” – nurse 1


Le jaaye jaane kahaan hawayein, hawayein

Le jaaye tujhe kahaan hawayein, hawayein 

Begaani hai yeh baaghi hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye mujhe kahan hawayein, hawayein 


Le jaaye jaane kahaan 

Na mujhko khabar, na tujhko pata…


All couples were dancing with their partners beautifully. Onlookers couldn’t help but to admire all of them.


O… Oo… Ooo… Oo… O…


“Look at Dr. Malhotra and his wife! How lovely they are!! 😍😍😍 even on this age…”


“Who would’ve thought our hospital’s cute prankster would be so responsible after he got married? Dr. Isha really changed him…”


“It’s good to see Dr. Riya like this. I still remember how she used to boss around the hospital. Now she has changed for good…”


Banaati hai jo tu

Woh yaadein jaane sang mere kab tak chale 

Inhi mein to meri…

Subah bhi dhale, shamein dhale, mausam dhale

Khayalon ka shehar 

Tu jaane tere hone se hi aabaad hai

Hawayein haq mein 

Wohi hi hai aate jaate jo tera naam le 


Deti hain jo sadayein hawayein, hawayein 

Na jaane kya batayein hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye tujhe kahaan hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye mujhe kahan hawayein, hawayein 


Le jaaye jaane kahaan 

Na mujhko khabar, na tujhko pata…


“Hey excuse me! Can you tell me who’s that girl Dr. Kabir is dancing?” Someone asked from Ms. Fernandez breaking her train of thoughts.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you?” Ms. Fernandez asked in an annoyed tone.


“Oh I’m Dr. Ayesha, from XYZ hospital. Now that you know me, will you tell me-”


“Who is the girl in Dr. Kabir’s arms? 😈😈😈” Ms. Fernandez had an evil smirk. Ayesha frowned at her choice of words. “Well who do you think that is, Dr. Ayesha? 😈😈😈”


“Some random girl?”


“Hahaha 😂😂😂 that, is Dr. Sanchi Mishra, the best cardiologist in SDCH. You might’ve heard about her. She came from USA recently. And about her relationship with Dr. Kabir… 😈😈😈 she is his fiancee…!”


This time Ayesha laughed 😂😂😂. “What a joke? 😂😂😂 Everyone knows that Dr. Kabir is still a bachelor!! 😂😂😂”


Ms. Fernandez laughed at her obvious stupidity. “😂😂😂 Dr. Ayesha… this last dance is for couples. Actual couples only are there. And just look at the ring glistening on her left hand! I bet he proposed her today 😀😀😀. Look at how romantic they are!! Only god can make such a lovely pair 😀😀😀!! Rab ne bana di jodi… kisi ka nazar na lage!”


Ayesha left angrily 😡😡😡 making Ms. Fernandez laugh more.


O… Oo… Ooo… Oo… O…


As all the other couples, Kanchi too were lost in the moment, like they were the only people there.


Chehra… kyun milta tera 

Yun khwabon se mera… yeh kya raaz hai

Kal bhi… meri na thi tu

Na hogi tu kal… meri aaj hai


Teri hai meri saari wafayein, wafayein 

Maangi hai tere liye duaaein, duaaein

Le jaaye tujhe kahaan hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye mujhe kahan hawayein, hawayein 


Le jaaye jaane kahaan…

Hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye tujhe kahaan…

Hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye jaane kahaan…

Hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye tujhe kahaan…

Hawayein, hawayein 


Le jaaye jaane kahaan… 

Hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye mujhe kahan… 

Hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye jaane kahaan… 

Hawayein, hawayein 

Le jaaye mujhe kahan… 

Hawayein, hawayein 


O… Oo… Ooo… Oo… O…


“OH MY GOD..!! You evil witch!! You didn’t tell us he proposed you!” When guests started to leave, Isha snapped at Sanchi.


“😱😱😱 kkkkaaaaaaahhhh! How could you Sanchi? I’m so gonna kill you for not telling us!” Came Pragya’s scream.


“Phir shaadi kaise hoga?” Kabir came from nowhere and hugging Sanchi from behind, placing his chin on her shoulder.


“Oh ho!! Itni jaldi? Not bad Kabir 😏😏😏!!” Veer, Satish and Karthik teased him.


“Now tell us when did this happened na!!” Riya was whining.


Sanchi told them that they went outside and that’s when he proposed her. She was still blushing coz Kabir isn’t moving an inch away from her and her friends are giving her teasing looks.


“Now that you officially became our Jiju, the only thing that left is the marriage!!” – Pragya


“Bohot saari shopping karni hai” – Riya


“Haa yaar!! All the functions and all…!! I’m so excited!!” – Isha


“Ab bas karo na guys!! Let’s talk about these when we decide a date!! I’m so tired now!! Kabir will you drop me home?”


“Arre arre the dekho bae…. she’s making excuses just to be alone with Jiju, again!!” 😏😏😏


“Koi baat nahi Sanchi, JUST go home!! Bye bye!!”


They started to tease her again. “It’s no use to talk with them!!” Annoyed with them, she practically dragged Kabir to his car while the still kept yelling nonsense at them. Both Kabir and Sanchi bursts in to laughter when they were on their way back to her house.




Okay, I know, you would be probably thinking I’m crazy to write a chapter this much long!! Now I’m sorry if I bored you with this long update or if I irritated you with too cheesy scenes. But what to do? These are what came to my mind!!


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