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Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:31)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Kunj’s room:
Yuvraj and Kunj were sitting together and laughing about something. “Yuviiii! I’m so lucky to have Twinkle in my life. You know in the past few weeks, she made my life so nice. It was like… Leaving every problem, every pain and enjoying life to it’s fullest! Really I haven’t felt like this in the past so many years. She’s magical. Her mere presence has such a strong impact on my health. See. I’m looking so better na!” Kunj chirped and Yuvraj was irked to the final limit.
“Kunj! Is it necessary to talk about Twinkle, her goodness, her favor and everything all the time!” Yuvraj exclaimed angrily.
“What happened Yuvi? Why are you so irritated? You were never the one to get jealous of Twinkle’s achievement! In fact you and dad were always proud and happy…”
“Yes we were! But that time we didn’t know about her true colors!” He retorted.
“Yuvi! This is crossing line. Not a word against Twinkle! And what true colors huh?” Kunj asked sternly.
“Oh really Kunj then…”
Just then Twinkle opened the door and saw Kunj and Yuvraj in the middle of a serious conversation. As soon as she entered, Kunj and Yuvraj’s head turned towards her direction. Kunj looked at her in confusion while Yuvraj with disgust.
“Kunj are you OK?” She asked with concern looking at their faces.
“Yes Twinkle! How can anything happen to him as long as almighty Twinkle exists?” He spoke venomously.
“Yuvi! You’re behaving unacceptably rude and I won’t tolerate that” Kunj warned but Yuvraj was adamant.
Yuvraj pulled Twinkle by hand and made her stand in front of Kunj. “If she’s so righteous, then ask her that the day when you were fighting death in the hospital due to blood loss, then why she walked away like a coward! Ask her why she refused to donate blood to you! Why she made a joke of your relationship! Why did she state ‘DIVORCE’ as an excuse for her deed! Ask her Kunj!” He almost shouted in the end but went weak in the next moment as the flashes of Kunj’s condition ran through his mind. “We all thought we lost you! And she could save you but she didn’t want to! She didn’t even sympathize with dad’s condition before taking such a harsh step. Not everyone is how they look Kunj! And the mean person we saw that day was the real HER!”
He said pointing towards Twinkle and angrily stormed outside.
Kunj still hadn’t gotten over the shock. “Twinkle what did he say? That you refused to donate blood to save my life?”
“Yes or no Twinkle?” He shouted making Twinkle flinch at her place.
“Kunj listen…”
“Yes or no?” He repeated in dangerously low voice.
“Yes but…”
He didn’t let her finish raising his hand to stop, walking towards her.
“Unbelievable! Twinkle I could never expect such a thing from you! How could you? Twinkle, there’s nothing worse than losing someone you love! And you know, when few weeks ago you came and silently started taking care of me, every minute, every second, every breath I was afraid that I’d lose you! That you’d leave! You’ve no idea how it feels, keeping my eyes on you every second, while I ate, drank, watched TV or did anything, afraid that if I took my eyes off you for a second, you’d disappear!”
“Kunj…” A lump was formed in her throat making her choke.
“No Twinkle! Now I’ve realized that there can’t be relationship unless there’s commitment, loyalty, love and the will to do anything, to SACRIFICE anything for each other! I love you for everything you did and forgave you for everything thinking there might be SOME grave reason for your behavior but it wasn’t! Twinkle today I’m forced to say this… I’M TIRED OF TRYING TO UNDERSTAND YOU! And I can’t do it anymore. Please Twinkle! Now rather than staying with each other lost and confused, let’s just part ways… Forever! The day of my accident you were leaving but you stayed just to heal me right? Now see I’m fine and getting healthier so you need not to postpone your PLANS anymore!” He angrily banged his fisted hand on the cupboard before continuing. “Why does it happen that the ones I love the most hit me the hardest! If for once, you’d have told the truth, yes, it’d have hurt for awhile and then healed but your lies! They’ve hurt me again and again and will continue to do the same all my life!”
She was shattered by the allegations which made her weak on the knees. “Kunj please listen to me once! I’ve to tell you something…”
“I don’t want to listen anything that comes out from your mouth! I won’t be able to believe it! I’m tired! You don’t have to pretend anything! You can go from my life and this home right now!”
“No Kunj! I’m not going anywhere. I’m not leaving you please for once…”
“Now when you’re leaving without a reason, don’t come back with an excuse! And about you… I’ll wait for the day when I can forget YOU or the day YOU realize that you can’t forget me!” He spoke painfully and without waiting for her reply, he pulled her wrist roughly and dragged her outside the room.
He banged the door close leaving a shattered Twinkle outside.
“No Kunj! Please don’t do this! I love you and I always will! I can’t live…”
He heard her voice fading and going down. Twinkle wasn’t someone who who’d give up so easily. She wouldn’t leave even if that meant banging the door all night! He rushed to the door and saw Twinkle lying there unconscious at the door!
“Twinkle!” Kunj shrieked and it hurt like hell to see his life lying lifeless on the floor.
He called the doctor asking him to come immediately at the mansion. He tried a lot to wake up Twinkle but couldn’t. Every moment of her silence was killing him!
The doctor arrived and examined Twinkle.
“Did she have dinner?” Doctor asked after checking Twinkle.
“Yes. And she was alright a while ago!” Kunj answered impulsively. “What’s wrong Dr? She’ll be fine na?” He added rushing to Twinkle’s side in anxiety.
“Mr. Sarna, actually she has been using strong dosage of painkillers and antibiotics which resulted in weakness.” The doctor said and Kunj was astounded and baffled.
“What are you saying Dr? This can’t be! I’ve never seen her consuming any such medicines. And why’d she do it? She’s perfectly fine and healthy!” He argued.
“Relax Mr. Sarna. I’m taking her blood sample and will soon send you the reports.”
“Thank you Dr. But please make it quick. I want it tonight itself!”
“Don’t worry Mr. Sarna! I’ll send it within few hours.”
“Thanks a lot Dr! And when will Twinkle regain consciousness?”
“Within an hour.”
“Ok.” He sighed. “One more thing Dr. When you send the ward boy with reports, make sure he hands it over to ME and no one else.” He said clearly suspicious about something wrong going on.
The doctor nodded understandably before leaving.
Kunj came forward and sat beside a sleeping Twinkle and began gently stroking her hairs. “Now this time, I’ll sort out everything. Lord has given me one chance to know the truth and I wouldn’t waste it. He stood up and settled himself on arm chair, his mind ruing through all the probabilities for Twinkle’s behavior but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong and where.
After almost two hours, Twinkle gained consciousness and she was freaked out thinking Kunj would’ve doubted. She woke up to find Kunj fallen asleep on the chair.
He heard shuffling and rubbed his eyes. “Twinkle, you OK?” He asked with concern while giving her a glass of juice. After what happened some time ago, both didn’t have the confidence to look into each other’s eyes. She silently took the glass while looking down and started drinking. She realized that her left hand was aching abit but didn’t notice it much.
Even though he knew she’d cover it up, he still asked skeptically, “any idea how you fainted?”
“I… Uh… I haven’t eaten anything since morning. Maybe that’s why.” She replied fiddling with her fingers.
‘Another lie!’ he thought.
“Ok. Take rest. I’ll be back.” Saying this, he left without another word. Twinkle found his behavior wierd but didn’t say anything. She laid there for an hour and then walked downstairs to check on Kunj. She saw a ward boy from her hospital handing Kunj a file and leaving. A strong wave of panic clouded Twinkle’s senses as she realized what was happening! She rolled her sleeves up and yes, there was a mark of syringe covered with band-aid on her left arm!
“KUNJ!” She shouted while running down. “What’s wrong with you? How can you’ve my blood test done without my permission?” She asked angrily.
“If you had told me whatever it is by yourself I wouldn’t need to do all this.” He retorted calmly.
Twinkle could see or hear nothing else now! She desperately wanted the file away from Kunj’s hands. She tried to snatch it but he swiftly pulled it away before she could.
“If there’s nothing wrong, why are you sacred and panicked?” He asked suspiciously and opened it.
“No Kunj! Please give it back. You can’t handle it.”
He shot his eyes at her alarming with her words. “No Twinkle, not today!” He said firmly looking back at the file.
Twinkle was completely blank. She moved back and stumped on the sofa in shock. What’ll happen now? How’ll he react? Will he be able to deal with it? Would he be angry for not telling him before? No! Millions of questions running through her mind.
Kunj read the first page and it had only composition of components of blood written in medical science language which he didn’t quite understand, his heart was thumbing so loudly in his chest that he feared if Twinkle could hear it. He quickly turned the page and saw straight at the bottom where it was written,
His hands shivered and all his surroundings were muted as he completed. “M… Multiple myeloma. B… Bone marrow c… Cancer.” He stuttered while breathing heavily. He felt nauseatic at the moment. He held his spinning head between his hands. “No! This can’t be!” Saying this, he checked the doctor’s name and number written on the front page and dialed it with blurry vision and trembling fingers. Coincidentally it was the same Dr. Ragini who was handling Twinkle’s case. “What the hell Dr! Are you out of your mind?” He yelled into the phone. “The reports you’ve made for the blood sample which I had sent you…”
“Calm down, Mr. Sarna. I can understand your condition right now but… The reports I’ve made are 100% accurate with no mistakes. Also I’ve been handling Twinkle’s case since a long time.”
“Long time? What do you mean?”
“What I mean is… Twinkle knows about all this and… She had asked me not to tell you or anyone about all this. She has been on medication since almost a year but those medication can only elongate her life and not cure her cancer. If you can, please try to push her for treatment. That’s all I’ve to say.” The doctor explained politely and hung up.
Twinkle was still sitting on the couch not knowing how to react. Kunj looked up to her all shattered. “You knew this…! You knew everything! That rude behavior, the divorce thing, trying to get away from me, trying to leave the country, not donating blood, it’s all because of this right? You think… You’ll d… Die and you didn’t trust me enough to even tell me once?” He managed to choke out, his voice barely above a whisper, words coming out in pieces.
She breathed heavily. “Yes Kunj. This is the truth. I couldn’t find the courage to tell you anything. And when I did, it was too late. Few hours ago, I wanted to tell you but… You didn’t want to listen anymore.”
He took two steps back and tried to process the words but it all seemed to jumbled up or maybe because he wanted to hear some comforting lie instead of this destructive truth.
He cupped her face and asked with hope, “all this is a lie na?”
Twinkle just shook her head placing her hand over his. “I wish it was! But it’s the truth Kunj. I’ve bone marrow cancer and… There’s very less chance of my survival… In fact, no chance of my survival.” She said with tears. “I’m sorry Kunj. I should’ve told you but that wouldn’t change anything except that it’d burden you with my pain and kill you too. Also the…”
He didn’t let her continue by hugging her tightly and broke down. “Please don’t go Twinkle!” He managed to say between his tears.
Twinkle was equally broken and hurt. She had never seen him CRYING like that! She made herself free from his grip and took his face in her hands. “Kunj this was exactly the reason why I didn’t tell you anything. You’d just… Break! This is why I wanted to go away from you and die in piece.”
He laughed humorlessly. He was mocked and played by destiny over and over again! “As if you’d go away from my heart, my memories, my soul by doing that. As if I’d forget you, as if I’d… Stop loving you.”
“Kunj! I…”
“I… I need some time.” He abruptly got up wiping his tears and hurriedly walked past her outside the house. She was scared because last time he said those words and walked outside, he met with an accident. She kept shouting but he stormed out speedily.
Twinkle rushed inside and called Disha who picked up the call at the first ring itself. “Hello Twinkle. Is everything alright? You called? At this time of the night?”
“Disha!!!” She cried. “Kunj came to know everything.” She said crying vigorously. “And he took the car and went somewhere. What do I do now! I’m worried for him.”
Disha was equally shocked. “What? Twinkle please… You’re his strength. Please calm down. Me and Yuvi are coming there right now. Just hold yourself together!” Disha tried to console her on which Twinkle mentally nodded.
Within some minutes, YuviSha arrived at Kunj’s mansion where they saw Twinkle crying. Disha rushed to her and emotionally hugged her but Yuvraj was more concerned about Kunj.
“Why did he leave like that Twinkle? What did you do now?” He spat.
Disha picked up the reports from the table and handed it over to Yuvraj. “This is what she did Yuvi. This is her crime!” She stated sternly with a hint of anger in her voice.
He took the reports puzzlingly and after reading it, he was taken aback. He didn’t know what to say! He was sad, broken, worried and guilty at the same time. He sat on his knees in front of Twinkle. “I’m sorry for everything that I did. I’m sorry for judging you on the basis of that one incident. I don’t know what to say Twinkle. I’m…”
“It’s OK Yuvi! Please go and find Kunj. Please get my Kunj back!” She pleaded.
That’s when he realized Kunj’s condition must be worse. “Yes. I’ll go. Disha, take care of Twinkle!”
Disha nodded assuring him before he left to find his best friend.
Kunj drove harshly to some abandoned area and parked the car there. All the words, the pain, the truths coming back to him. Even though in some corner of his heart, he had a relief that Twinkle didn’t want to leave him ever but the truth remained that she WAS going to DIE in a few months!
He just sat on his knees on the lonely road taking his head in between his hands and cried at his own fate.
Link for ‘Noor-e-Khuda song: https://youtu.be/JJ5r5Z6G2Zo

“Ajanabi mod hai…
Khauf har aur hai…
Har nazar pe dhuwaan chaa gaya…
Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya…
Aasmaan zard hai, aahein bhi sard hai…
Tan se saaya juda ho gaya…
Hmm… Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya…
Saans ruk si gayi jism chhil sa gaya…
Tute khaabon ke manzar pe tera jahaan chal diya…
Noor-e-khuda… Noor-e-khuda…
Tu kahan chupa hai humein yeh bata…
Noor-e-khuda… Noor-e-khuda…
Yun na humse nazarein phira… played.”

“How could you do this?” He screamed looking at the sky. “Out of the billions of people in the world, why do you chose me to play with? Every damn time! First Arohi, then Kalpana, then mom and now… Twinkle! WHY!”
“Twinkle… You were the reason I became stronger! But still… You remained my weakness. When you came into my life, I was afraid that you’d become important and you did. Then I was afraid that I’d starting liking you and I did. Then I was afraid of loving you and I did and now when I’m afraid of losing you… Lord can’t even stand that! Why so much insecurity with my happiness! You picked me whenever I fell, healed me whenever I was hurt and loved me when I was hated by everyone. And now, you’ll be no more. Then what’ll happen!”

 nazarein karam farma he dey…
O dino dharam ko jaga hi dey…
O jalti huyi tanhayiyan, ruthi huyi parchayiyan… Kaisi udi yeh hawa, chaya yeh kaisa sama…
Ruh jam si gayi, waqt tham sa gaya…
Tute khwabon ke manzar pe tera jahaan chal diya…
Noor-e-khuda… Noor-e-khuda…
Tu kahan chupa hai humein yeh bata…
Noor-e-khuda… Noor-e-khuda… Yun na humse nazarein phira… Noor-e-khuda… played.”

A person can smile or laugh for anyone but it takes a special person to make them cry. And Twinkle mattered that much to Kunj… He was crying not because his heart was broken but because he was completely broken so badly that he could never go back. Every nerve and fibre in his body screamed pain and suffering! He was going to lose Twinkle, the same Twinkle who brought him back from the miserable life that was worse than death! The same Twinkle who dragged him out of his pain and lonliness. A part of him resided in her, if she died, that part would die leaving a void forever.
Yuvraj was searching distraughtly for Kunj on every alley, every road, every nook, every corner of the city and he was getting terrified with every passing moment. Finally, he saw him! Sitting on the bonnet of his car on a deserted road crying his heart out.
“Kunj!” Yuvraj called out loudly and once after approaching him, he hugged him tight. “Bhai! You’ve no idea how worried we all were!”
But Kunj still hadn’t found solace. “Why Yuvi? Why every time? Just because my eyes don’t tear doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t cry. And just because I look strong doesn’t mean I don’t feel anything!!! And… What’s the point in all this screaming? Your Lord isn’t listening anyway!”
“Stop crying Kunj! Even barrels of tears don’t heal a single bruise!” Yuvraj said trying to ease his pain. “Listen Kunj, we aren’t living in that old age when cancer patient was sure to die! Now we’ve made a lot of progress, there’s so much advancement in technology and cancer CAN be cured. Don’t worry Kunj we won’t let anything happen to her OK? Now come home. Everyone’s waiting.”
“No Yuvi. Her doctor told that there are only 20% chances of her survival.”
“So instead of looking at the 80% chances of her death, let’s look at the 20% chances and hold on. Honestly Kunj, even if it’d have been 1% chance, you shouldn’t have given up. Because if life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life that you’ve 1000 reasons to smile. Remember, Lord only makes happy endings. And if it isn’t happy, then it’s NOT the end. ‘Picture abhi baqi hai mere dost.’ Now the decision lies in your hands Kunj! Either you let this pain kill you or let it make you stronger. Either you break down yourself or be the pillar of strength for your Twinkle!” With those comforting words, Kunj saw a ray of hope and solace in his friend’s arms.
Just then Yuvraj’s phone rang halting their conversation. Yuvraj quickly picked up the call. “Yes Disha! What…? OK! We’re coming.”
Kunj looked at Yuvraj alarming feeling a strange tension in the pit of his stomach. “What happened Yuvi?”
“Kunj… Twinkle! She left.”
The world around Kunj shattered once again. “What do you mean she left?” He asked breathing heavily.
“She said, she don’t want to cause you more pain so…”
“No! Not this time… I know where she must be. You may go! I’ll be back with Twinkle.”
Yuvraj nodded. “Bring her back bro and then we all will together fight with this cancer.” He spoke before leaving behind a hopeful Kunj.
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Coming to episode, seriously I had put so much effort in this episode hopefully you all liked it and might be happy that FINALLY Kunj had come to know about Twinkle’s cancer but Allah! Twinkle left… No worries Kunj will bring her back and then they’ll fight against this disease together (giving a li’l spoiler because you all deserved it after all:*) I’ll try to post the next one tomorrow In’shaAllah, no promises though! Don’t forget to share your views because that’s what makes me write with enthusiasm:) So if you want instant update don’t forget to comment:*
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