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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Who will get married to Uma?

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak says after 2 years, there won’t be any third person between them. Uma says, for sure. There will only be love between them. Uma shows her a locket that has heart shaped pendant and their pictures in it. They put that locket along with their list of dreams after 2 years in a box and hide it in ground. Kanak says they will take it out after 2 years. Uma says on her birthday, they both will come together. Kanak says now they are safe. No one’s bad sight can be on their happiness. They hug. A watchman asks what they are doing there? It’s Meera Mittal’s private property. Kanak says their dreams are buried in Meera’s property?

Other hand, Meera says from today Uma and his dreams will become her property. Now Uma is not only her dream, but her junoon,

her future. Uma is only hers.

Next morning, Suman is looking at work in their house. Kanak comes home and seems very happy. Suman asks how was the date. Kanak says it was not as expected, but was good. Suman says they are enjoying and she is stuck with noise of renovation in the house. Kanak says they will have many renovation in near future, Uma’s business, their home, their relationship. It’s like a new beautiful beginning. A worker is taking box somewhere. Kanak and Uma’s photo falls, frame breaks. Kanak asks him what he’s doing. He says sorry. Suman says it’s not good for glass to break.

Kanak asks Suman where she’s going. Suman says she needs to go Jaipur for college admission. Kanak says she will also go with her, but Suman tells her that she will manage. Kanak says Uma will scold her if she lets her go alone. Suman says only Uma told her that she has to be independent now. Kanak is surprised. Suman thanks Kanak for bringing changes in Uma, in that house. Only because of that, her dream of becoming something is coming true. They hug.

Purab brings all godown stuff in home. Bhabho and Saras come there. Bhabho asks why he brought all that in home. He says he was ordered to do that. Bhabho asks who ordered him? Saras’ bhabhi comes and says she did. Bhabho says but godown is to keep store stuff. Saras’ bhabhi says it’s unfair, one bahu works in store and other work in kitchen whole day like a servant. So she has decided she will also open her beauty parlor. Saras’ store is going good, so she can rent a place for storage. She then tells Saras now they will see whose store runs better in the colony.

Kanak is shouting at worker for trying to pain their hands symbols. The worker says he has permission. Uma says he gave permission. Kanak asks how he can do that. That’s such a good memory of theirs wedding and her coming to his home for the first time. He says that marriage was by cheating. They will place their hands on wall again after they re-marry. Kanak is still angry. He says she looks so cute when she’s mad. She says she is leaving. He tries to stop, but she doesn’t.

Kanak comes to Bhabho’s home. Bhabho has taken out jewelries and wedding clothes. Kanak says date is not fixed even. Bhabho says but alliance is fixed. They are bride side, they have to start prep early.

Other hand, Meera is looking at wedding dress. Her dad asks what she is looking at since so long. She says her future.

Bhabho tells Kanak this time life-long relationship will complete.

Meera’s dad asks her she is getting married? Meera says yes, and puts chunar on her head. Other side. Bhabho also puts chunar on Kanak and says she will be Uma’s wife. Meera’s dad asks whom she is marrying? She says Uma. She will be Uma’s wife. Kanak and Meera both dream of marrying Uma and be one forever.

Uma receives a call and he’s shocked. He is seen running on road. He stops and is shocked seeing something.

Precap: Kanak’s car has accident. Uma comes and asks police where his wife is. Police points to a lady. Uma goes to her and says thank God you are fine. It turns out to be Meera. She says, Mrs. Uma Shankar, your wife. In background, Kanak is being put on a stretcher. Uma has lifted Meera in his arms and taking her somewhere.

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