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Trust (swasan from swaragini) OS 3

Swara was lieing down were Mohini was smriking seeing swara’s fear on her face. Mohini rise her hand to stab her seeing this swara close her eyes with fear while taking god name but feeling no pain her body she open her eyes were she saw Sanskaar holding knife angrily were blood flowing down from his eyes. She about to say something but she get shock seeing Sanskaar…

Sanskaar(angrily ) : if you don’t go from here….. I will call police….

Mohini(angrily ) : why are you saving this girl….. she will tell your truth all then they will not live you…. so better kill this girl…

Sanskaar (angrily ) : I will take care of it…. you just go from here, it will not take time to kill you….. saying this he pic knife…… seeing knife fearly Mohini ran from there.

Swara was not able to believe that Sanskaar till now acting infront of all , but now her all doughts get clear which was happening with her thinking this she gets angry and slap him hard…. were anger clearly seen her eyes. ..

Sanskaar hold his cheeks in hand angrily, he drag her back side and pin to wall and shout angrily..
Sanskaar : how dare you to slap me???….. he said angrily…

Swara : why you did this Sanskaar? ?? You are playing with everyone feeling… you did cheap things to me so all get think I am characterless girl…right? ?? You want to break my marriage naa??? Why you do this to me Sanskaar? ????…… she said with teary eyes…

Sanskaar : because I wants to take revenge from that Durgaprasad Maheshwari……he said angrily pulling swara towards her….

Swara : but why Sanskaar? ??

Sanskaar : you are bangali but Durgaprasad accept you beacause his son happiness in you(greeting teath )….. but he did not accept my kavita because she was bangali….if they accept her that day today she did not away from me….. because of them someone kill her or may be that Durgaprasad maheshwari if he accept my love then today kavita with me but no he throw me out from house… he make away from my family ……. he said with anger….while pushing her away from her..

Swara : But what is my fault….. why you punishing me without my mistake….. but now its enough……i will told everyone…… saying this she about to go but Sanskaar pulled towards him

Sanskaar : you will not tell them….. I don’t want to loose my family again…. I am sorry what I did with you i will never repeat again…. he said with teary eyes…

Seeing his tears swara melt and give warning him if he do again she will tell them all truth were Sanskaar also make promise he never take revenge again.

Next day…..
Swara open her eyes lazily, she sat on bed holding her head, her head paining like hell, she drank water which was which was place on other side of table. Now her bluer view get clear. She saw here and there shockingly….

She was sitting on bed which was all soft which was affcorce not her bed…. were white curtain hanging on Window….. room was looking like hotel room which was neatly decorated, fear start getting in her heart….

How I came here? ?? I came mandir alone so I perform family rituals, I come down from car and then some old man come to me telling buy flowers for him, I take flowers from him seeing her age, he said me take smell of flowers but I denied but he start insisting again and again ….. I take smell then my head start rotating then I don’t know what happen to me…….. ohh shit someone kidnapped me…… Swara said in mind fearly…..

She immediately climb down and runs to open door, she try to open door but someone lock from outside. But sometimes door get open and she gets shock to see person.

Swara (shockingly ) : Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar(smrikingly ) : what you thought.. I will let laksh marry you happily…. no miss swara boss… i will not..

Swara about to slap him but Sanskaar held her hand
Sanskaar : not again swara boss….. one is enough for me…

Swara (peldingly join her hand with teary eyes ) : Sanskaar let me go…. Laksh is waiting for me…. plz let me go …. my my maa and dida get worried for me…

Sanskaar : wait…. first lets see what happening in your house…. saying this he drag her on bed and made her sit on bed… he gave water to her…..but she throw glass making into peaces.

Sanskaar : don’t get angry Swara Boss….its not good for health….just cool down…

Sanskaar on tv were Ragini doing drama of sucide , they are all stoping her from sucide.

Swara : see beacause of you they are thinking i ran away from marriage….she said with teary eyes
Sanskaar : you know one secret your this so called inocent sister also help me….. (were swara looking him with shock ) don’t look me like this…..this was truth…. you know she loves laksh madly…. thats why sdhe send mohini to kill you…. and this was just she doing drama so she can married laksh….. I did not plan to kidnapped you…. but ragini wants to kill you thats y I kidnapped you. …

Swara (shockingly ) : no you are lieing….. no want to make me away from my sister…. she said with teary eyes

Sanskaar : what will i get to make you away from your sister….. I only had problem with laksh…. so I just manipulate Ragini….. but she was not kid to come in my word….. if she really think you are her sister she never join handwith me……

Swara : no you are lieing…plz let me go….

Sanskaar : just wait dear…… itni jaldi b kya hai…… see in camera whats going on in your house…..

Sanskaar : see swara Laksh agree for marriage…..were swara shock listening Laksh answer…..she can’t able to believe laksh agree for marriage which was about to marry before sometime tears start flowing from her eyes endlessly..

Sanskaar : if Laksh did not marry then you go from here I will not hold you from going here…

Swara looking at camera emotionally were Laksh married Ragini. Seeing dida blaming Ragini for her condition swara shock she can’t able to believe her sister can do with her, Were her father blaming her mother, tears endlessly flowing from her eyes.

Swara : its just because of you….. if you did not kidnapped you today my mother and father relation did not broke…. she said with teary eyes…

Sanskaar : really swara….. if laksh really love you na… he never agree for marriage. He wait you atleast some day if he really trust you…. but no…. and about your mother and father relation if your father really loves your mother he never point out your mother…. may b he loves your mother but trust he never trust your mother which was always important in every relation. If there is no trust in love then what is use of love….???

Swara was emotionally listening his word which was true, she was broken inside totally beacause today she lost all her relations which she fight for society. Seeing swara like this he can’t able to hold himself , he just hug her letting her cry….

After 3 years..
A girl sleeping with big baby bump were her husband sleeping beside her hugging her carefully so he can’t disturb his baby. Feeling sunray girl open her eyes and see towards her husband sleeping peacefully, she kiss his cheeks and get up holding her baby bump after listening knock on door. She open door and see her all members standing on door taking her breakfast.

Lady : chori why you get up…. can’t your husband open door? ?

Girl : its ok mom let him sleep…. he was very tiered….

2 lady : shona…..he was still sleeping? ??

Girl : haa maa…

Lady : let me wake up…. saying this she goes near boy…

Lady : Sanskaar get up fast….. you are going to be father in someday and you are still sleeping like kid….

Sanskaar (removing blanket from face ) : ask your bahu…. don’t wake me in night…. so I sleep in night properly….

Ram : don’t say any word to my daughter…. she can wake you any time…. because you are her husband

Sanskaar : I know papa…. now you are not my papa…. you change your party…Iiving me alone

Dida: don’t worry Sanskaar….. I am on my son side…..

Sanskaar ( smilingly ) : thanks dida…. you only love me… one love me. …

Shomi(smiling seeing Sanskaar drama ) : don’t worry I am with you because my daughter change party. …

Sujata : don’t worry chori….i am with you…

Uttra : i also with you bhabhi…
Sanskaar(fake angry ) : i will see you…i will not give your pocket money….

Uttra : don’t worry bhabhi will give me….. because you don’t have dare to denied bhahi…. you always listen your wife….she said sticking out her tongue were all laugh on Sanskaar…

Sanskaar : i will see you later ….

Seeing all love for her tears start flowing from her eyes with happiness.
Sanskaar : what happen swara why are you crying? ??? Are you feeling pain ??…. he said with concern….
Swara(hugging Sanskaar ) : no Sanskaar….. I am very happy to see all your loves for me I never thought i will get this much love … after that day….

Sanskaar : don’t remember that day…… people saying na sometime happen for our betterment only….

All left from there giving them privacy…


After that day swara denied going to badi… because she don’t want to tell truth because no use of that. Sanskar went badi and tell truth but no one belive him. Swara want to live Sanskaar house but he insist to stay there till she found new house. They moved in mumbai were sanskar stay eariar. Sanskaar bring dida and Shomi in his house and also sujata Ram and uttra. First dida and Shomi gets angry on Sanskaar but seeing his caring nature they understand he not bad.

Swara want to do job so Sanskaar gave her job in his company. She accuse sanskar sometime but she forgive him. Slowly slowly both start falling for each other. Seeing Sanskaar care for her she can’t able to hold herself falling for him but she was fearing what if she again her heart break.

One day Sanskaar prapose her and she said yes to him. He gave all happiness, they never looked back what happens in badi aur maheshwari house. After two years of that incident they married each other happily. And best day come there life when they got to know they are going to be parents.


Sanskaar : what are you thinking swara? ?

Swara : nothing…… lets go today we have to go for check up….. saying this she about to go but she felt sharp pain in her tummy…… she shout in pain…. Sanskaar immediately take swara in hospital. After 2 hour her shout stop. After sometime nurse come with small baby wrapping white soft cloth announcing that they blessed with baby girl. Sanskaar has no bouund of joy seeing her little princess. He went in word were swara was lieing desperately to take her baby.

Sanskaar(happily ) : see swara i won i got my princess…..
Swara(teary eyes ): really…..( Swara takes baby in her hand…..) i also want her papa won…..
Sanskaar(teary eyes ) : see swara finally we take our baby in our hand…

All blessed them, dida wants to go badi only once so they decided to keep there angel name there only. After 10 day they come in badi.

They enter in badi taking there princess. Seeing swara dadi shock.
Dadi : y you come back to ruin my Lado happiness? ?

Swara : just stop it dadi? ??? I came back in my home and Can’t you see I am married and I have daughter also….

Dadi looks towards swara were she was wearing mangalsutra and sindoor were she holding a small baby….
Listening dadis voice laksh Ragini and Dp and ap come out, seeing swara a get shock.
Laksh(angrily) : y you come back….. after ruining others life..
Swara : i did not ruin your life…. hey Ragini tell your husband who ruin his life…

Ragini standing there with teary eyes seeing baby in her hand.

Laksh : why are you blaming her? ?

Ragini (teary eyes ) : its truth laksh….. that day Sanskaar said all are truth….. I want to break your marriage that y do this……. but god give me good punishment to straching happiness became mother….. now I got know how felt when someone taunt us… saying this she breakdown. Were all looking them shock….laksh just go away from there without uttering words….

Swasan also left from there after naming ceremony, they try to ask forgiveness but they left without saying anything.

The End

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