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Soulmates (Devakshi) Episode #39

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I am extremely  sorry for the inconvenience,I actually stoped checking tellyupdates because of the low response which I get on my stories and plus rn m having hard time in my personal life and m literally in kind of depression state hence I ended up taking a break from writing but yes I have one or two chapters which I already posted on Wattpad but didn’t posted here because of the low response from all the readers. Today m posting this because somebody dm me about this which came into my notice while checking my mails so here is the update.

Once again sorry for making you wait for so long (to everyone who reads this) but yes if you guys want the next update then you have to comment under it so that I could notice it and post it. Please share your views about this and let me know about your existence.

Here you go with the story…….


His vulnerable state flashed infront of her eyes each second and her heart started thumping loudly on It’s place. Where he gone?? Is he fine??? Where is ayaan????,her mind made a long list of all kind of questions and negative thoughts. She needs to find him…..Yes she need to find him right now. Her eyes were craving to see him. Deep inside in her heart,She knew that she won’t be able to see him in his broken state.

Gulping down her fear,She leave the bed and room to find him. The whole house was drown into darkness. There was no trace of any light at this time of the day. Her already raised heartbeats increased fearing the worst. Taking slow steps,She headed towards his room. The door of his room was slightly open. Sweat beads found it’s place on her forehead. Fear is the only thing,She could feel now. Raising her trembling hand,she opened the door of his room only to be welcomed by darkness. The thick darkness which reminds her the depth of his sorrow and broken state.

Wipping the sweat beads from the back of her hand,she entered into his dark room.Her eyes wander to find him. Inbetween the thickness of the dark room,she found her source of light,Dev. letting out the breath,she was holding from a long time she sighed in relief.

Dev……… ; his name came out of her mouth like a whisper but there was no response from his side.

She goes near him and placed her trembling hand on his shoulder and again whispered his name as if it’s the only word which she can pronounce.

The moment when he heard his name,he turned around and buried himself into her tiny fram and started weeping uncontrollably. She was taken aback with this sudden burst out of his and tried to console him by rubbing her hands on his back smoothly. She tried her best to provide him the much needed solace,his every sob shattered her heart into zillions of pieces. Her shirt get wet from his tears. His hot breaths were making her numb.

His sobs didn’t seemed to die soon.After a ample amount of time She broke the hug and made him face her. Her heart ached seeing him this vulnerable. His face was red(ed)because of continuous crying,eyes were puffy and beetroot red,nose was sniffling,tears were streaming out of his eyes effortlessly. Hairs were all messy and disheveled,resting on his forehead. His lips were dry and were trembling with every breath. Her eyes get mirrored and tears made there way down to her cheeks without bothering her to even blink.

She cupped his face with her palms and wipes the trails of his tears from his cheeks by her thumb. Caressing his cheeks,She noded in a no while he kept sniffling.
Ahunnn………… ; Ayaan’s cry snapped her back from her dream. Sonakshi set up from her place,breathing heavily. The corner of her eyes was moist.This move of her’ broke dev’s sleep. The sunrays fell on his face and he squeezed his eyes shut with this sudden contact of light. Adjusting his eyes with it he slowly opens his eyes and looked around, taking in his surroundings and hearing Ayaan’s cry,reality hits him. He slept in her room that too on the floor. He looked up at her’ side and found her busy with ayaan who was clinging on her and still crying. Maybe he had seen a bad dream!!! Sonakshi was trying to calm him but his crying grew louder. His heart ached seeing him crying,getting up from his place he literally pulled ayaan away from sonakshi’s arms and dashed out of her room with ayaan,muttering a soft sorry.

It’s ohk……. ; Sonakshi spoke softly and wander her eyes into her room which was filled with sun rays,ending the darkness. She can still feel the wetness of her eyes. Something has changed within these hours.

As planned,today sonakshi is going to join back her theatre. There aren’t much days left in the reopening of the theatre and she have to prepare her play before that. She still remember the spark of Dev’s eyes when he talked about the theatre.How she wish to see that spark again. Standing infront of the mirror,She smiled. Everything is gono be alright ; she spoke to herself,assuring herself and left the room.

Sonakshi descended down from stairs and first encounters Radharani who was sitting in the hall having her prayer beads in her hand,chanting some mantra.Reaching at the dining table she found everybody present there already,even dev. Ayaan was running round and round around the dining talb,clapping his hands with enthusiasm as if somebody has given him his fav geams. Seeing him happy sonakshi grins widely and took him into her arms receiving the soft chuckles in return from ayaan. Everybody adore them and a pleasant smile made It’s way towards their lips.

Good morning Ayaan…….. ; Sonakshi greets him in her babyish tone,planting a soft smooch on his chubby cheeks. Ayaan smiled widely and hugs her in reply,making her forget all the worries.

I made your favourite breakfast today. Now sit and have it else you’ll be late…. ; Ishwari spoke lovingly with a warm smile. The tension lines were still lingering on her forehead but she did manage to sound normal. Sonakshi stare her with *How did you got to know* kind of look making ishwari smile over her expressions.

Dev and I had a talk about it,that’s why we know ; Ramnat says softly while dev looks up and smiled forcefully,wearing his facade. Sonakshi was amused to see him behaving all normal as if nothing had happened. He looked fresh and energetic,minus the usual spark in his eyes.

I am sorry Aunty ji I…..I forgot to inform you yesterday….. ; Sonakshi says driving her attention towards ishwari but was cut in between by Ramnath.

You don’t have to be sorry Beta And I am looking forward to see your talent….. ; Ramnath says with a smile. The unpleasant silence seems dying with their normal behaviour.

Sonakshi paases him a coy smile and sat beside niki to have her breakfast. Dev stare constantly into his plate,playing with his food rather than eating,drown into his own world. He did payed attention to their talks and looked up but his eyes never met with Sonakshi’s which pricked her heart. Is He fearing of her judgment after whatever happened in the morning.

If you are going to stay hlaf of the day out of the house then what’s the need of having you as the babysitter…… ; Radharani asks coming towards the dining area. Listening this,Sonakshi who was about to feed ayaan the first morsel of his food,held it in mid way.

We can’t fire her like this. She already mentioned about her previous commitment before joining this job and we accepted it…..And moreover it’s about ayaan. He needs her…… ; Dev says in stern tone and stood up from his place to leave.

Ahmmm…..Jiji he is right. She already told us about it and we agreed that’s why she took the job and you know ayaan right. Usually he didn’t mingle with people easily……Sonakshi tooks good care of him and….And he also loves spending time with her…. ; Ishwari spoke in sonakshi’s favour holding dev’s hand,preventing him from leaving the place. Dev stood still at his place,closing his eyes in kind of frustration.

Sonakshi have your breakfast soon. Dev will drop you till the theater. And don’t worry about ayaan I’ll take care of him ; Ishwari says serving her,her’ food and gestures to hurry up. Sonakshi nodded in agreement and started feeding ayaan,first.

Come Jiji have breakfast with us….I made allo poori for you ; Ishwari softly requests her to sit down.

No…if you remember today is Monday and i always keep fast on this day then you won’t have asked me to sit and have breakfast with you….. ; Radharani spoke dejectedly and leave the place stomping her foot.

I forgot my file in my room…. ; saying so dev goes back into his room but little did sonakshi knew the reason.

So how’s your college niki……. ; Sonakshi asks turning towards niki,who was all quite from the time she saw her.

It’s good….I even make some new friends…. ; Niki says excitedly.

You know what di. Our college is going to organize a fest and I am so excited for it….. ; Niki says with sparkling eyes and then started her nonstop blabbering.

Wait…..What’s the hurry. Here have this ; Ishwari says offering some curd and sugar to sonakshi,stopping her in her track. Dev rolls his eyes off them in annoyness,he has a sudden meeting to attend and here his mother is showering her love on sonakshi as if she is going to fight a battle. Ramnath has gone long time ago and here he’s stucked at home now also.huhhh!!!!

Here have it…. ; Ishwari says offering some curd and sugar to dev too. Dev twitches his nose in annoyness.

M not going to fight any kind of battle…. ; Dev says backing off but ishwari being adamant shove it into his mouth.

It will keep you cool and save others from your anger. Have a good day….. ; Ishwari says mockingly and pulls his cheek,annoying him more. His annoyed expressions gave her immense happiness. One of her bizarre way to cheer him up in his sulky state. Sonakshi smiles seeing the scenario meanwhlie ayaan came towards them and grab the hem of sonakshi’s kurti thus causing her to look down at him.

Awww…..I wish I could pack you in my bag and take you along with me but I can’t do this na baby. I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible and we’ll do FaceTime in my free time. Sona gono miss you so much……muhaa…… ; Sonakshi talks in her babyish tone,nodding her head to and fro,showering numerous kisses on his cheeks. Ayaan has never been this close to anyone rather then dev and now sonakshi. And today both of them are going out leaving him,it made him sad.

Seeing them off after much of difficulties dev and sonakshi made their way towards the car. Dev open the passenger gate for sonakshi to settle and took the driving seat beside her. Seeing dev settled beside her,she looked at him and smiles coyly and again get back to her work,she tried to pull the seat belt but to her dismay she again failed to pull it over her frame and buckle it. She again looked at dev,who was waiting for her to buckle it and smiled embarrasly/helplessly. But his next move made her numb.

Sighing in tiredness he Leaned towards her. Her eyes widen in shock,seeing him that close to her. She could see the tiniest changes in His Sharpe features while doing the work.The way He applied his all strength to pull the seatbelt,The way he sighs in tiredness and his face drops in disappointment. The way he was trying avoide a eye contact with her,every single expression of him!!! She can feel a burning sensation inside her stomach which is spreading in her entire body like blood.

Done……Finally,Huhh….. ; Dev says singing(ly),buckling the seat belt over her frame,still leaning close to her.

He could feel the hot breaths which were falling on his forehead,looking up to the source of it his hazel Brown orbs met with her black ones which were already fixed on him. The black orbs of her’s has the power of hypnotizing the person. Their eyes were digging holes into each-other,trying to convey the unsaid words. But soon reality hits dev,causing him to break the eye contact. Composing himself back he started the car and headed towards their respective destinations. Looking into the rear-view mirror she is able to see the radish colour painted on her cheeks without using blusher.

Silence is one of those things which always stayed between them and now also there is a pin drop silence in the car. Sonakshi would love to enjoy every bit of this silence but today she needs to find out something so it’s important for her to kill the silence between them.

Ahmm…Actually…… ; Sonakshi started nervously and seeing him all ears to her she stopped. The words seems dying in her throat.

I am sorry…..Sorry for yesterday……I don’t know when I ended up like that…..I came to see ayaan and then I don’t know how….. ; Dev says hesitantly,tapping his finger on steering continuously.

It’s ok……Don’t be sorry for it. You must been tired. It’s ok…. ; Sonakshi says being normal about it but deep inside her heart she wanted to ask him the reason behind his agony.But she couldn’t wanted to scrape his old wounds which will only going to hurt him to the core. And again silence took the place of their unsaid words. Silence is the thing which always stayed between them and now also there is a pin drop silence in the car.

Are you afraid of your badi Maa….. ; Sonakshi asks after bearing the ample amount of the silence. Afterall curiosity brings the best out of her.

Huhh…… ; Dev snaps his head towards her not being able to understand her words.

You wasn’t looked happy seeing her and accidentally I overheard the conversation of your parents . Is something bothering You??? Aunty ji was very tensed about you. She was….crying ; sonakshi spoke calmly looking straight into his eyes while he refuses to make a eye contact with her.

It’s nothing like that. You are getting it wrong. I am fine ; Dev says sternly with the void of expressions.

Then why aren’t you looking straight into my eyes. We are friends right then why are you hesitating to share your feelings ; Sonakshi asks him calmly. She has always been helpful and caring towards the people around her and now when she herself witnessed his broke state,She can’t leave him to be drown into his agony. Dev squeeze his eyes in annoyness and stop the car in midway.

Can you please stop being being nosy. Leave…. ; Dev says angrily,fisting his hand on the steering.

I am just…. ; Sonakshi tried to say but dev didn’t let her complete and stepped out of car. They were in the midway of their respective destinations.

Sonakshi also follows him with fear. She didn’t knew what’s going on in his head. He was standing away from the car searching for something. Is he planning to kill her with the object,he’s searching for ; she thought to herself but soon her chain of thoughts broke by dev.

The taxi will drop you till your destination ; Dev says standing infront of her with the blank expressions on his face. Sonakshi tries to speak up but dev stops her showing his hand and gestured her to follow him. Opening the gate of the taxi for her,he gave her way to settle down and then close the door with a pound bang.

Sonakshi kept looking at him till he get disappeared from her site. Dev stayed rooted to his place feeling frustrated over himself. Something has surely changed between them.


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Ps :- There are one or two more chapter left in my drafts which I could post but only if I get good response from you all so please bring yourself into my notice and let me know if you are waiting for the next update or not

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