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sajna ve twinj ff part 14

Sajna ve twinj ff part 14
Twinj room
Kunj playing with his cute daughter kanasu while twinkle not in room suddenly kanasu started crying as she was hungry
K – shhh dont cry my love y u crying he searched milk bottle to give her but didnt found
K – twinkle told she kept it here only no then where it is? N where is she ? Its been 1 hr now she is away from baby she ll forget everything if she meets her friend let her come today baby papa scold mumma k u dont cry she cried for some min twinkle came to room
T – arey kanasu baby y u cry hungry? I kept milk bottle na kunj
K – where twinkle😠😠 angry tone
T – he…here only i kept kunj n search here n there while baby crying still
K – idiot now stop searching it n proving that u kept it here only leave it for now ill talk with u abt that matter later now take baby n feed her n haa afterwards come n meet me in angry n rude tone
T – bowing head down okay
Twinkle took baby in her hand baby became silent when she sense twinkle touch
T – chup hogayi meri gudiya abhi dhud dethi hun smiling at baby n also at kunj who was looking like angry bird
K – stop smiling now u careless girl when u know baby cant stay away from u then y u go away ha she cried for much time today for u now dont speak anything n feed her twinkle mode in yes n started to feed baby n after tummy got filled baby trying to sleep on her lap
T -slowly kanasu kanasu baby plz dont sleep now only na play with me plz so ur papa not scold me if u r awake plz na baby n i kept feeding bottle here only na putting my milk i know she wont drink other so i kept ot here only then where it gon now kunj wont leave me save me baba g while kansh also slept within no time still twinkle sitting with sleeping baby
Kunj came in room n looked at sleeping baby
K – she slept right then place her in cradle or on bed what u thinking huh are u thinking u to escape from me
T – no i was above to come to u kunj she place baby in cradle kunj held her wrist n took her outside room n close door so there voice dont disturb his daughter sleep
K – you told me you come back in 15 min so i allow you to go but you vame late n in hurry u didnt prepare milk for baby too
T – kunj vo vo was bit late im sorry bu i prepared milk kunj when u r in washroom i told u na i kept it on table only
K – it wasnt there na twinkle you forgotten may be
T – no kunj im telling the truth i kept it there only
K – ha ha k them im telling lie yes rwinkle it was there only and i drink it right
T – kunj y u saying like that im not saying u r telling lie but im also not telling lie
K – shut up loudly stop behaving careless like mahi you started to behave like her you are arguing with me
T – kunj why yoh take di name now what she did now? N im not careless i told u i kept it meane i kept i dont know where it gon suddenly
Mahi came there n saw them fighting n smirked
M – twinkle
T ‘ yes di
Kunj rolled eyes
K – i n twinkle are busy in our conversation u r disturbing us
T – kunj….u tell me di
M – sorry for disturbing n twinkle i came here to give u this feeding bottle back thank u for it u care about my baby a lot u were going out so u prepare milk for my baby n placed in my room uv feed him milk ehen baby hungry so he didnt cry
T – yes i prepared for both babies n y thank u for it di he is like my baby only to me
K – you gave bottle to him but not to my baby twinkle
T – no i said u i kept there only kunj
K – leave it its waste of time to talk to u n dare u twinkle dare u go away from baby even for min now then see what ill do to you
M – why you scolding twinkle like this huh even you have resposibility of baby not only twinkle y u scolding twinkle n y u won’t allow her to go outside oh twinkle now i get it y u cancel movie plan that day bcoz kunj didnt permit u
K – look who is talking about resposibility 😂😂 you cant take ur resposibility n u speaking abt me huh leave it n yes i didnt gave twinkle permitiin to go outside yes its true its for baby n her safety i look for first who are u to tell me that n plz dont spoil my wife also like you got it
M – leave it twinkle you be ready today evening @6 we ll go for shopping n we take babies too
T – but di i can’t how i can take baby with me for shopping its not good they ll cry if there is crowd
M – arey no there ll not be crowd come na plz
T – oh…but
K – twinkle bit loudly you not going anywhere got it
M – arey…see twinkle thats what im telling you kunj controlling you everytime why you ask for permition from him its your life na not only now before baby also rules like come home before 8 n all y u listen such
T – its our life di not only mine kunj care for me so he told like that he never controlled me what u speaking kunj smiled listening to twinkle
M – pov what is this they both fighting but see how twinkle takes kunj side to create rift between them i throwed milk bottle which is in twinj room for baby so that she get scolding she got but also not telling bad thing abt kunj
M – so youbare not coming? Okay atleast for dinner
T – dinner
K – twinkle nowhere means nowhere did u get it damn it twinkle coughing
K – why coughing ha are you okay? Worried she sneeze too n make innocent face
K – acha eat ice cream right thats why i wont allow you to go outside alone you cant rake care of yourself twinkle n you he looked at mahi then said excuze
K – come with me now he placed hand on her shoulder n took her to room while mahi fuming in anger looking at there bond
Twinj room
K – careless twinkle cant you take care of yourself now see you got cold n see bit fever too
T – sorry kunj achu achu oh i eat 1 ice cream only baba achu achu
K – i know its not one now drink this milk then this tablet right now n ill get tasty khada for u baby twinkle making faces
T – kunj khada no na im fine kunj achu achu
K – shh kunj made her to drink khada too while twinkle complained n making faces after she took chocolate then drink it fully both went downstair with baby
T – kunj give her to me n i see there i kept lunch box for you to have in office stressing word office
K – arey office ha i forgotten only see n twinkle what i was telling is its already 12 so ill go from tomorrow no worries ill work from home
T – no need of it daily u do this only kunj now go otherwise ill tell papa g (kunj started doing business in sarna empire only as he buyed all his fathers property back from surjith n heis doing good in business )
K – you are so mean twinkle how can i be away from you both you allow both babies to be with everytime but not me
T – now dont tell me you also want to sit on my lap like them
K – good idea baby we will try it you always sit on my lap today we try different k why should girls have all fun
T – hahaha good joke now go to office
K – im hungry
T – okay after lunch u going otherwise ill call papa g then see u get nice scoldings
Twinkle serving lunch to kunj n usha helping her
U – arey kanasu beta u looking so beautiful😍😍😍 baby smiled at her dadi
U – twinkle did u feed her food
T – ha mummy g i feed her milk now after some min ill give her baby food
U – haa beta n kanasu see this ur favourite pickle
K – maa not now she is sitting on me she ll not let me eat choti siyappa queen gandhi hey
U & t- kunj….let her do what she wants to meri pothi/beti hey while usha put some pickle on kunj playe baby tell kunj to keep it in her mouth n she also feeding her father making everything fall on him n she putting food not in his mouth but in every other possibe place twinkle bebe usha laughing looking at kunj state
Kunj left for office all ladies having lunch bebe looking at mahi angrily thinking she will not help them even in work but comes to eat lunch correctly on time n cant take any responsibility
M – twinkle go and get some more hot paratha
T – haan di k n was above to go leaving her lunch in middle usha n bebe looked at each other face like how mahi treat twinkle like her servent
B – twinkle first you finish lunch mahi go n make paratha by yourself
U – haan haan twinkle looking so tired n kunj telling me you are not well twinkle but also doing instead of taking rest mahi u cook paratha for you n twinkle u complete your lunch hardly you get time for yourself
T – its k bebe n mummy g im fine now
B – we can see that now sit quitely mahi stared them angrily n cooked for herself
Baby crying in mahi room tanvir missing kunj n twinkle mahi not letting them to come near tanvir baby forcefully her so called love now but he dont want that now when he needed it most she didnt gave him love now showing love to him so he will get attached to her but that not happened in twinkle love n care there was maa ka mamatha filled in so baby liked her even kunj n uv they gave him love by heart not by mind like if i do this baby like me the love coming from bottem of heart is what worth to love back
M – shhh plz baby see your toys its new one you like it na plz dont cry see take thisbut he throwed that toy
Twinkle in her room with kanasu they heard his cry
T – why Tanvir crying this much n i cant see hi like this but di dont like if i meet with him what to do she cuddle with baby mahi comes down with baby anitha try to calm him down no use then bebe took him but also he didnt stop
B – wait he ll not be calm like this let me call twinkle puttar twinkle..twinkle came down with baby usha took kanasu in her arm n twinkle take tanvir n rub his back he became silent everyone shocked
B – kaha tha na mene
M – give my son back to me n snatch baby from her hand ge looked at mahi face n started to cry again she took him near dining table n telling him not to cry
B – mahi puttar dont make him cry na give him to twinkle she ll make him sleep then youbcan take him
M – arey bebe its my baby i can take care of him i dont want anyones help n u plz stay away from my baby twinkle
U – why u telling twinkle like that huh twinkle taking care of your baby from day 1 so now he adjusted to twinkle body heat n if some other tske him he easily identifies
M – but its mine
B – you would have thought it befote putting him on twinkle lap that time you busy with party n all right when he wanted you most but look at twinkle she handle both babies nicey n you not alowing tsnvir baby to come near twink from many days so see tanvir is sad he brcame dull he is crying for there love now dont make him cry im telling you hsnd him to teinkle n mshi u do house hold work which twinkle wss doing so youbbusy in work twinkle slone cant handle babies n work
M 😑 per bebe
B – keh detta tho keh detta twinkle and usha u both come with both babies to my room now only they both nod twinkle looks at mahi n ask permissiom to take tanvir while mahi give him in her hand fuming
B – twinkle see your baby how quickly she sits n crawl from here to there fastly n try to speak out some words n tanvir not so active like her always sweating n crying n sits silently you n kunj take him once to doctor his parents dont have time for him uv busy in office okay he has to go officethats k no complains abt him bcoz when he ll be here he only take his care n mahi leave she ll be busy always in her parlour n partying n i have doubt on her monthly she take baby to hospital only for check up or any other places
T – yes bebe ill talk to kunj about this n u also say him one time warned me one time clearly to not to enter in mahi matters dont know why he hates di a lot if i say something then he ll scold me n show anger on me
B – ha puttar
U – bebe my pothi so active in small age its because kunj and twinkle only they gave so much attention on her kunj use to teach her everything by playing so she learn quickly n twinkle too always spends time with her then automatically she become active parents are main for child they are its world what they teach they ll learn and does like that but poor tanvir his mo dont gave time for him n if twinkle take himbin that too mahi have problem 😏😏
Tanvir looking at twinke
Ta – m….mumm muma usha n bebe looked at baby n then at twinkle twinkle said he says twinj as papa n muma
B – ha tho he is right na usha who gave him time n love for them ony he calling mua n papa after some time twinkle goes out with her babies
B- usha i think v should meet again that guru g there is some fact in his saying he said kunjs baby boy alive n looking at hoe environment i fee to go again n u know na he never tels lie n gives accurate future information
U – sadly but baby whatever he may tell the fact is infomront of our eyes that kunj son died infront of our eyes n went outside while bebe thinking something she remembered tanvir n he have same birth mark like kunj n in same place too n he resemble kunj sometime she knew how kunj was wgen he was small baby n looking at tanvir she feels like she is looking at baby kunj once again they are dicto xerox copy in cuteness n charm
Twinkle sitting in room with both babies playjng with them n mahi stuck in kitchen work bebe not leaving her
U – duffod mahi jadi jadi hath chala abhi pooja ki thayari bhi karna hey baar basr mobie kyu dekh rahi hey chod usse
M – g usha aunty see twinkle still in wait ill call her
B – no need of it she is with bsbies n she know how to complete her work you finish your work first arey vo anitha thu kaha chali phir se shopping thum saas bahu ko na koyi aur kaam dandha nahi hey kya chal mere sath pooja ka saman lana hey
A – g bebe chaliye n bebe vo jewellery for my potha to be put on pooja
B – haan g ye yadh aaya na patha hey mannu i already gave it to usha she ll divide it n give to both babies n usha give kanasu jewels to ywinkle n tanvir to mshi n mahi thoda dyan se rakho its very costly jewelery hamare waqth ki hey n babies should wear that
M – g g smiling slowly jewellery for baby uff itna sa hey usse jewelery n not for me huh n this black mailer ka bacha calling me again n again n huh what he think of himself i dont care abt him why i have to give him money he isscaring me like if i dont give him money he ll tell the fact to everyone that tanvir is not mine but twinkle kid he is only scaring me he cant do anything huh
Twinj room
Tanvir looking here n there in room n searching in room for someone
T – oye baby what you want ha what u searching take this ball while nattoeious kanasu got twinkle mobile which she hided from her she gave victorious smile twinkle got confused
T – now what happened to u kanasu
Ka – mum mumma showing her mobile n smiling
T – no no give it to me otherwise ill give u nicely showing hand that she ll hit her
Kanasu nodes in no n hide behind tanvir n shows him mobile they both with much force press button n it display kunj photo while looking at it tanvir jump in happiness n point his tinh finger at kunj showed twinkle n smiled then jump in happiness again he said pa
T – oh so you are searching kunj tanvir kunj went to office
While kanasu looking at them
T – kanasu whos photo is this do you know him she node in yes then say who is he? Kanasu smiling in nattorious way n said c..ch…chaduuu (sadu)
T –😂😂😂😂 waw you also got to know he is sadu good baby wait ill tell this to your papa he will be very happy she dialed video call to kunj first he didnt receive then received after meeting
K ‘ oh siyappa queen what is colgate smile y u call so soon dont tell me you are missing your hot husband
T – bas bas not me but some other people missing u n here they are n shosed him babies kunj got happy both showing big eye balls to him n also touch mobie to touch him n giving shock expression twink laughing looking at there cuteness
K – hello babies namaste
T – tanvir n kanasu do namaste like this kanasu do na she did as twinkle told n tanvir didnt do twinkle made him to do n teaching himnhow to say hi
K – you both missing me ha i miss you too 😘😘😘 gave fying kiss kanasu made shy face n close face draetically making twinj laugh again
K & t – drama queen
T – acha kunj today ill give you party k our daughter gave me so much hapiness today i cant describe u in words
K – oh acha n u give me party what from my money only
T – our kunj
K – ha ha okay now tell me reason of your hapiness
T – ha ha your lovely daughter also calling you by your original name kunn looking confused twinkle said kanasu to say again
Kan – papa papa ch…ch..chadu (sadu ) while twinkle laughing like hell kunj who was desperate to hear kunj from her mouth but got this in return he glared at twinkle giving look like ill kill you
T – hahaha sadu sarna
Kan – chadu chadu n both babies laughing
K – shut up u all what hahaha kanasu ki bachi tujey tho mey dekhtha hun aa ke aur thu siyappa queen wait ill come n see you,you are so much happy na ill teach you lesson today wait you are spoiling my innocent baby
T – awww sadu😂😂😂
Manohar call him he said bye to twinkle n cut the call
T – babies lets go down someone looking at home unknown person he think something n saw twinkle n bebe coming to garden area with babies they sat there for sometime chit chating someone throwed paper balls inside n ran away
T – hey who are you? She shout but he ran away
B – why they throwed it here ?
Kan – vuuuu vuuu strugging to get down from bebe lap she made her to sit down she crawl down n took that paper balls in hand n put in her mouth trying to taste it
B – chi chodo beta gandha hey twinkle see her
T – chi leave it kanasu so bad you are everything u put in your mouth huh leave it she hold it tight
T – see if you dont give papa gussa karegey dekho he ll scold you shall i tell him now n acted like calling kunj n complaining about her she quickly left papers n nodes in no cutely tinkle took papers from her n above to throw it to dustbin but see saw something written in it so she opened it
B – key huva twinkle puttar
T – bebe isme kuch likha hey padthi hun
T – in letter devaki gave birth to krishn kanayya but for some reason krishna not grown up with them n yashoda became mother of krisha
B – ha ye tho khana ki kahani hey
T – haan now il read second one “That day your baby cryed a lot but its voice couldnt reach you the 4 walls of room know everything what happened with him but cant tell u whatever happening is not good baby needs you find him before something hapen to him save him from evil hands go and find the secret that happened between r walls what you thinking that you losted no you still not losted you have chance to get it but dont be late go and find it its yours dont believe your bood relatives they are not like what you thinking about them they are giving you sweet poision n dont think that here yashoda there to take care of khana in this case its not yashoda but rakshasi shurpanaki ”
T – what?
B – ye kya hey puttar ye hamko kyu leekh ke diya hey?
Kan – m..mu ma pa…pa..papa
K – hi everyone n hello babies missing me so much
T – kunj
K – yes siyappa queen
T – see someone gave letters to us
K – how dare whoever it it dont they feel shame to write love letter tobmy wife n you giving me to read it bebe atleast you tell somethimg yar whobcan write love letter to my twinkle ill kill them
B – areybkhotte da puttar shanth ho ja vo love letter nahi hey
K – tho complaint letter hey kya iss choti siyappa queen ka kiska ka ghar me jake kisko marke aayi
Kan – oye oye c c ch ….chadu 😂😂😂 kuuuu (kyu)
T – chup first read it come lets go inside she took kanasu in arm n kunj took tanvir he was very happy looking at kunj higged him n held his collar tightly with his tiny hands
All family member present kunj read both letter all like what is this what is meaning of it n someone sweating badly that is mahi she thought its work of black mailer who calls her for money she is getting affraid now
Uv – arey yar ye shurpanki kaun hey
Kunj slowly in joke way teri biwi while twinkle heard him n shh him
M – a…a.marey you …you all na why taking this seriously twinkle put it in dustbin its just paper y u read it see simply u create problems tension dethi hey
K – why …a…are you…you .myou stammering mahi th …thand laga kya while kunj n everyone laughing
M – huh😠😠 give me baby she try to snatch tanvir from kunj but he dont want to go held kunj tightly
Tan – davvvvvvvv ooooooooo screaming all close ears mahi above to hit him but uv held hand
Uv – leave him mahi its baby not toy to snatch like that let him be with them when he want he comes n how dare u to raise hand on him huh 😠😠😠 r u mad to raise hand on him if again u tey to do it then i have to raise my hand on you better dont do mext time while mahi ran to room from there
K – slowy how dare she to raise hand on baby acha hotha uv ne uska jorr sey lagaya hotha tho maja aajath hena tanvir while he smiled
Yuhi room
M – hello who are you ha why u sent letter to my home what you want ?
B..m – money maam 10 lacks
M -what
B..m – yes till tomorrow night you have time otherwise ill come to your room n tell everyone the truth
M – no no ill give
M -now money money from where i have to get yes jewellery of baby
To be continued….
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