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Next day Anika was making plans while her mind made her to realise about all the weapons stored nicely in one of the sections of the mall. She smiled as an amazing idea crossed her mind. She immediately took out her phone and called Mr. Chatterjee.

An hour passed by and Anika was waiting for some action and as she planned the entire mall was surrounded by the bomb squads and police along with dogs. Her next plan-

‘To take away all the arms from in front of every terrorist and let them know that people with much intelligent mind as compared to them do exist in the gang of police. She wanted all the weapons that basically those people made for their use in destruction to get used against them only’

Inesh was guiding the force and police in no time found all the weapons stored and stacked inside the mall. She smiled broadly as Mr. Chatterjee informed her that all the weapons are sent for its check and legalisation procedure so that it is not used for any illegal work. She knew this will compel and force the main master-mind to visit the mall the very same night to cope up with every loss. She knew she has by then successfully abolished the fear of attacks and blasts for some days. Next thing that she is required to know was their plan. She got ready and her mind was clearly thinking about knowing the master-mind.

She went inside the mall when the clock crossed the midnight hour. The silent mall was filled with shouts. A huge gang of twenty six people are sitting together trying to figure out how to cope up with the loss. The person speaking over the phone other day again called someone and he confirmed his other fellow members that their boss got stuck in some work so he will be coming the next day.

She silently aimed her gun and shot her first bullet. She was expecting a huge hustle and rush once the bullet kills someone and as expected when a man got killed all the guns got aimed at the side from there the bullet was shot. Still trying to figure out the people did not even realise when the next bullet came from behind and killed another one man. Everyone was shocked to respond anything and the skills of the shooter amazed them.

The men were busy figuring out when Anika set the time bomb and ran out of the mall. The half burnt mall was in pieces after thirty minutes. The bomb killed all the men and allowed the mall to rest in peace forever. Then she noticed the same man who was informing his boss about everything that happened. She hit her head thinking that he got saved.

“Wait Anika… this was great… he will now lead me to find their next den. Let’s inform sir first that almost everyone got killed.” she thought and smiled. She was near her victory she thought. Just she needs to find out about the master-mind who is planning everything and then every single blasts will get on hold for a huge span of time. That night too passed and she won that  night too. She waited for the man to move to their next den, and as expected he started when the roads became crowded. She followed him and it was an isolated place at the outskirts of the city.

A huge abandoned house it was. Behind the house flowing a river which had dense thick forest on its opposite side. The man went in and Anika was shocked to respond at the view. She could not believe what she saw. Yes it was her friend INESH standing over there. She initially thought that he was being kidnapped for taking away all the weapons but no… he is the master-mind. Yes he is the master-mind. She felt as if someone is choking her to death. Her throats dried and she tried to run away but she was caught.

“Yes so Ms. SP… what? Shocked… see here I am DSP” Inesh said allowing his laughter to get followed.

“Why are you doing this?” Anika asked, he voice shook and her fear helped it more.

“What? Ohhhooo please now just don’t expect that I will explain every bit of my plan… but yeah miss. I AM THE MASTER MIND… whom you have been finding since two long years. Yes I was behind plotting the two blasts in Mumbai the previous year and all the blast over here in Kolkata too… I just wanted to rule this country… and I could have been successful but dear you came in between… Now since I got you in my hold… I will do whatever I wanted to… your country will face huge loses dear… your countrymen will die and the massive scale of production everything will dump down. In short I will just ruin the prosperity of this country.” he completed and an evil laughter echoed.

She started to take steps backward when other men held her and tied her to the chair. She protested but was of no use. Her phone was taken away and now her aim was to get back her phone at any cost. She cannot die or give up before she reveals the true identity of Inesh. Her shock just jumbled up her mind and she was thinking of some way when suddenly a slap landed over her face breaking her trance.

“I asked why did you kill so many men?” Inesh howled. Anika remained silent and looked away. Inesh forcefully faced her towards him and slapped her for two more times. She was all silent not even protesting. She just looked at her leg and twisted and hit on Inesh’s thigh very harshly and this resulted in his fall over her feet.

“How dare you?” a man just came and slapped her hard for this. Inesh looked at her and got up while slapping her. Her face was all red, tears running down her eyes but her emotions never changed. She was strong and Inesh was continuously asking about her next plan but she was mum and he had enough.

“Bring the whip” he howled like a lion but he sounded like a desperate coward. His man brought his whip and he started to whip Anika mercilessly and here she swallowed all the pain down her throat not uttering a single word. At last he got tired and went away asking his men to keep a strict eye on her.


Pinky was feeding him while he was lost thinking about Anika. A sudden pain was there in his heart and it seemed as if someone is hurting his heart badly. His heart ached as tears welled up though he did not know what exactly happened and why is he feeling like to cry suddenly.

“Mom… do you also think that Anika did everything just for money?” he asked Pinky.

“Shivay, don’t think about her… just have your food and take rest” Pinky advised and tried hard not to cry in front of Shivay.

He sensed something isn’t right but all Anika’s deeds and her bullet shot just forced him to hate her. He somewhere wanted someone to come to him and open up but on the either side he did not want to know her whereabouts and the exact matter. He wanted her close but then wanted her away from him too. He was in such a state that he cannot hate her after thinking about herself when they were together and he cannot love her too thinking about how she has shot him.

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