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Porus 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: King Dasyu dies; Alexander returns to Macedonia

Porus 2nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Hasti picks up a big stone to attack Puru. Puru says he hasn’t done anything, but if he still wants to attack, then he won’t stop. However, they should think about their father. He must not be liking this fight and they should bid him peacefully. Hasti throws the stone away.

Kalika greets Anusuya and says despite being lonely, Bamni has done his job with full honesty. Anusuya being first queen, it’s Kalika’s duty to take care of her. She brings clothes and jewelries and asks Anusuya to change. Everyone is waiting for her at dinner. Bamni also tells Anusuya that he will wait for her and they leave.

King Dasyu spots Faroos and asks who is that. Before King Dasyu gets to him, Faroos starts the fire and whole Dasyulok burns. People die, houses destroy. Faroos runs away. Puru and others there rush to Dasyulok and are disheartened to see their Dasyulok, and people burning. They try to help everyone. Hasti’s mom breaks down. Hasti consoles her. Puru sees King Dasyu injured and calls Laachi and her family. King Dasyu points where Faroos went. Puru goes in that direction. King Dasyu dies.

Alexander returns to Macedonia. King Philip welcomes him along with public. Olympias tells Alexander’s teacher how he is forced to welcome. Alexander gives speech to the public and how he will make Macedonia greater and whole world will remember Macedonia. Public applauds him while King Philip is not happy. Olympias tells Alexander’s teacher that soon will be Philip’s end. The teacher says, not that easily. They will finish him slowly slowly.

Puru manages to catch Faroos. He recalls Anusuya telling him that Farsis are behind all problems, they are just using Kanishk, Shivdutt, etc. Puru says he will show him what Indians are capable of and beats him up. He then says he will take him to Bamni and expose Farsis. Other hand, Darius gets news that Faroos is caught by Puru and Puru is bringing him to Bamni.

Precap: Alexander becomes King. He sets to travel India to rule. He says instead of blood, there will be fear from Alexander in every Indian. Puru challenges Darius that he will throw them out of India very soon. Anusuya is present there.

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